Hometown pride goes more than skin deep with QUEANBEYAN tattoo

Michael Weaver 3 May 2021 52
Man with Queanbeyan tattooed across his back

Scott Jeffery’s homage to his adopted hometown of Queanbeyan. Photo: Deep Image Tattooing (in Queanbeyan, of course).

Three hours into getting his beloved town tattooed across his back, Scott Jeffery said the pain overtook the pleasure of having QUEANBEYAN emblazoned across his back.

The proud owner of the now-famous tattoo wasn’t even born in Queanbeyan, but after living there on and off for about 25 years, he says his love for the town is more than skin deep.

“I’m a pretty patriotic kind of bloke,” Scott tells Region Media. “I wanted this tattoo to be big because Queanbeyan is my blood and now it’s on my back.

“I just love Queanbeyan, and the people I’ve grown up with here is what resonates most with me. It’s a close-knit community and we’ve had some pretty big parties over the years,” said Scott, who turned 39 this week.

His children were also born in Queanbeyan, so the tattoo holds sentimental value, too.

But after the marathon four-hour sitting, Scott said his mates were waiting for him at the pub to see his latest tattoo, and their reaction was well worth it.

“I had the boys at the Royal Hotel asking where I was, and after about three hours, it was starting to hurt, so I was asking Mikey (the tattooist from Deep Image Tattooing) how many letters he had left.

“I would never have heard the end of it if I hadn’t had it done in one sitting, and obviously, we needed to get this one right.

“Their reaction was priceless. Some were giving me a bit of stick about it, but they’re mainly the Canberra boys, but the others were loving it and having a good laugh,” he says.

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Scott says that after the tattoo image was shared in a few public forums, he noticed the comments were beginning to blow up.

“Some of the comments were pretty negative, but you’ve got to expect that. At the end of the day, it’s all for a bit of fun,” he said.

Scott said he wanted to show his Queanbeyan pride in more ways than just having the town’s postcode of 2620 tattooed on his hand. Tattooist Mikey Keyes, who owns Deep Image Tattooing in the town, said he’s had plenty of people show their pride with the postcode tattoo, but “this was next level. It’s pretty out there,” Mikey said.

Scott’s pride also extends to having large tattoos of Australian icons such as notorious criminal Mark ‘Chopper’ Read, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Steve Irwin.

“I’ve got one of Chopper Read on my leg and Steve Irwin holding a crocodile. There’s one of Hawkey with a schooner glass, and I’ve also Marilyn Monroe and Madonna there too.”

But Scott, the owner of scaffolding business Straight Up Scaffolding, is still a mum’s boy at heart and said his mother’s reaction didn’t surprise him.

“I showed my mum and said, ‘what do you reckon?’ She just shook her head and said, ‘son, it’s your body but not in a million years did I think you’d get that done’.

“Nothing surprises my mum anymore,” he says.

Scott said he even had a tattooist from Tuggeranong tell him he’d created a bit of cross-town tattoo rivalry.

“This guy said he’d probably have to get Tuggeranong tattooed on his forehead to try and outdo me,” he laughs.

But Scott said he’s not done yet and has plans and space on his body for at least another two tattoos dedicated to a couple of iconic Queanbeyan buildings.

“Next year, I’m going to get the Top Pub and the Royal Hotel tattooed on me,” he says.

“You think that having Queanbeyan on your back is commitment, wait until you see what I do next.”

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52 Responses to Hometown pride goes more than skin deep with QUEANBEYAN tattoo
Sarah McConchie Sarah McConchie 5:58 am 03 May 21

Di Smith represent 🤘😂🤣

Tim James Tim James 3:33 am 03 May 21

Kristy Griffin get into it mate!

    Kristy Griffin Kristy Griffin 7:17 am 03 May 21

    Tim James you are the bloody 4th person to tag me in this 😂😂😂😂😂

Luke Reeves Luke Reeves 10:53 pm 02 May 21

Still has to get a good mullet, a faded ACDC shirt, flannelette of choice but never buttoned up, cheap synthetic ugg boots, a bottle of port in a paper bag, and a pack of White Ox.

Seelan Nerio Seelan Nerio 10:50 pm 02 May 21

Ryan McManus doing it for the 2620!

Sophie Galvin Sophie Galvin 10:27 pm 02 May 21

Dez Hasler this is why I never went that far

Carrie Gibson Carrie Gibson 10:17 pm 02 May 21

Aye Funnybone up your game 🤣🤣🤣

Wayne Palmer Wayne Palmer 10:10 pm 02 May 21

Thank #### it's spelled right... 😁 To each, their own.

George Quarmby George Quarmby 10:04 pm 02 May 21

I'm sorry Scott some quests are doomed at the outset

Brendo Collins Brendo Collins 9:52 pm 02 May 21

Alex Kinlyside Jacob Macfarlane I thought it was dad at first hahaha

Laurence Honda Le Laurence Honda Le 9:37 pm 02 May 21

Phuong Le matching tattoo? 😂

Ben Jones Ben Jones 9:12 pm 02 May 21

Just missing the pack of Winnie Blues beneath it

Zeesh Jafri Zeesh Jafri 8:39 pm 02 May 21

Charizze Pescador u should do this

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:33 pm 02 May 21

I can’t understand why anyone would want to do this, or why anyone would ever want to get any tattoo for that matter.

Michael Smallman Michael Smallman 8:32 pm 02 May 21

No mullet or rats tail……somewhat disappointing.

Mel Casao Mel Casao 8:30 pm 02 May 21

Laurence Backer Tattoo you should get :P

Birchy Birchy Birchy Birchy 8:27 pm 02 May 21

Phil Maher you next except you’d put “Super City” there.

Michelle Mayer Michelle Mayer 8:23 pm 02 May 21

Agoin Franke bretts next tatt...lol

    Agoin Franke Agoin Franke 9:11 pm 02 May 21

    Michelle Mayer noooooooo lol

    Agoin Franke Agoin Franke 9:12 pm 02 May 21

    Michelle Mayer lol even he says noooooooooo lol

    Michelle Mayer Michelle Mayer 5:45 am 03 May 21

    Agoin Franke oh why not he's no fun..what about struggle town...lol

Georgia Morris Georgia Morris 8:12 pm 02 May 21

Dave Morris you should get one of kippax

Lauren Andrea Lauren Andrea 8:11 pm 02 May 21

Tiana Lee for info

    Tiana Lee Tiana Lee 8:18 pm 02 May 21

    Lauren Andrea I don’t think I’m this passionate about anything, let alone my suburb 😂

Brendan Flanagan Brendan Flanagan 8:10 pm 02 May 21

No ragrets.

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