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Hawker College students (possibly Canberra High) “rampage” through Daramalan?

By johnboy - 27 March 2009 46

I’m hearing that a group of Hawker College (possibly Canberra High) students chose to pay a disruptive visit to Daramalan yesterday.

Anyone got more on this?

Here’s what I have so far:

    Supposedly a large group of hawker college students ran thru dara yesterday dressed in caps and white face/smog masks Armed with bats etc, went on a bit of a rampage and then beat up the kid they were looking for plus a teacher who tried to stop it.

    5 paddy wagons turned up and caught some Others just took off their masks and caps and caught the bus away

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
Hawker College students (possibly Canberra High) “rampage” through Daramalan?
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BerraBoy68 4:01 pm 28 Mar 09

Panhead said :

Firstly, the guy who was the subject of the attack was the one who pulled a knife on one of the lake g/Hawker guys brothers. For no reason in particular, a dog act. Thats not what we do at Dara.

Ever ask the kid why he pulled a knife in the first place, if indeed this actually happened? And Why believe the g/Hawker kids over ‘one of your own’? All sounds very very odd. I just don’t like the fact that you guys are willing to cut one of your own students loose out of school despite chasing others off when they come in to get him. The EMO kid probably needs some friends.

vg 4:00 pm 28 Mar 09

ant said :

There’s a story in today’s papers about the ‘fake cops’ at Sydney airport. MOre of those blokes dressed as police but they’re not police. You see them around Canberra, hanging around gov’t buildings, too. Sounds like the “police insiders” quoted would like to have them looking a bit less like police as they’re embarassing.,22049,25250235-5001021,00.html

Yep, if it was on it must be true. Next step ACA.

Goddamn those ‘insiders’, and leopards that can’t change their spots

Panhead 3:52 pm 28 Mar 09

Firstly, the guy who was the subject of the attack was the one who pulled a knife on one of the lake g/Hawker guys brothers. For no reason in particular, a dog act. Thats not what we do at Dara.

BerraBoy68 9:45 am 28 Mar 09

Granny said :

Panhead said :

We dont care who your bashing, they could be the fattest, ugliest, emo kid going round (As was the case in this incident.) Sort him out off school grounds.

How do you sort someone out for being fat and ugly? No wonder the kid is emo.

Look, I respect what you did and what you are doing, but it would be nice if those ideals extended past the school gates.

Spot on Granny. Panhead – how bout you or you ‘mates’ look after the poor kid? Seem that you’re happy for this poor bugger to get a kicking as long as it doesn’t happen at the school. I suggest you get a mirror and have along hard look at yourself.

BerraBoy68 9:39 am 28 Mar 09

Deadmandrinking said :

But private schools should be required by law to have onsite security during school hours, public schools too. It’d be for the benefit of all concerned – even the kids showing up to cause a rumble. Years later, they might be thanking the security for not letting them do something that would f-ck up their lives.

Interesting point DMD but one fraught with issues. Would such security have stopped staff at these schools molesting the students (as happened at that very same school as well as Marist)? Would the guard be armed (if so that’s a very, very bad thing – If not he’s a toothless tiger). As a first step the law in the ACT needs to change to ensure kids have the same protections in school as the staff.

Granny 12:39 am 28 Mar 09

Because if you don’t come out of the factory looking, feeling, sounding, even smelling the same they will seek and destroy. No deviation will be tolerated. No difference. No variety. No spice. Everything must be bland, bland, bland. And plastic.

All very ‘Lord of the Flies’.

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