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Hmm Dirt! Must have hit a nerve…

By johnboy 29 April 2009 94

Word comes back that there’s a grotty little email about me being hawked around town.

So let’s address this head on, here’s the email in question:

    Subject: John Griffiths of the riotACT

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Perhaps you might be interested to know of the following comment that what was recently posted on the riotACT website:

    Why does John Griffiths store this sick disgusting image ( under his personal folder on the riotACT webserver? You’ve got to seriously ask yourself what sort of person would actually save such a vile photo, you surely weren’t ever going to post it on RiotACT so why keep it. Do you get your rocks off by seeing it Johnboy? Into S&M are we? maybe you like kiddie porn too Johnboy?

    Also these semi porn photos are interesting too: Intending to launch an Adults only RiotACT perhaps?

    I’ll certainly see Johnboy’s future commentaries in a rather different light from now on.

So, in reply:

    1. The first image, now removed as it has served its purpose, was the classic goatse. It was there because, in the distant past, horrible forum kiddies were using one of our images hotlinked in as their forum signature and eating up our bandwidth. Swapping the image out in our original story meant our readers never saw a change but the rotten thieving kid had his forum signature changed to the goatse. Not something we’d do today, but harmless and effective at the time.

    2. The other images are from a long ago interview with the swimsuit model Corie Lee.

    3. I’m slightly flattered to have upset a scurrilous muckspreader to the point they go feretting through all the sub-folders of the website. If only I knew what had upset them I’d be sure to do more of it in future.

    4. This is honestly the worst thing they can dig up on me? My ex-girlfriends must have been in a kind mood.

    5. If you do get this email, feel free to reply to all with this explanation. It will be much appreciated.

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94 Responses to
Hmm Dirt! Must have hit a nerve…
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Masquara 9:40 pm 23 Mar 14

February 2004 – and already the “Canberra Times bleeding staff” conversation had begun!

Masquara 9:38 pm 23 Mar 14

Oh. Yes it does! 2004 – during the “anonymous cowardly canberran” days:

Masquara 3:22 pm 23 Mar 14

switch said :

Wow. So what’s the earliest thread we can bring back from the dead?

Doesn’t get any earlier than this one, on WordPress …

switch 10:06 am 23 Mar 14

Wow. So what’s the earliest thread we can bring back from the dead?

cleo 3:56 am 23 Mar 14

Johnboy knows exactually what 1 Sunshine, and rivett2008 is saying, don’t you Johnboy?

Kramer 11:38 pm 04 May 09

Welcome to the internet… I advise you steer clear of tubgirl and fatchicksinpartyhats.

SheepGroper 10:37 pm 01 May 09 has one of the best goatses, it was emailed around as proof of a deity.

peterh 9:17 am 01 May 09

PsydFX said :

Wow, that made about as much sense as sign language through a megaphone. Well done.

thanks PsydFX, coffee in the morning is far more interesting with you around…

johnboy 9:05 am 01 May 09

No evidence for it thumper.

Thumper 8:53 am 01 May 09

So, young libs JB?

johnboy 8:49 am 01 May 09

Aww, ruffled feathers in the junior wing of a political party again?

Mud flinging backfired has it?

Thumper 8:13 am 01 May 09

I thought this post was going to erupt in vitriol and laughable accusations.

But all we get is some lame posts that make no sense whatsoever…

Lift your game!

PsydFX 12:11 am 01 May 09

Wow, that made about as much sense as sign language through a megaphone. Well done.

rivett2008 11:58 pm 30 Apr 09

Let the fun times roll on baby, quick throw us all into moderation!

With all the AKA names on here well everyone will be in moderation now its John boy
who the talks about HYPOCRITE…

Why should the person who started this say who they are everyone else here is using
AKA names, fair is fair….

rivett2008 11:55 pm 30 Apr 09

Or the curse of John Griffiths and George Michael?

Gee this site is full of comments about curses…….

rivett2008 11:54 pm 30 Apr 09

Oh no is this the curse of John Griffiths and hugh hefferner?????

Thumper 10:18 pm 30 Apr 09

Well there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone….

And I know, I know, I know, I know……..

Deckard 10:14 pm 30 Apr 09

Where’s the sunshine?

Thumper 7:59 pm 30 Apr 09

Oh, this is going to be fun…

PsydFX 7:55 pm 30 Apr 09

Apart from all that stuff in the email, I also heard JB was the one that filmed 2 girls 1 cup


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