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How did you cool off today?

By rosebud - 31 January 2009 63

What a stinker.

Spent most of the arvo in prol soup, aka the local public swimming pool, dodging kiddy turds and wondering what foot fungus I’ll get this time.

Not too sure how high the UV index got, but the dirt bag index was in the ‘extreme’ range. (A dirt bag rating is calculated by multiplying a person’s number of missing teeth by their tattoos.)

Then calmed down with G&Ts sitting about a foot away from the portable air cooler at home.


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63 Responses to
How did you cool off today?
realityskin 10:32 am 01 Feb 09

Aircon on 17 does the job !

Pommy bastard 10:32 am 01 Feb 09

I sat in front of a portable air conditioner at the office.

rosebud 9:48 am 01 Feb 09

Mint julep…mmmmmmmm

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:15 am 01 Feb 09

I single-handedly drained the dam with my evaporative aircon and opened the last bottle of homemade lemon cordial.

homemade mint cordial

Oooh – recipe? Or is that a code for ‘mint julep, double bourbon’?

Gobbo 8:38 am 01 Feb 09

I made a big batch of Mango and Lime Sorbet which went down a treat with the fam-billy! Even the doglets approved. 🙂

ant 8:29 am 01 Feb 09

The end of next week is looking promising although this far out anything can happen. We were never slated to get a cool change, although today’s forecast of 37c has been dropped to 34c, and it looks like storms are going to try forming for the next few days. Hope they do.

The current blustery SE wind up here is bringing some relief, maybe that’s what’s going to see off the old high of 37c.

I skulked in my house, dunked the dogs in a bucket of water whenever they got too hot, and dreamed of Utah. Must pack.

farnarkler 7:00 am 01 Feb 09

Sepi the ice rink is a nice place to be on a hot day except for one thing. The ice melts a little and you get a layer of water about 5 mil deep. If you fall, which most beginners do, you get drenched.

Overheard 11:54 pm 31 Jan 09

After realising that my little heater doesn’t double as a non-heating fan blower, and realising that my housemates were all at home for the afternoon, I took off down to the Front Cafe for a few hours of solid work, albeit under a strong fan and with a couple of Pale Ales.

Singing out in the open in the ANU union forecourt as the sun went down this evening was just superb, followed by a couple of beers outside Tilley’s to cap off the evening.

As I drove back past the ABC studios in Dickson at about 11pm, the temperature reading said 27 degrees. Apparently now 26.8 degrees now nearing midnight.

Wow, I thought we were going to get a cool change with the rain expected tomorrow, but no, no maximums (maxima?) forecast for < 30 for the next week.

Ruby Wednesday 11:45 pm 31 Jan 09

Drank half a bottle of wine. Took a siesta with an ice pack on my neck. Sat under the ceiling fan googling air conditioning–definitely have to look into that before next summer, I think!

Pandy 11:41 pm 31 Jan 09

Loitered in Belco fish markets.

Granny 10:51 pm 31 Jan 09

Oh, and also had a G&T as well as homemade mint cordial.

Granny 10:49 pm 31 Jan 09

I went swimming in a dam with the cool mud between my toes.

: )

Sleaz274 10:47 pm 31 Jan 09

I was ever so fortunate (insert globs of sarcasm) enough to play pretty much a full game of soccer (sorry lads football) and not die from heat exhaustion, sun stroke, or making an a$$ of myself by stuffing up too much.

Currently I have discovered that an esky full of icy water is perfect therapy for my somewhat red and sore and hot and blistered feet which are being weak as pi$$ over pre season.

I love summer by the way and deliberately find huge swathes of rainforest to deforest and then blow up mountains so I can burn all the shiny rocks in them in the vain hope that during my own lifetime we will only ever have winter in July and only for a day and the minimum will be 20.

sepi 9:52 pm 31 Jan 09

I’ve been wondering if Phillip Icerink still exists – or is it now a skyscraper.

Iceskating might be nice on a hot day.

emd 9:51 pm 31 Jan 09

Funny, I’ve just calmed down with a G&T too. With frozen blueberries instead of ice cubes.
My pre-school kids like to get a plastic tub in the kitchen and play “washing the baby” with their dolls.
Making frozen yoghurt ice pops.
Absconding to the homes of friends/family who have air con.
I’ve discovered our garage is the coolest room in the house, so may move in there if it’s too hot to sleep at nights.

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