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How to be a Hypocrite 101

By Maelinar - 12 October 2007 22

Today Mrs Maelinar reports that the sprinklers were on at the park she regularly attends on a Thursday for 2 solid hours !

Hate to point out the obvious, but we’re apparently in a drought. We are also being told by our Government that we need to conserve water – presumably so they have enough water to flood the parks on regular intervals.

Whilst I’m not opposed to watering public assets, 2 hours is one hell of a saturation period.

But wait, there’s more.

The sprinklers are set up to not only water the park, but also within the entire radar range of the sprinklers is the entireity of the play equipment, and the BBQ area – both items as you can imagine are as water reliant as Hour Glass parts.

Could it get even more incriminating I hear you ask ?

By rough estimation, Mrs Maelinar guesses that there were no less than 20 technicians out for their somewhat regular Thursday Yummy Mummy Perve, even an inground sprinkler system wouldn’t be too difficult to move with that many people attending on such a regular basis (I understand that this is a regular event for the government sponsored gardeners).

So, inadequacy on several fronts, with our water no less. If it wasn’t already pissing down outside I’d be putting on all my hoses right now in protest cause the ACT Government can go and get phucked.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
How to be a Hypocrite 101
Jonathon Reynolds 12:50 pm 12 Oct 07

In the comments me thinks Maelinar doth protest too much…
But, yes I agree, it is a tragic waste of potable water.

RAGD 11:32 am 12 Oct 07

Yummy Mummy’s!! WHERE ?? 🙂

justbands 11:04 am 12 Oct 07

You’ve lost me? I’ve got no problem with water restrictions. I’m sure I’ll whinge about something else though. 😉

Maelinar 10:58 am 12 Oct 07

Next time there’s a thread about water restrictions in Canberra I’ll remind you of your previous statment JBands.

Proof will be in the pudding won’t it ?

justbands 10:38 am 12 Oct 07

Sorry that you were so offended Maelinar. You’ve just changed your complaint though to suit…& yeah, it still reads like nothing more than a whinge.

Maelinar 10:29 am 12 Oct 07

No offence intended hingo, my comment was more directed at justbands than you. There’s also more than one kind of recycled water too – some variants of recycled water still have the floaties as used in watering the grounds of the Holt golf course.

This is a multiple tiered issue concerning the appropriate use of water while facing increasing water restrictions.

As I have previously stated though, there is no water problem in Canberra, so the entire process is a joke to begin with.

I suppose the final tier in the equation is that our money is being needlessly wasted on beuracratic stupidity gone insane. For this, unfortunately, there is no easy solution.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 10:16 am 12 Oct 07

Jeez calm down Maelinar, i was simply asking a question. I’m not disputing your argument.

I have visited one of these waste water works and the quality of the water at the end of the process is as good, if not better than regular drinking water. That being said, I wouldn’t drink it for the simple fact I know where it came from.

Mr Evil 9:47 am 12 Oct 07

I was lead to believe that only a couple of parks are actually using recycled water, Reid Oval being one of them.

I didn’t think the ACT Govt had implemented their plan to have local parks hooked up to recycled water yet – hence all the dramas with local sporting groups over which parks are being watered and which are being left to die off due to the drought.

And anyway, 2 hours spent watering any grassed area is a monumental waste over a clay based soil mix.

Maelinar 9:36 am 12 Oct 07

OK then wiseguys, not a problem eh ?

Next time you are down the park and somebody says the bbq smells like shit, it could possibly be because it is covered in shit.

And the next time your child goes down the slippery slide and is caked in slime, you guessed it…

Methinks there’s still rules about the application of grey water, and onto BBQ’s ain’t one of them.

justbands 9:30 am 12 Oct 07

boo hoo waaa waaa, what a monumental whinge! Most probably recycled water I’m guessing.

Spectra 9:20 am 12 Oct 07

hingo: That’s what I was wondering too – I know it is for a lot of sporting grounds. If that’s the case, it hardly seems worth getting our knickers in a knot about. On the other hand, if it is potable water, that would be worthy of concern. But let’s get our facts sorted out first…even though we’re on the internet 🙂

hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:13 am 12 Oct 07

Isn’t the water they use for parks just recycled waste water anyway?

mr_stirer 9:10 am 12 Oct 07

more than a cockup, there are 2 sets of rules for how you use water in this place. Happens all the time in queanbeyan also.

Maelinar 9:09 am 12 Oct 07

From what I’m told, the 2 hours is an irregular event, directly proportional to the perve session.

That said, as this Thursday baby session is a regular event, so is the watering. It has been happening for a number of weeks now.

pierce 8:53 am 12 Oct 07

So this is the first time your wife has seen this?

That being the case, do you think it suggests more of a cockup by the sprinkler guys than official government policy?

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