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Hmm Dirt! Must have hit a nerve…

By johnboy - 29 April 2009 94

Word comes back that there’s a grotty little email about me being hawked around town.

So let’s address this head on, here’s the email in question:

    Subject: John Griffiths of the riotACT

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Perhaps you might be interested to know of the following comment that what was recently posted on the riotACT website:

    Why does John Griffiths store this sick disgusting image ( under his personal folder on the riotACT webserver? You’ve got to seriously ask yourself what sort of person would actually save such a vile photo, you surely weren’t ever going to post it on RiotACT so why keep it. Do you get your rocks off by seeing it Johnboy? Into S&M are we? maybe you like kiddie porn too Johnboy?

    Also these semi porn photos are interesting too: Intending to launch an Adults only RiotACT perhaps?

    I’ll certainly see Johnboy’s future commentaries in a rather different light from now on.

So, in reply:

    1. The first image, now removed as it has served its purpose, was the classic goatse. It was there because, in the distant past, horrible forum kiddies were using one of our images hotlinked in as their forum signature and eating up our bandwidth. Swapping the image out in our original story meant our readers never saw a change but the rotten thieving kid had his forum signature changed to the goatse. Not something we’d do today, but harmless and effective at the time.

    2. The other images are from a long ago interview with the swimsuit model Corie Lee.

    3. I’m slightly flattered to have upset a scurrilous muckspreader to the point they go feretting through all the sub-folders of the website. If only I knew what had upset them I’d be sure to do more of it in future.

    4. This is honestly the worst thing they can dig up on me? My ex-girlfriends must have been in a kind mood.

    5. If you do get this email, feel free to reply to all with this explanation. It will be much appreciated.

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94 Responses to
Hmm Dirt! Must have hit a nerve…
Pseudo Nym 12:12 pm 29 Apr 09

Viva la Goatse!

peterh 12:11 pm 29 Apr 09

Jim Jones said :

WTF is ‘semi-porn’?

almost, but not quite porn?

Skidbladnir 12:06 pm 29 Apr 09

Yes, I’m cross threading, but do you mean this Public art funding thread, 54-11?
AFAIK it never went anywhere.

Jim Jones 12:05 pm 29 Apr 09

WTF is ‘semi-porn’?

peterh 12:04 pm 29 Apr 09

captainwhorebags said :

Gutless turd. If you have greivances, address them with Johnboy. Or better yet, air them here – you could be Nutter Of The Year.


Though, now that there is a topic that they can post against, perhaps they can reveal themselves…

you know, i would never think to try and dig up old info from within a website. Must be my mindset.

johnboy 12:02 pm 29 Apr 09

54-11 said :

Ah, so that’s why the public art topic disappeared. Is it coming back JB? The art thread, that is.

er no.

that thread is a) still on the front page and b) unlikely to be effected be the moderation of a given comment.

54-11 12:00 pm 29 Apr 09

Ah, so that’s why the public art topic disappeared. Is it coming back JB? The art thread, that is.

johnboy 11:58 am 29 Apr 09

They did try and post it as a comment last night, but it was sadly offtopic to the discussion of public art.

captainwhorebags 11:55 am 29 Apr 09

Gutless turd. If you have greivances, address them with Johnboy. Or better yet, air them here – you could be Nutter Of The Year.

PreciousLilywhite 11:44 am 29 Apr 09

Pottsys’ Revenge?
Hmmm. It could be anyone of the large list of losers who hate this site because this site hates them.

Skidbladnir 11:44 am 29 Apr 09

(And having gone through the old archived forms of johnboy’s directory, there used to be some vastly more amusing things in there)

grundy 11:38 am 29 Apr 09

Goatse! 🙂
Classic bandwidth thief deterant!

Who ever is sending this email around is obviously an internet newbie…
Hell, I first saw Goatse in the 90’s!

jessieduck 11:34 am 29 Apr 09

Semi-porn? Is that what side-boobage is classified? I bet this person thinks that accidently seeing a bit of someones bum crack at the supermarket is like going to a live sex show in Amsterdam.

Get a life whoever you are.

Skidbladnir 11:28 am 29 Apr 09

By the way, if you’ve ever seen the Goatse, you’ll probably find this cover of Time Magazine amusing.

rosebud 11:27 am 29 Apr 09

Damn! Wish I’d thought of suggesting an adult version of Riotact for the survey. All these immature types give me the pip!

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