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Help! My Mum now listens to 2CA

By SimpleShane77 27 June 2008 135

Something’s going down in this city when it comes to radio stations.

My mum had to give me a lift so i could pick my car up from being serviced. we travelled about 30 minutes and the radio was on in the background. I was humming along to some fairly decent songs when i heard a dj say it was 2ca.

I freaked out and my mum said she’d been listening to that station for a couple of months because she likes the music and was sick of the hard rock on 106. She started listening when her friend turned 2ca on at my mum’s office.

i’m feel like organising counceling for my mum, but she seems happy.

i listen to 104 so 1 don’t know much about 106, but i thought 2ca was an oldies station. has it changed?

[ED: missjill has rather courageously modeled her 2CA t-shirt in an effort to make the station cool]


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Help! My Mum now listens to 2CA
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Thumper 8:14 am 01 Jul 08

Hey Wons,

If I can find your address I’ll drop a copy of the new Cd over to you.


wonsworld 12:11 am 01 Jul 08

Two good things mentioned on this thread..

1. The Sports – GREAT band

2. The 2CA album – It was the only place for years that had I could get a track of Jerry Jeff Walker doing “Mr Bojangles” live. I still have that vinyl.. only for that version of that song

I-filed 9:15 pm 30 Jun 08

Looks as though a 2CA sticker or tee-shirt might become like a Mason-esque Riotact secret handshake equivalent?

bigred 7:57 pm 30 Jun 08

2CA is handy on a saturday night when one is drinking to excess. They play just about any music you want – just ring em up and if they have it they will play it.

missjill 6:38 pm 30 Jun 08

I-filed said :

Well Missjill, as promised I tuned into 2CA this afternoon in my car and it was a nice change from AWAAAAAYYYYEEEE on Radio National. Very easy on the ears and aw, such LOCAL ads! 🙂

lol, good on you i-filed. You’re right, it’s easy on the ear for sure. 🙂

Anyone have any old 2CA t-shirts? Please email me at

OpenYourMind2 said :

I can’t imagine what a 2CA sticker says.

Probably something like 2CA 1053 AM dial I suspect. Actually, I might pick a dozen up from 2CA reception tomorrow if I get a chance. That ought to cover the rear passenger window nicely.

OpenYourMind2 5:11 pm 30 Jun 08

I always appreciated people applying a Mix106 sticker to their car. It is a declaration to the world that you are a boring person. I can’t imagine what a 2CA sticker says.

I-filed 4:00 pm 30 Jun 08

Well Missjill, as promised I tuned into 2CA this afternoon in my car and it was a nice change from AWAAAAAYYYYEEEE on Radio National. Very easy on the ears and aw, such LOCAL ads! 🙂

Thumper 3:39 pm 30 Jun 08

I caught meningitis once from listening to 2CA.

AngryHenry 3:38 pm 30 Jun 08

Have you heard of viral marketing? The guys at 2CA obviously think they have and this is a lame attempt at just that.

I think Miss Jill and co. should have a crack at radio personally. I found their posts more entertaining than the people whingeing like the radio was was a shoddy dj contracted to play the tunes at their 21st and didn’t have what they requested.

The commmercial radio stations are trying to do one thing and one thing only. Win you over. Through prizes, interviews, stunts, music, charity or whatever depravity they can use to suck you in. And once they’ve won you over their next task is to keep you listening through the commercial breaks and the songs. If someone sticks around for fifteen minutes, they get a rating point.

Here’s an example of how they do it…

Why do you think the radio always does things for kids with cancer? Because adults with cancer don’t have the massappeal, kids do. Adults don’t ‘test’ that well with the audience. We’re all suckers for sick/dying children.

Radio in Canberra has degenerated into nothing but a cost-saving excercise for the commercial stations and half the problem with the commercial stations is that they are stuck in a very small pond and are trying to be way bigger fish than the pond could possibly sustain. 2CA now resides in an upstairs office in Mitchell, 104 and 106 are based in an old building that resembles a demountable in Crace. Yet the boards and general mangers of these stations are so caught up in their almighty bottom-line that they can’t see the problem, they’re saving cash and it’s still rolling in so no worries.

The average commercial DJ in Canberra would earn about 40 to 45 grand a year, breakfast would earn a bit more (around $55 – $60), the average salary in Canberra for 2007 was about $66 grand. It speaks volumes about getting what you pay for.

And then there’s the music programming done by guys who look at pie-charts, graphs and statistics to see what’s ‘testing’ well. Whatever happened to a ‘good song’?

But let’s not get into music, that’s like talking about religion…

My two cents about commercial radio, you might not like them, I actually hate the station they work for but Scotty and Nige are the real deal as people. Nige is actually FROM Canberra. And both of them are the same guys on air as they are off. I’ve never heard jocks on air be more honest about the industry they are in and get away with it and that’s a good thing. But once they’re off the air or having a bad day, it’s back to the cd for me.
We’re all going to hell and your favourite band sucks.

peterh 3:30 pm 30 Jun 08

Overheard said :

missjill said :

Overheard, I will buy the 2CA album from you. How much? Do you remember their catchy song? Solid Gold 2CA!

Ah, bugger. Forgot to check my vinyl which is all at the coast place. Will check when I’m back in two weeks, unless you’re yanking my chain.

Um, loooove the t-shirt and the impression you’ve given it.

As for radio stations, it’s Artsound for me, though I have a conflict of interest!

I agree with artsound, but I don’t get FM in my car, seeing that the wife ferries round the kids in the “good” car, with aircon, rear demister, cd player and FM radio.

hmmm. something wrong there…

for a very strange reason, 1053 is the only channel that is clear as a bell in my car, the others hiss and crackle and pop. (perhaps I should change the valve)

Roadrage77 11:21 am 30 Jun 08

I went through the full range of emotions listening to 2CA today on the drive to work:

1. Pure RAGE AND ANGER when they played a Backstreet Boys track.
2. RELIEF when balance was restored one song later with Huey Lewis & the News.
3. ECSTASY when they completely redeemed themselves for the Backstreet Boys incident with a Supertramp track.

So if anyone noticed a particularly erratic driver on the streets of Canberra this morning well now you know who it was.

Ben H 11:20 am 30 Jun 08

I love the ads on 2CA.

Man 1: Uh oh! I need a new drill quick smart but I don’t know where to get one!
Man 2: Why not pop down to Barry’s Drill World where they service all your drill needs? They have drills to suit every occasion. And they’re open seven days!
Man 1: Phew! I just got myself a great drill at a competitive price from Barry’s Drill World. I even got a drill for the kids!
Narrator: Barry’s Drill World, corner of Isa and Gladstone and Barrier st Fyshwick. Open seven days.
Man 1: Whoops, I just drilled a hole in my nob.

Loquaciousness 11:03 am 30 Jun 08

missjill said :

Daggy is the new cool.

I’m breaking out my Fleetwood Mac then … woohoo!

Overheard 10:13 pm 29 Jun 08

Yikes! Driving into Canberra just now I turned on 2CA in the name of scientific discovery (after my two very good Celtic/Afro-Celtic albums were finished). It was only 20 minutes and I survived mostly intact.

The thing is, I don’t know if any longitudinal studies have been done into the effects of being exposed to the likes of James Taylor, Bette Midler*, Supertramp and Richard Marx. (* I loved the way the back-announce was for ‘BettY Midler’!) I just don’t know if I’m prepared to take the risk.

I might suck it up and further my scientific forays with the ‘Easy Nine at Nine’ in the morning…

Mind you, I flipped over to ‘my’ station and that was pretty dire to my ear too!

Felix the Cat 9:26 pm 29 Jun 08

justbands said :

> hard rock on 106

Huh? If you’re Mum thinks 106 plays ANY hard rock…well, she IS an oldie!

I regularly hear AC DC, Angels, Guns and Roses and even ZZ Top on 106, do they count as hard rock?


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