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By Thumper - 13 November 2008 65

I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t suffer form hayfever. I never have, and I believed quite rightly that I would never ever.

Having said that, for some reason I have been stricken with hayfever for the last month and it’s really knocking me about due to lack of sleep, red sore eyes and general unwellness.

And so little Rioters, how many others are suffering form hayfever? Is this year particularly bad for some reason, and if so, why?

Were the rains we received in spring responsible for the growth of some weed that finds it way up your snoz?

Discuss. I shall read through red sore eyes 😉

Disclaimer, I still love spring. Such a stunning time of the year in canberra.

What’s Your opinion?

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65 Responses to
Granny 10:34 am 13 Nov 08

Well then you’ll have to do drugs!


Jim Jones 10:30 am 13 Nov 08

Acupuncture is suprisingly effective. (I know this makes me sound like a hippy, but goddammit if it aint true.)

Thumper 10:29 am 13 Nov 08

So Granny’s home remedies did not work then?

Nope, afraid not 😉

ant 10:29 am 13 Nov 08

This season is actually exceptionally dry. We’ve had a fraction of our usual rainfall. I noticed this year the patterson’s curse went straight to flowers… a lone leaf would emerge from the ground, and next there was a flower. Usually they grow some leaves first, then flower. The thistles are also flowering on very short stems this year and sending out multiple flowers up the stalk.

I’m guessing that other plants are hastily flowering and seeding, the dry has them fearing death and they have to reproduce before they die. So it might be there’s more of everythign happening in a small window (ie now).

Most hayfever is caused by pollens of trees and grasses. Grasses especially are the hidden menace, accounting for the majority of hayfever problems. Rye grass and kentucky bluegrass are shockers.

People tend to blame things they can see, like wattle and that ANU fluff, but it’s more likely to be the grasses, and things like conifers puffing out their pollens.

Relief? Try the all-day non-drowsy anti-histamines, and augment with nasel sprays. When your eyes get really bad, get some ice cubes in a cloth and put them on your eyes for 10 minutes or so. That’s very effective.

If it’s making your life a regular misery, book in to see the allergist for testing, and possibly a course of de-sensitisation.

S4anta 10:28 am 13 Nov 08

Could also be that the dry(er) weather accerbates hayfever, by allowing pollen blooms to travel further on the air. It is also one of the better springs in the ACT for sometime in regards to fruit trees, so there is a higher pollen count than normal, plus the dust coming in from Western NSW.

justbands 10:26 am 13 Nov 08

> Only problem is it has pseudoephedrine which zonks me out (even though it’s supposed to be non-drowsy). God help me should I ever take speed 🙂

Pseudoephedrine & speed both send me to sleep. Not that I’d partake in speed at this stage in my life, but certainly back in my rock & roll days.

neanderthalsis 10:25 am 13 Nov 08

I wasn’t a Hayfever sufferer until I moved to Canberra, now I spend spring inhaling a variety of nasally administered chemicals (not the type you get spammed about). I believe it is the wattles that grace our fair city as it is only when they are in bloom that the snot monster visits.

deezagood 10:23 am 13 Nov 08

It isn’t just you thumper, our whole family has been miserable (with hay fever!) for weeks. Worst year ever for allergies and hay fever, summer colds, sinus infections etc..

Granny 10:22 am 13 Nov 08

So Granny’s home remedies did not work then? … *sigh* … Impossible! You mustn’t have been doing it properly!


stray 10:21 am 13 Nov 08

Agreed -its been super bad this year. I blamed it on the crappy damp place we were living in, but since moving, its actually worse, so I sympathise!

I have tried everythign and it hasnt worked at all, or else its rebounded and made it even worse once I’ve stopped using it. I have found something that is just perfect, a new one released in Aus. and since using it I felt like myself again. (Oh god -sounds like I’m pimping for it…I have removed the brand name!)

SheepGroper 10:17 am 13 Nov 08

I suffer hayfever, as did one of my sheep, but this year hasn’t been too bad for me, the heavily perfumed guys I work with are affecting me worse than just being outside.

Hayfever seems to be something that hits you when you’re not looking, you’re ok for decades then all of a sudden you’re having to cull out certain plants from your garden because they’re making life unbearable.

Jim Jones 10:15 am 13 Nov 08

morto – a lot of hayfever medication available over the counter nowadays doesn’t have pseudoephedrine in it.

morto1980 10:13 am 13 Nov 08

I always get a bit of hayfever but this year has been pretty harsh. I’ve had to resort to my old friend Clarinase (for the first time in years).

Only problem is it has pseudoephedrine which zonks me out (even though it’s supposed to be non-drowsy). God help me should I ever take speed 🙂

Ari 10:09 am 13 Nov 08

Same, same here Thumper.

I have never suffered hayfever before, but this year some pollen or other has hit me hard.

I’ve spoken to quite a few people in the same boat, too.

justbands 10:03 am 13 Nov 08

It has been a particularly bad year for it. I’ve always had hayfever, this season it’s really bad though. My 11yo is suffering also this spring, for the first time.

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