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Hosptial waiting rooms

By Jazz 12 October 2012 30

At a party recently i was discussing the subject of the wait time in hospital waiting rooms with an off duty paramedic. He made an interesting comment that whilst most visitors get exceedingly frustrated at hospital wait times, patients in the waiting room are under constant medical observation.

At the time I thought it a far fetched claim and It seems that i’m not alone in my assumption with this article on ABC describing a 33 hour wait for a terminally ill patient, an experience also shared by others.

If our hospital emergency waiting rooms are indeed an observation room rather than a waiting room perhaps it might be prudent for our incoming government whomever they may be to name it as such? Of course this might require a duty of care rather than the current ‘let me know if you feel unwell’ approach.

Your thoughts?

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Hosptial waiting rooms
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Watson 11:36 am 17 Oct 12

If it is something a GP could diagnose and give a prescription for, you will get to see a doctor at CALMS way quicker than get seen at emergency. And you can just wait for your appointment at home. I never waited more than 2 hours for an appointment there. And with a sick baby I got in straight away.

The GPs are hit and miss, as everywhere else.

I didn’t know about them doing house visits after hours! Will definitely bear that in mind if we ever need urgent medical assistance in the middle of the night.

Genie 11:35 am 17 Oct 12

Oh and as a side note about waiting times for my stay

I was in the waiting room for about 3-4 hours

I was in a bed in the emergency room for about 6 hours

In the CDU for about 4-5 hours waiting for a bed then put on the surgery ward for the next 2 days.

Genie 11:29 am 17 Oct 12

In all my years of presenting to Calvary ED both as a possible patient and accompanying someone I have NEVER seen someone come out and monitor people waiting.

My most recent visit in March 2011 was due to a nasty reaction to medication I had taken. I waited approx 4 hours to see a doctor and wasn’t checked on once. During my 3 day stay at Calvary I honestly have nothing nice to say about the whole process. Monitoring patients. HA ! Yeah that happens…

My bed in emergency was located next to the nurses desk but was ignored for 30mins of constantly pushing the nurse button and trying to call out for attention. It wasn’t until my mother returned to check on me that someone finally came to check on me and realised why I was crying out in pain. (The drugs they administered via IV were burning me)

Actually the only time I was even monitored and checked on was late at night when I finally got to sleep. Getting woken up every 45 mins so they could take my blood pressure.

CanberraChristina 11:29 am 17 Oct 12

I’d be interested to hear what kind of illnesses and waiting times those who are dissatisfied with the ED have experienced. Its not a first come first served system, and I imagine if you are waiting for 8+ hours its because you’ve been triaged as a very low priority and probably shouldn’t be in the ED in the first place.

All of my trips to the emergency room have met expectations, and where a long wait was involved it was reasonable in context. The care eventually received was excellent and thorough, and the time waiting was directly proportionate to the issue presented to the triage nurse.

I was seen immediately on two occasions presenting with breathing difficulties (turned out to be a broken rib) and severe spinal pain (torn spinal ligaments). A friend was assessed and moved from the waiting room pretty quickly but waited 5-6 hours for internal and external stitching on a large wound on her arm, which seemed fair given that it was not life threatening (though pretty dramatic and painful). Hubby had a longer than reasonable wait one Christmas Eve in the ED, but that was my fault for letting him talk to the triage nurse alone. He didn’t understand that it wasn’t first come first serve and was altogether too manly and downplayed his injury. As soon as I realised I went and spoke with the triage nurse and he was seen almost immediately and he was in surgery within two hours, under a local and happily discharged just in time for Christmas!

NoImRight 10:52 am 17 Oct 12

Weve been through this several times recently with varying degrees of “urgent” Didnt see or experience a great deal of this supervision but we were repeatedly asked who we were and also asked if we were a bunch of other people so possibly it was an attempt to keep track of the bodies on trollies littering the hallways.

aceofspades 10:45 am 17 Oct 12

After being accused of bashing the patient, waiting hours and generally being treated like absolute crap at TCH ED I don’t even bother anymore. I just go directly to Queanbeyan for fast friendly service.

Chop71 10:44 am 17 Oct 12

stick figures

bundah 10:38 am 17 Oct 12

Thumper said :

We have the best hospitals in the world.

Katy Gallagher said said so.

And she has the figures to back it up.

Oh by the way did you hear Kate Jackson will be counting the votes this Saturday?

miz 9:54 am 17 Oct 12

Thumper, GOLD!

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