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Weller 10 June 2005 10

If you need help with “getting the shop in order” with your music career, need to develop a plan but don’t know where to start or have reached a point in your career where you aren’t sure where to go next, then there is a place you can turn…

Music Business Management (MBM) provides the following services:

-artist consultancy
-artist career planning and advice
-advice on markteing and promotion
-independent label consultancy and advice
-business structure advice
-business system and procedure reviews
-book-keeping – accounting setup, ongoing book-keeping, BAS, end of year preparation, internal review of accounts
-Business “set-up” – ABN, Business name registration, domain name, accounting templates,registration with appropriate organisations etc
-royalty accounting (independent labels)
and more.

The partners in MBM are:

Richard Roberts
Richard is originally from the UK where he founded iconic independent label Too Pure. Too Pure was one of the most prominent independent labels of the 90’s, discovering and developing the careers of such artists as PJ Harvey, Stereolab and The Faith Healers. Once he left Too Pure, Richard moved to Australia where he ran the Festival Records imprint label “FIDO”, home to Gerling and sonicanimation. He has since become owner of a number of Sydney based businesses.

Peter Bayliss
Peter has a varied background – artist management, promoting, booking, and …finance. The current Chairman of the Music Managers Forum Australia, Peter has managed such artists as Big Heavy Stuff, David McCormack and Genevieve Maynard, as well as running Indyfest in the ACT for the past 4 years. Peter has also worked as booking agent for artists including Gina Villalobos (USA), Andy White (Ireland), Karma County, and The Devoted Few. His Finance career has included being Group Financial Controller, Finance Manager and Audit team leader.

To contact MBM:
Peter 0418 458 457 or
Richard 0413 486 234″

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10 Responses to Help with Music career (artists and labels)
johnboy johnboy 7:12 pm 10 Jun 05

What he said.

If we were getting paid for it we’d let you know.

If Pete Bayliss’ name hadn’t been on it we probably wouldn’t have considered it to be of interest.

Now for everyone accusing me of running advertorial? [Insert painfull and degrading act of self-harm here]

Jazz Jazz 6:33 pm 10 Jun 05

Actaully, John is only one of 5 paying the bills, but historically he has contributed most of the editorial content until recently where he’s had a change of work arrangements. As a rule we at Riot central will disclose to you if a story we post is a paid advertisement. This one is not, but appart from the blatantly promotional nature of it, it also serves to highlight some of the issues that musicians might have to consider when embarking on a career in the music industry.

Hope that sheds some light.

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 4:40 pm 10 Jun 05

I ain’t saying nuffin.– Johnboy made it perfectly clear to me (not so long ago) that he’s the man who pays the bill for this site… I’ll let HIM decide … (hmmmmm…..I guess he’s already decided, otherwise the posting wouldn’t be there … )

Geoffco Geoffco 4:23 pm 10 Jun 05

It’s not my site, and certainly not my place to dictate what should or shouldn’t be published.

My personal opinion is that running “stories” like this one dilute the value and quality of the overall site. The Google ads don’t pretend to be anything other than ads and interesting ones do occasionally pop up.

If the RiotACT owners need funds to continue running the site, I’d urge them to consider means other than running stories that are little more than a cut and paste brochure. UserFriendy’s quarterly sponsorship drives are a great example of how this could be achieved.

To repeat, it isn’t my call. But as one of the people visiting this site regularly and thus a ‘potential customer’ for anyone advertising here, don’t drive me away by getting in the way of why I visit in the first place.

That’s my rant. Discuss 🙂

RandomGit RandomGit 4:13 pm 10 Jun 05

Hosting isn’t free either.

RandomGit RandomGit 4:12 pm 10 Jun 05

Seriously, given the incidence of musical types here, it’s equally if not more targetted than the google ads and genuinely useful to some. If it were an ad to get Crazy Yowie polyphonic ring tones then yeah, bitch away to your hearts content.

Geoffco Geoffco 4:08 pm 10 Jun 05

Cool – at least I wasn’t the only one thinking this way. The google ads are one thing (and totally fine), but seriously, don’t become Citynews….

RandomGit RandomGit 3:58 pm 10 Jun 05

Yeah man, gigs = cool, bloodsuckers = bad.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:45 pm 10 Jun 05

PLEASE don’t let this site become the classifieds! It’s one of the few non-commercial sites around! What next? Advertising law firms? Shops? Insurance companies?

It’s one thing when one of us comes on and says we like something, and recommending it, but this is just an advertisement.

Hope this guy at least paid you guys!

RandomGit RandomGit 2:18 pm 10 Jun 05

I need an editorial for this.

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