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HDTV in Canberra

By Holden Caulfield - 15 September 2008 29

Having recently availed myself with a new HD television I am generally enjoying the experience.

However, can anyone tell me why Southern Cross (10) and WIN (9) do not provide a complete HD station? They only broadcast a few slim offerings in to Canberra, with a loop of generic scenery/images filling in the rather large gaps between HD programming.

The other capitals around Australia seem to get a much better deal in this regard. Prime looks to be the only commercial offering in Canberra to provide a complete HD option (well, limited as they are by Channel 7’s excellent level of mediocrity).

Why is this so? And when will Canberra’s HDTV options improve to match our bigger city cousins?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
HDTV in Canberra
Damo 4:20 pm 15 Sep 08

I just want it for the formula 1! …I spoke to SCT at the start of the year and they were saying june/july for the rollout, which then moved to september, and now is the end of the year.

Jonathon Reynolds 3:49 pm 15 Sep 08

Jonathon Reynolds said :

Real HD is 1920 x 1200p

Sorry I mean 1920x1080p… keep on getting my iMac’s resolution mixed up with what HD is meant to be 😛

Gungahlin Al 3:46 pm 15 Sep 08

Ferret, my understanding is that the digital broadcast is at a lower than full strength because to crank it up would interfere with the analog broadcast. So until analog bites the dust, we are stuck with the interference.
In my previous rental with stinge of a landlord, we has to run our TVs off rabbit ears and SD tuners. Even with direct line of site to Black Mountain out the adjacent window, the reception was so bad at times (especially on Prime) as to be unwatchable.

Holden Caulfield 3:36 pm 15 Sep 08

While we’re at it … how come we only get SBS and ABC (Sydney/NSW) on Foxtel in Canberra, when most other cities get all the FTA channels?

Growling Ferret 3:06 pm 15 Sep 08

Does anyone else get back picture breakup on Prime during strong wind or storms?

In Canberra digital TV is a joke.

p1 2:46 pm 15 Sep 08

Still higher quality then the Divx copies of shows I download from the intarwebz…

Jonathon Reynolds 2:42 pm 15 Sep 08

Free to Air “HD” Television in Australia is a misnomer…

SD is 720×576i/p
HD is 1280×720p or max 1280x1080i (i=interlaced so in reality only 540 lines at a time transmitted with a 50Hz alternative line refresh)

Real HD is 1920 x 1200p (Blu Ray / and now defunct HD-DVD)

Dante 2:23 pm 15 Sep 08

Quoted from OP: “And when will Canberra’s HDTV options improve to match our bigger city cousins?”

When Canberra finally shakes it’s stigma as a rural area. Which will never happen.

Gungahlin Al 1:37 pm 15 Sep 08

Between broadband rollout and digital TV, the federal Liberals would have been hard pressed to have done a worse job on telecommunications…

AngryHenry 1:36 pm 15 Sep 08

I wouldn’t be buying a HD TV just to watch free to air, and I definitely wouldn’t buy one to watch Foxtel either because the Foxtel standard definintion looks crap on plasmas and lcds. I’ve had massive issues with Foxtel over this.

Most standard definition programs show up okay anyways on these TV’s, certainly an improvement from CRT TV’s. But if you’ve got a dodgy production it’s going to show up twice as bad the bigger your screen is.

Definitely looking forward to when all the stations can get themselves together to provide consistent HD programming.

If you watch heaps of DVD’s, or are a gamer then they’re definitely worth it but the television industry in this country is still playing catch-up with the technology!

You’d think though that the Capital City of Australia would be able to have the same kind of options as our ‘big city cousins’!?!?!

Gungahlin Al 1:36 pm 15 Sep 08

Between broadband rollout and digital TV, the federal Liberals would have been ahrd pressed to have done a worse job on telecommunications…

tortfeaser 1:20 pm 15 Sep 08

Its dead annoying. Formula 1 is available live on 10HD in capital city markets but we get nothing = late night wait for it to come on.

Holden Caulfield 1:18 pm 15 Sep 08

I just gave Southern Cross Ten a call to ask about HD, “the best person to speak to” happened to be the nice lady who answered the phone. Wow, that was lucky!

Anyway, she reckons than SC10 HD will have full programming by the “end of the year” although no definite date has been announced.

Apparently they get quite a few complaints. Funny that…

If you feel like adding your name to the list of complainants, call SC Ten on (02) 6242 2400.

p1 1:17 pm 15 Sep 08

It appears that you get what you pay for. Since I don’t watch much Ch10, and when I do I fast forward, or at least mute, the ads, I don’t pay much for it.

Reprobate 1:09 pm 15 Sep 08

Don’t start me on this one…

I don’t watch anything on WIN so I can’t comment on what they’re doing, but SC Ten is a textbook example of how to completely p!ss off your audience. Basically, they are refusing to retransmit the TenHD coverage into the Canberra region until every one of their stations around Aus (and they have a presence in just about every regional market, including WA, FNQ and Tas) is capable of taking the same feed and inserting local ads. SCTen only shows programs on it’s HD channel here that are broadcast at the same time on the regular Ten SD channel. This is in contrast to Prime, who at least provide the same 7HD feed as Sydney gets but with program promos instead of ads. So, here in the capital city of Australia, we don’t have access to the additional programming provided in all the other “lesser” capitals, including different movies, many sci-fi series, live motorsport and other sports.

TenHD first started up around Oct 2007. At that time SCTen said their network would be rebroadcasting TenHD around March 08. That got moved to the middle of the year. Now they say the end of the year. Pinch of salt anybody? There appears to be nothing stopping SCTen from following Prime’s lead and showing the HD feed while switching to a demo loop or promos as they do now for selected shows… except they won’t.

BTW I don’t want HD per se, just the access to additional programming through my HD set top box that I bought late last year in antici-pation.


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