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skaboy12 17 September 2008 77

[First filed: September 16, 2008 @ 09:16]

Hey All,

We are starting a lobby group called Ten Thousand Fists. It has been born out of all the complaining about ‘hoon’ activity recently. We will be pushing the government and AFP/ACT Policing to assist us in finding somewhere for the ‘hoons’ to go, therefore getting them off the streets and still allowing them to do what they want to do. We are trying to fight for both sides of the argument.

They want to be ‘hoons’ and you want them off the road.

Trying to stamp them out in force obviously isn’t working too well, judging by the fact that there are more of them at every meet they have, despite the police crackdown.

We are not asking for a dragway to be built. That is a war that won’t be won in the short term. What we are asking for is initially access to the AFP driver training centre on Sutton Rd. This facility is built to handle this sort of activity and it is easily accessible. It is also safe for those participating and spectating.

We will then be pushing for a specific burnout pad. These facilities are low cost to maintain, easy to build and will only be used once or twice a fortnight which will help on noise. We have already raised $15,000 (in a week) to go towards building the facility and will be conducting fundraising events in the near future.

As we are trying to make this fair for all of Canberra we would love it if you could support us. We have created a Facebook Group (search for Ten Thousand Fists), and would like to invite everyone to join it. We will be holding public meetings and inviting the AFP Commissioner and several politicians. We will also be allowing all sides of the story to be heard.

We can be contacted at 10thousandfist (at) or at

Should we give hoons easier access to the Sutton Road skidpans?

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77 Responses to Help get ‘hoons’ off the road
Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:22 pm 16 Sep 08

VicePope – while I tend to agree that burnouts and the like are stupid but if done under controlled conditions such as Summernats or SDTC the risk is minimised. No more risk than say rock climbing, abseiling or numerous other ‘sports’ or ‘activities’.

I think there are much bigger and much more important issues for the politicians to attend to rather than banning dragways and Summernats.

ant ant 8:06 pm 16 Sep 08

And as always, I agree with Vicepope. Hear hear!

VicePope VicePope 7:43 pm 16 Sep 08

After submitting this, I will await the usual blasts directed by children to adults who tell them they can’t play there.

The whole burnout thing is stupid, destructive and dangerous (for reasons canvassed previously). It is also sublimely ridiculous in a world where the car culture (at least the petrol engined kind) may have only a few more years. Why should anyone permit or encourage this?

I know people already act like dopes and hoons. And the cops can and sometimes do react to their silliness. But that is no reason a sane society would want to foster pointlessly noisy behaviour.

I am sufficiently disgusted with the current crop of pollies and aspirants on all sides that I am prepared to turn into a one-issue voter. That issue relates to the bogan end of car culture – I will support anyone who promises to kill off the dragway forever, wipes out all notions of a burnout pan, cancels Summernats and empowers the cops to take real action against any form of idiocy attached to a vehicle. Any pollies or would-bes game to put their heads above the barricade?

grubz grubz 7:20 pm 16 Sep 08

Hahahaha this is so funny… contacting the AFP to assist us in finding somewhere for the ‘hoons’ to go, therefore getting them off the streets and still allowing them to do what they want to do… WTF… lol

mdme workalot mdme workalot 5:05 pm 16 Sep 08

I hope so Tylersmayhem – as I said, this was a couple of years ago…

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 4:53 pm 16 Sep 08

@mdme workalot: I was under the impression that Canberra recently got a whole bunch of new police officers on the beat. Maybe this will help?

mdme workalot mdme workalot 4:11 pm 16 Sep 08

@v8-Prius – last time I was in that area late at night was a couple of years ago, and yep – there was an impromptu street race being held. Problem was, there is a greyhound racing club and a companion dog club there that were both reasonably busy so it was an incredibly dangerous exercise. I called the cops (along with others, the officer said) and they showed up an hour and a half later…

Not having a dig at the cops here because I think they do a fantastic job, but it is an absolute disgrace they are so severely understaffed they cannot respond within a (what I believe is) reasonable and effective timeframe.

smack smack 3:53 pm 16 Sep 08

Here is some info about the sutton road complex.

niftydog niftydog 3:41 pm 16 Sep 08

I think it’s a mistake to think that those labelled as hoons are likely to be interested by this initiative. You’ll get a bunch of sensible people with fast cars turning up, no question about that, but that doesn’t “fix” anything.

You only have to stick your head out your front door on the weekend of Bathurst to realise that something like this is very unlikely to reduce incidence of fanging in public streets.

In fact, this might be complete bull-leavings, but I had a vague recollection that the guy who killed those two pensioners in Sydney last year was returning home from a public race meet when he encountered a rival at a traffic light.

V8-Prius V8-Prius 3:39 pm 16 Sep 08

ant said :

Yep. We had hoons before and after the dragway and other motor facilities. It’s a nice thought and evidently one they intend to try and use as a selling point, but dragways and other facilities won’t “fix” the hoons.

Agreed ant.

Hoons (aka dickheads) are forever crying about the dragway closure so as to somehow justify their anti-social behaviour.

There is absolutely no correlation between the existence of a dragway and a reduction in hoon numbers. Even when the dragway WAS open it wasn’t as if any old knobjockey in their clapped out EA Falcon could rock up and start dropping burnouts at their own leisure. It was an organised, safely controlled and professional venue for organized drag-racing by people who understood the concept of responsibility. Car enthusiasts are a different breed from car hoons. Its a shame some people clump them together.

Now that I’ve had my rant, does anyone remember a car-hoon-hangout near the old Sundown drive-in site at Narrabundah? I’d like to hear about it.

Granny Granny 3:38 pm 16 Sep 08

Well, as little as hoons and I would appear to have in common, I cannot help but perceive them as ‘the underdog’. I am Australian, and therefore have an irresistiable compulsion to barrack for them.


Such is life ….

p1 p1 3:30 pm 16 Sep 08

…But don’t stop there – get it to the pollies….

Now you are talking. A $15k bribe might get you something….

ant ant 2:37 pm 16 Sep 08

Yep. We had hoons before and after the dragway and other motor facilities. It’s a nice thought and evidently one they intend to try and use as a selling point, but dragways and other facilities won’t “fix” the hoons.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 2:27 pm 16 Sep 08

Well, judging by the ACT Policing reports and the posts on this site it appears they are already meeting in a central location every week. So that makes that point redundant.

My point is more that while yes, they do already meet at a central location every week – it’s a location of THEIR choice. Do you think hoons will really appreciate being told where and when they can be idiots? I’m sure one of the reasons they do it is because their not allowed to do it.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 1:51 pm 16 Sep 08

Did anyone else see the Public Notices ad about the consultancy for the future of motor sports?

I can’t find mention of it on TAMS, ACTPLA or DHCS websites, but it was in either last or the previous Saturday’s CT.

Although there would no doubt be some cynicism of this, the way to change the system is to work with the system, by preparing a well-argued submission.

But don’t stop there – get it to the pollies (both incumbents and wannabes, govt and oppn) and after you send it to them, then go see them and argue your case in person.

And get other groups that also support your position to do likewise – at the same time. The message has to come at them from all quarters, via all channels, constantly, simultaneously, and professionally.

(Or you could just come to a commercial arrangement with Wakefield Park…)

missalli missalli 1:31 pm 16 Sep 08

I think you are doing a very positive thing for “car enthusiasts” in Canberra.

We seem to get caught up and labelled ‘hoons’, because of the nutjobs, just for simply having a done up V8….

Have you thought about posting on a canberra based forum such as canberra cruises? If not for anything else but to get word out?

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 1:29 pm 16 Sep 08


The Sutton Road complex exists – next to the SDMA Hillclimb. It was superceded by the Majura Road complex. Its now primarily used for driver/rider training and heavy vehicle training, and the occasional corporate day with professional drivers going as hard as possible (such as the tale of a VW Golf rolling there at 200kmh at the National release…)

Many years ago it was proposed to be developed into Australia’s first Formula 1 circuit – then Adelaide organised a street race and the opportunity was lost.

Anyway, good luck Skaboy for getting off your ass and trying to make it happen. Wtihout committed and passionate volunteers, things like this don’t happen.

johnboy johnboy 1:27 pm 16 Sep 08

I guess the name and the logo is a reflection of what the group wants.

Let’s wait and see what they do before judging too harshly.

ant ant 1:17 pm 16 Sep 08

There used to be. It was just after you turned in to Sutton Rd from Pialligo Ave, on the left. There was a several km loop road, with all kinds of conditions on it, including a similated low level crossing. There was a gravel patch, too.

The other facility was on the left just before you turned into Sutton Rd from Pialligo ave, teh cops had a skid pan, and used to soup-up the motorbikes there (this was the early 80s, before they canned motorbikes for everything but escort duty). They were Kawasakis then, and our host said “they go in 1000ccs. They don’t come out that way”.

Actually the best thing there was they had various engine parts that had been sliced open, so you could see how they worked. The clutch was excellent, seeing that operating enabled you to use a clutch in driving much more effectively. I’m sure this is why my clutch is still in great nick despite being somewhat ancient. No one’s ever used it but me (and the occasional mechanic).

the_beast the_beast 1:16 pm 16 Sep 08

Aurelius as it stands they have open days for the public to go out and use the skidpan under supervised conditions.

another option would be to talk to the hill climb club that run beside the police facility, as they run competitions out there quiet regularly.

but yes good luck with the cause.

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