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skaboy12 17 September 2008 77

[First filed: September 16, 2008 @ 09:16]

Hey All,

We are starting a lobby group called Ten Thousand Fists. It has been born out of all the complaining about ‘hoon’ activity recently. We will be pushing the government and AFP/ACT Policing to assist us in finding somewhere for the ‘hoons’ to go, therefore getting them off the streets and still allowing them to do what they want to do. We are trying to fight for both sides of the argument.

They want to be ‘hoons’ and you want them off the road.

Trying to stamp them out in force obviously isn’t working too well, judging by the fact that there are more of them at every meet they have, despite the police crackdown.

We are not asking for a dragway to be built. That is a war that won’t be won in the short term. What we are asking for is initially access to the AFP driver training centre on Sutton Rd. This facility is built to handle this sort of activity and it is easily accessible. It is also safe for those participating and spectating.

We will then be pushing for a specific burnout pad. These facilities are low cost to maintain, easy to build and will only be used once or twice a fortnight which will help on noise. We have already raised $15,000 (in a week) to go towards building the facility and will be conducting fundraising events in the near future.

As we are trying to make this fair for all of Canberra we would love it if you could support us. We have created a Facebook Group (search for Ten Thousand Fists), and would like to invite everyone to join it. We will be holding public meetings and inviting the AFP Commissioner and several politicians. We will also be allowing all sides of the story to be heard.

We can be contacted at 10thousandfist (at) or at

Should we give hoons easier access to the Sutton Road skidpans?

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77 Responses to Help get ‘hoons’ off the road
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jakez jakez 9:51 am 16 Sep 08

I dunno man. I love fists and startin’ a revolution, power to the people, and all of that crazy jazz. However, I don’t think it’s the right angle for such a thing.

On the face of it, I think the ideas have potential though.

p1 p1 9:58 am 16 Sep 08

I like the logo.

p1 p1 10:00 am 16 Sep 08

Shame you are not in Queensland a decade ago. $15k would have got the police to look the other way while you did the burnouts in the middle of town…

Thumper Thumper 10:02 am 16 Sep 08

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

Good effort. I hope it all comes together for you.

ant ant 10:08 am 16 Sep 08

Yes, whoever thought up the name blew all the feet off this group!

However, getting access to the police Sutton Road thing is worth investigating. If that’s the one with the loop road with the low-level crossing (upon which you can get airborne if going fast enough ahem).

There’s a skid pan at the place around the corner that fronts Pialligo Ave, too. They used to put stuff on it (not sure if it was oil or detergeant but it was slippery) and had these beat-up old cars that looked like they came from Teh Blues Brothers.

mdme workalot mdme workalot 10:12 am 16 Sep 08

Good on you Skaboy, glad to see someone doing something about the situation instead of just whinging. Happy to help in any way I can.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:17 am 16 Sep 08

Best of luck skaboy12. I hope you have some success, your ideas, so far, sound quite achievable and perfectly reasonable. Getting it all to work will be another thing altogether…

Just be prepared for a bunch of mindless morons telling you what a bunch of mindless morons you are, haha.

jakez jakez 10:20 am 16 Sep 08

I’ve joined the Facebook Group and I’d just like to say good on you for getting out there and raising the money yourself instead of asking the Government to pay for it all.

Brings a tear to my eye.

Swaggie Swaggie 10:44 am 16 Sep 08

Seems that Burnouts at Summernats go quite well on the Epic strip – why not hire the strip yourselves once a month? Is it feasible?

Lowey Lowey 10:58 am 16 Sep 08

Governments tend to bow to pressure from well organised lobby groups ;^)

mdme workalot mdme workalot 11:09 am 16 Sep 08

Swaggie – good idea, but not sure if that is viable because I seem to recall last year one of the minority lobby groups causing a big fuss about the use of the burnout strip at EPIC and the comp was very nearly cancelled. I think it was safety and environmental reasons all rolled into a ‘We hate the Summernats and want to get rid of it forever’ approach.

skaboy12 skaboy12 12:10 pm 16 Sep 08

Swaggie said :

Seems that Burnouts at Summernats go quite well on the Epic strip – why not hire the strip yourselves once a month? Is it feasible?

It is not an option at this stage. The burnout pad at EPIC is an option we looked at, but the red tape involved means it can only be used during Summernats.

Avy Avy 12:12 pm 16 Sep 08

Gee, how long did you spend on that logo? Seems it came from a 1977 book called Rock Against Racism:

which itself was lifted from the Gay Liberation Front of the early 1970s:

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:16 pm 16 Sep 08

I really support this movement in theory – but I hold little stock that:

1. Hoons could be bothered driving to a central location to be idiots…it’s so much more fun doing it around neighborhoods where there are small children (trying to sleep and playing) and other property to be at risk. These dipshits have little respect for anyone other then themselves or their hotted up Hyundi Excel’s.

2. I can’t imagine how the insurance would work for this centralised “hoon area”. I can imagine a hoon blowing up their car or getting in a accident, then turn around and blame/sue the organisers. It happens – sad, but true!

V twin venom V twin venom 12:26 pm 16 Sep 08

Good luck with this one skaboy, I like your initiative but unfortunately I don’t like your chances I reckon the noise generated will be a bigger problem than the insurance. Too many soft sausage nimby types live on the fringe of Qbn (Ridgeway and the likes). Well done trying to address this problem.

skaboy12 skaboy12 12:27 pm 16 Sep 08

Well, judging by the ACT Policing reports and the posts on this site it appears they are already meeting in a central location every week. So that makes that point redundant.

I have spoken to several insurance companies. It is the same insurance that is used for race tracks and drag strips all over the country. Also the competitors have to sign a waiver and take full responsibility for thier own vehicle at all times. If you go to wakefield park and roll/crash your car, you can’t sue Wakefield for it.

Spectators are required to remain fenced off from the competition area, if they do not abide by this rule they are removed. Just like a race track or drag strip.

Overheard Overheard 12:30 pm 16 Sep 08

Avy said :

Gee, how long did you spend on that logo? Seems it came from a 1977 book called Rock Against Racism:

which itself was lifted from the Gay Liberation Front of the early 1970s:

I thought it looked familiar — I can remember reading articles about ‘Rock Against Racism’ when I was an avid ‘N(ew) M(usical) E(xpress)’ reader in the early 1980s. And yeah, Tom Robinson was pretty heavily involved in both organisations (RAR and GLF), IF memory and what I’ve read and heard serves correctly. (Billy Bragg mentioned the connection between the two when he was on ‘Enough Rope’ a couple of years ago.)

Interesting choice of strangely not relevant logo and name. Gives all sorts of connotations to the ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ title. What are all those young men getting up to out in the scrub? Best not to think about it really.

I wonder if they’ll borrow Tom Robinson’s signature tune as their anthem: “Sing if you’re glad to be gay; sing if you’re happy that way”.

All power to them if that’s their thing.

Aurelius Aurelius 12:44 pm 16 Sep 08

There is no such facility on Sutton Road.

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 12:53 pm 16 Sep 08

I think there are more important issues at hand. Like what you’re gonna tell the Black Power group when they want to know why you’ve flogged their logo.

Aurelius Aurelius 1:08 pm 16 Sep 08

There is no way the police would let the public use their skidpan (which is on Majura Road by the way) as a plaything.
Even if the insurance problem could be overcome (and it’s a bigger hurdle than most realise) does anyone seriously think the chief copper wants to wake up one morning to see newspaper reports that some idiot has crippled or killed himself using a police facility?
When I worked in politics in Queensland, we had the ‘Courier Mail’ test – how would you feel if a decision ended up on the front page of the Courier Mail? If it would look bad in the paper, then don’t do it. No cop would ever approve the use for hoons to play and show off. It simply wont happen.

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