Having another think about the Melbourne Cup holiday

johnboy 23 April 2009 31

Well we gave it a go. Instead of getting drunk in the office on Melbourne Cup day instead we had to spend it with our families and most people were not fans of the change.

John Hargreaves is now asking for community input as to what we should do with the public holiday now that the unions can have their picnic day back whenever they want it.

    “We now look to the future, and to assist in its decision making the Government would like to know people’s views. To help that process, the following suggestions are provided:

    — simply abolish Family and Community Day with no replacement public holiday;
    — permanently establish the first Tuesday in November, Family and Community Day as a public holiday; or
    — move the Family and Community Day public holiday to a more suitable day.

    “Public consultation will run until Friday 29 May 2009. People can email a submission to oir@act.gov.au or post it to the F&C Day Unit, ACT Office of Industrial Relations, Chief Minister’s Department, GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601. People can also contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.”

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31 Responses to Having another think about the Melbourne Cup holiday
Yossarian Yossarian 5:34 pm 24 Apr 09

I correct myself: Awards, not agreements.

Thumper Thumper 8:02 am 24 Apr 09

Cynical political exercise it may have been, but I want my public holiday.

Speaking of which, I heard Hargreaves this morning on 666 justifying why he’ll have to take it away. Interestingly he was using all the excuses people used when they where against the public holiday in the first place.

However, we will get it this year.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 6:54 am 24 Apr 09

I liked it. The bride and our kiddie, and five other families all got together, had a bbq, a couple of quiet beers, and spent the day with family and community.

We have not done it since, but plan on remeeting again later in the year – on family and community day.

Keep it.

Pandy Pandy 1:33 am 24 Apr 09

Canberra: the place that gets 2 public holidays more than most other states. Ahh the place for shinny bums.

poppy poppy 11:20 pm 23 Apr 09

I’m not in favor of extra public holidays like the Melbourne cup day because I don’t get paid leave. I like to have time off work but I want to be able to choose the days I want off not take time off on a day dictated to me.

By forcing me to have time off on Melbourne cup day that is one less day off I can afford to have at a time of my choosing.

Granny Granny 10:52 pm 23 Apr 09

Arrrrrrrr!! … Now ye be talkin’!

Primal Primal 10:42 pm 23 Apr 09

Move it to September 19 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

YapYapYap YapYapYap 10:01 pm 23 Apr 09

Nup. Union picnic day was a right for a range of people employed under certain awards – it was never at the whim of, or subject to, employer agreemnet.

bd84 bd84 9:51 pm 23 Apr 09

Well it was a macho excuse by stanhopeless in protest for workchoices disallowing the union picnic day, the thought was flawed in the first place. Given that the union picnic day was never a right of anyone, and was only allowable with negotiation with the employer for the very few who bothered to annoy their employer with the inconvenience.

Though nobody is going to turn down an extra day off and the more public holidays the better is my motto. I do think a better day could be found, maybe even one day move would do.

YapYapYap YapYapYap 9:49 pm 23 Apr 09

delete the ? – damned finger

YapYapYap YapYapYap 9:48 pm 23 Apr 09

I want an FnC Day every month?

sepi sepi 9:23 pm 23 Apr 09

I like the holiday, and I’d keep it on the Tuesday.

There are enough holidays on Mondays – it messes up uni and school timetables, and I’m sick of paying for childcare on Monday public holidays – they seem to be endless.

Last year people weren’t sure what to do with it. But gradually traditions of parties/sweeps/sending someone to put bets on etc will develop. Or otherwise – sleep in!

I-filed I-filed 9:09 pm 23 Apr 09

I think the holiday is a great idea. Horse racing is a cruel and abominable industry.

Yossarian Yossarian 7:46 pm 23 Apr 09

Union Picnic Day was included in collective agreements because of the conscientious negotiating by unions on behalf of workers. It was one day in the year to acknowledge the low paid work undertaken by blue collar workers – a day to spend with theirs and other families.

When this was deemed unallowable by Howard’s Work Choices legislation, the ACT government acted on behalf of the community and instituted a day for all workers, all people in the ACT.

I reckon this intent and positive outcome for ordinary people ought to override the miniscule cost to business.

Snap out of it and enjoy a day off.

“It’s [not just] the Economy Stupid!”

hey_you hey_you 7:10 pm 23 Apr 09

As Nov 11 is my wedding anniversary I agree with CAF.

Ian Ian 6:58 pm 23 Apr 09

Stupid holiday, only dreamed up for Stanhope to stick it to Howard. However, I’ll take the day off, thanks.

Granny Granny 6:14 pm 23 Apr 09

Good on you for sending in a submission, OzPhoenix!

: )

OzPhoenix OzPhoenix 5:59 pm 23 Apr 09

I’d like to keep it and have sent an email saying so. I like having a public holiday in the later part of the year, because it seems like we only get public holidays in the first part of the year. And I like public holidays as they make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Now, that is not a word for word rendition of my submission, but it covers the gist of it. 🙂

Steady Eddie Steady Eddie 5:20 pm 23 Apr 09

Scrap it altogether.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:03 pm 23 Apr 09

GnT said :

I think it was a ridiculous holiday, but I’m not going to vote to abolish a day off!

Hear, hear!

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