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Housing cluster in Chisholm

By CRISIS_7B 16 August 2012 177

In September, the ACT Government plans to begin operating a “youth emergency accommodation network cluster” in Chisholm.

The facility will take over THREE Housing ACT homes in a small street of seven homes – XXXX Place – and will house homeless youths aged between 16 and 25 years. It is expected to operate like the purpose-built homeless facility in XXXX Cres, Florey (a large street of about 50 houses). XXXX Place is clearly an inappropriate location on this ground alone.

Such a facility will decrease property values in the Chisholm/Gilmore area, increase crime rates and jeopardise community safety.

Once ‘locked in’ as a Government facility, the persons accommodated could change at the Minister for Housing’s discretion (eg released prisoners, Karalika style drug rehab). This is set out under principle 3 of Housing ACT’s own Asset Management Strategy (on the DHCS website).

When XXXX Place residents objected to a dual occupancy that forms part of the ‘cluster’, Joy Burch received a copy of the objection that stated ‘if the proposed development is intended for any other purpose (than ordinary families off the waiting list), such as a development similar to Karalika, a refuge or any similar group accommodation, please inform the current residents of XXXX Place as soon as possible.’ Resident have not been kept in the loop by Joy Burch or ACTPLA as advised by both parties in September/October 2011. One reply from each saying “I have asked that they (ACTPLA) provide a copy of any comments to you” Joy Burch 18/10/2011 and “The issues raised in your submission will be taken into consideration during the assessment of the development application and you will be notified in writing once a decision has been made.” ACTPLA 13/09/2011. There has been ZERO consultation with Chisholm residents. The residents only found out from a tradesperson that it was going to be a homeless shelter.

It was realised many a year ago that clustering of government housing created the stigma that housing tenants were not a respected part of the community. This clustering was phased out because of the stigma and the concentration of problems in a small geographic area. Now we find that Housing ACT are intending to go back to ‘clustering’.

It has been confirmed that one tenant of XXXX Place was given ‘an offer she could not refuse’ (a larger home than entitlement and money) to move out, so the ‘cluster’ could utilise three houses.

You CAN Help stop the facility by:

– lodging your objection with the Minister for Housing and Community Services, Joy Burch MLA, at or 6205 0020

– contacting Brendan Smyth MLA, who actively opposes the proposal, at

– attending a meeting at 7B XXXX Place (off Lucy Gullett Cct) on Sat 25 August 2012 at 3pm. PLEASE COME.

Yours sincerely Concerned Chisholm Residents.

UPDATE 16/08/12 11:23: Joy Burch’s office has been in touch with these points:

— There are 3 properties in a street in Chisholm which will be used to accommodate young people aged between 16 and 25 years of age who are homeless under the Emergency Accommodation Network.

— The Salvation Army will operate the service at the Chisholm properties. At present only two of the properties will be used.

— Up to 6 young people will be accommodated at any one time across the 3 properties.

— The same model of accommodation, also operated by the Salvation Army, has operated in a street in Florey since April without any issues.

— It is not Housing ACT practice to consult residents about the location of social housing properties such homelessness accommodation or women’s refuges, particularly where minors are involved, as is the case here in Chisholm. The residents are entitled to some privacy and dignity, which would be compromised if details of their circumstances are disclosed to neighbours.

— The young people occupying these properties are not exiting correctional facilities or drug rehabilitation programs, nor is there any intention to allocate these properties for those purposes. Rather, access to the service at Chisholm will be through Housing ACT’s First Point gateway – the starting point for all people seeking public housing, community housing or emergency accommodation.

— Residents of the street who have raised concerns about these properties have been briefed by Housing ACT and Minister Burch’s office about the nature of this program, and have been invited to receive additional information from the Salvation Army about the program.

— The ACT Government does have a policy of breaking down the concentration of public housing created by multi-unit developments, which house up to hundreds of people in close proximity. A “cluster” of two or three properties serviced by a community organisation (in this case the Salvation Army) that accommodates no more than six people is an entirely different proposition and in no way inconsistent with this policy.

What’s Your opinion?

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177 Responses to
Housing cluster in Chisholm
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HenryBG 12:53 pm 03 Sep 12

Antagonist said :

From one housing tennant to another, you are a piece of sh!t.

So what’s standard procedure from here? Your son molests her daughter? Or do you steal each others’ staffies first?

watto23 12:08 pm 28 Aug 12

poetix said :

If there was ever a thread that deserved the Mully…

Is it the thread or Miz who wins the mully? without the comments from Miz, I’m sure this would have been less of a contender!

Mr Evil 8:04 pm 27 Aug 12

poetix said :

If there was ever a thread that deserved the Mully…

What ‘he’ said! 🙂

poetix 1:46 pm 27 Aug 12

If there was ever a thread that deserved the Mully…

LumpySpacePrincess 11:23 am 27 Aug 12

miz said :

PS My life experiences (longterm child illness etc) have meant that I have learned how to fight for my children over a number of years. If some interpret that as being ‘a piece of work’, so be it.

However, this IS a democracy and no one should have their rights trampled on.

So what if for some reason your child needed this accommodation? You never know what’s going to happen in the future.

And if you can afford to pay full rent then GTFO of there and leave it available for someone who can’t!

I’ve never heard anything so selfish or hypocritical. Shame on you!

DrKoresh 10:31 am 27 Aug 12

Darkfalz said :

milkman said :

Disagreeing with homosexuality versus helping millions of people all over the world for over 100 years. Sorry, but the two don’t compare.

Disagreeing that a gay relationship should be called a “marriage” is not the same as being “homophobic” either.

What is it then? It’s still discriminatory, Shit, by any other name, still stinks.

YeahBuddy 9:56 am 27 Aug 12

Maybe if Miz loses her publicly subsidised housing property, and her children are left homeless, and then THEY require support from this model of housing she might change her mind.

And before you say it AGAIN, I would very happily offer up my street for supported accommodation such as the one being suggested in your precious street. Housing is a basic human right, who am I to deny it to anyone?

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 9:46 am 27 Aug 12

miz said :

Dear Lillypilly, Comic etc, why don’t you actually read the all of the posts, then feel free to ring Housing and volunteer your street for this.

I have read every single post in detail and have concluded that you are infact a form of human trash with no compassion for people who have/are living through the same sort of situation as you. You are self centered and greedy with some sort of twisted mindset that makes you think only you deserve to be helped out of the gutter.

watto23 9:07 am 27 Aug 12

miz said :

Dear Lillypilly, Comic etc, why don’t you actually read the all of the posts, then feel free to ring Housing and volunteer your street for this.

Or you could be proactive here and offer to volunteer at the cluster to help those less fortunate out and help make sure everything goes well.

I live near no government housing clusters of any kind, yet my house has been broken into twice in 11 years, I often get people hooning the streets and riding dirtbikes nearby etc. They could move this facility 2 or 3 streets away and if the perceived issues you think may happen actually do happen, then you could still be affected by the crime.

Actually just to burst your bubble, check out the ACT policing crime statistics website. Chisholm is one of the worst suburbs in Tuggeranong. Alarmingly compared to say Gilmore in Richardson, assault is very high in Chisholm already. Perhaps this is why they need this facility in Chisholm to try and fix the problem that already exists!

housebound 9:07 am 27 Aug 12

miz said :

It was acknowledged by the relevant authorities that the DA and related processes – including shoehorning a three house homeless refuge into a six house cul de sac in suburbia – had been extremely poor, conducted with subterfuge, and that residents, if informed at all, had been continually lied to.

Note to authorities: it’s never a good idea to try getting things in ‘under the radar’; transparency is respectful; sneakiness is not.

Ms Burch said that given the appalling process in this case, there would be a review of how these kinds of processes are done in the future.

However, the boss of Social Housing at Housing ACT stated that the internal review WILL be done at the one year mark, and that this cluster WILL be abandoned if it has created problems for residents during that trial year.

Good on you for getting them all to turn up.

There’s nothing new about this department carrying on like this – a full-on inquiry is really needed. Any internal review will find they did nothing wrong, or if they did, it wasn’t that bad anyway because the kids needed to live somewhere. Don’t believe a word they, or their Minister, say.

georgy 8:39 am 27 Aug 12

After reading thru this lengthy post I have concluded that it amounts to nothing worth reading, although I do agree with #161
This whole argument is an indication of how far some Canberra residents are away from the real world.

poetix 8:11 am 27 Aug 12

Mordd said :

poetix said :

Mordd said :

You get a 1 good sir

That’s the second time I’ve been demoted this fortnight! (-:

You lost me, did i get the gender wrong or you take it as an insult that I approved of your comment?

Definitely just the gender, my good sir!

miz 7:22 am 27 Aug 12

Dear Lillypilly, Comic etc, why don’t you actually read the all of the posts, then feel free to ring Housing and volunteer your street for this.


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