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How to get rid of a car?

johnboy 28 March 2010 25

Once again we turn to the knowledge (if not wisdom) of the RiotACT hivemind.

Let’s say someone has a car which will cost more to repair than what it’s worth.

Who can take such a car off one’s hands? Scrappers? Junkyards? Used car salesman?

Recommendations and advice welcomed!

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25 Responses to How to get rid of a car?
Mathman Mathman 10:12 pm 02 Aug 10

Hang on to it until after the election – you might get a free $2,000 towards a new car.

AllStar01 AllStar01 8:42 pm 02 Aug 10

I went to All Star Transport and Towing services and I found their services was heaps better than ezy scrap.

Funky1 Funky1 1:21 pm 30 Mar 10

Simple solution (but not legal yet (sort of) environmentally friendly):
Night time + Lake Burley G (or any of the other local lakes) = addition to the man-made reef that lurks below the water.


cranky cranky 9:05 pm 29 Mar 10

Interesting program on Fox a couple of weeks ago. Pommy. Guy bought an un-reregisterable clunker from a seller for about 150 quid. Cashed in the balance of the rego after delivering it to an auction house. Got about 40 quid from memory. The car was auctioned to a room full of dealers AND SCRAP METAL merchants. Went for about 250 quid. For scrap. Suspect that we are not getting full value for the metal from local dealers. This would equate to about $400 in value for a wrecker. Their buy price. And they will make a profit when selling it on.

The Ezyscrappies of the world would be laughing all the way to the bank.

One One 3:16 pm 29 Mar 10

Check if its commercial or has commecial parts then you can sometimes get up to $300 or more from junking it. If any parts can be used on another car that is common on the road. Some engines end up in things like generators, etc. By commercial I mean something that has an engine that may be reused in a light/small truck.

The Ebay’s of the net (yes there are free local sites too) are also great place to find car people and collectors seeking manuals, badges, mats, rubber things, trim, etc – some wreckers may pay more for scrap that includes a manual (depending on make/model).

If it has a set of plates and rego papers then it can be transported without additional cost as tow or freight (check with Transport operator incase things have changed before loading a truck up in your driveway).

I would also check into willo’s area – some cars can simply double or triple in value by getting a number painted on the door

realityskin realityskin 2:16 pm 29 Mar 10

Have a fund-raising event, $5 for 3 hits with a sledge hammer

lobster lobster 1:22 pm 29 Mar 10

astrojax – RWD = Rear Wheel Drive

el el 1:14 pm 29 Mar 10

Rear Wheel Drive.

astrojax astrojax 12:25 pm 29 Mar 10

willo, what’s a ‘rwd’? a rearward? does this mean it is meaner in reverse??

lobster lobster 9:17 am 29 Mar 10

SDay what car it is. SOmeone on here might want it.

sloppery sloppery 8:37 am 29 Mar 10

What sort of car? Will it pass rego inspection? What majopr faults (if any)? Running?

With some more detail we can give a better answer.

p1 p1 8:08 am 29 Mar 10

Freecycle if you don’t need the money, it’ll go to a good home.

willo willo 1:26 am 29 Mar 10

if it’s a 6 cyl rwd of any kind i’ll give ya 100 bucks for it and come collect it with a trailer……i need a car for the demo derby at the speedway in june…..haven’t found 1 yet…..and ya can plaster it with riotact stickers fa advertisin……alternatively ya could enter it yaself……6 cyl rwds are not mandatory just my weapon of choice so dont matter what it is

akpv akpv 10:16 pm 28 Mar 10

What sort of car is it? What is wrong with it? Any rego?

Scrapping will get you $50 to $100.

Dazzlar Dazzlar 10:11 pm 28 Mar 10

What about allclassifieds?

RandomPoster RandomPoster 8:50 pm 28 Mar 10

Depending on the car, a mechanic that specialises in that make may be interested in it for parts.

What type of car are we talking about?

Anna Key Anna Key 7:56 pm 28 Mar 10

I put an ad in the CT as almost a giveaway ($150 with blown motor). Also got the balance of the rego back, although it was still SA registered and maybe the ACT won’t do that. Wreckers probably aren’t interested unless you have a late model commode or falcon (one wanted to charge me more for an outside mirror than the ford dealer charged me for a new one, including fitting it).

Clown Killer Clown Killer 7:41 pm 28 Mar 10

Park it in Queanbeyan. If it gets stollen it’ll be capable if doing 200km/h.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 6:53 pm 28 Mar 10

Is it still driveable or even roadworthy? If so, put sme rego on it (eg 3 months) and put it on ebay. You might be surprised.

sepi sepi 4:52 pm 28 Mar 10

I couldn’t find anyone other than Ezyscrap for my poor old car. they give you 50 bucks and come and get it for you.

Reliable secondhand cars are so cheap now, that old cars needing repairs are worth nothing. Unless you can find someone with the same old bomb, who needs parts.

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