Hellenic Club – thank you!

Whitey 13 November 2006 7

I wandered into the Hellenic on Fri. arvo with a few mates, & yeehaa the Zierholz German Ale is on there now.

Congrats to the bar manager for his foresight.

I think the boys & I put quite a dent in one of the kegs.

It’s funny how some people are – when I ordered a round, some punter next to me says “ya drinking the foreign stuff there mate, why don’t ya drink the Aussie stuff” (referring to the generic swill he was ordering) to which I replied, “well mate, it’s actually crafted locally in Canberra & is not made by some multinational conglomerate”

to which he was lost for words but then stammered out “oh, ah, local eh, oh well might have to try one.”

Roll on beer’o’clock……….

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7 Responses to Hellenic Club – thank you!
Whitey Whitey 9:19 am 16 Nov 06

Well they have good beer at least….:-)

KaneO KaneO 6:08 pm 15 Nov 06

If the Hellenic club ever get something resembling decent service, or even edible food I might consider going back.

Whitey Whitey 9:15 am 15 Nov 06

Ha ha! I think the closest Greek to that is Keftes, a meatball type dish. Will give the Leatherjacket a go. I like the new outdoor area there. Shame it took smoking regs. for a lot of these joints to decide to put in decent beer gardens.

Meconium Meconium 12:21 am 15 Nov 06

Yeah Hellenic club aren’t too bad when it comes to beer. I’ll go there more often now that they have Zierholz. Would be nice if they had Coopers on tap too, but you can’t have everything. Had a good Mittagong beer there in the bottle called Leatherjacket… good work on the beer front, glad you’re not trying to flog off EFES to us! Oh wait… that’s turkish 😛

johnboy johnboy 8:47 pm 13 Nov 06

if only Christoph’s parents had thought of that.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:28 pm 13 Nov 06

Nice one Whitey 🙂

ant ant 8:23 pm 13 Nov 06

Now, if they called it RooHoltz, they wouldn’t have these problems.

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