How’s your driving?

Xanthomyza 12 January 2007 27

Someone sent me this link to the Rate the Plate website this morning.

From the ‘About Us’ page:

“Our aim is to provide you with meaningful information and awareness about the drivers you have no choice in sharing our roads with.”

Is your number plate in there?


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27 Responses to How’s your driving?
Erg0 Erg0 3:48 pm 15 Jan 07

Unbeliever – I wouldn’t say that RiotACT is an echo chamber – it certainly isn’t just a bunch of people agreeing with each other…

AG AG 3:33 pm 15 Jan 07

So the general consensus is that there should be more cops? Great. I agree. But I also have the brains to work out that if that is the case, then the ones who are working probably have serious offences to investigate and not every little petty traffic complaint.

johnboy johnboy 3:27 pm 15 Jan 07

It’s one or the other

Actually, it isn’t.

Thumper Thumper 3:27 pm 15 Jan 07


you don’t read RA alot do you?

The general concensus is that there should be more cops on the road.

And that speed cameras are simply revenue raising.

Simple, hey champ?

AG AG 3:09 pm 15 Jan 07

Amazing. On one hand everyone bitches that the Police are only revenue raising, persumably by traffic, and on the other, you are all whinging that Police don’t do anything about traffic!!

WTF?? It’s one or the other.

And it probably has more to do with the lack of Police to follow up on your complaints than anything else. General Patrols are usually too busy running around after pathetic losers who live in social circles that would make my dog look civilised, to have time to follow up on some pathetic , “He cut me off while I was talking on my mobile phone and speeding” BS comlaint.

Maelinar Maelinar 7:40 am 15 Jan 07

It ranks similarly to something I was going to do, however my grab was going to be along the lines of people paying a small fee as a disincentive towards multi-posting, and a disclaimer that by posting on the site that they were prepared to provide the same evidence in court.

If an individual wants to run a smear campaign against somebody else, they should remember to get several (in the realm of 20-30) different logins and associated email accounts, because the website tracks the id of who reported it. That way, it becomes very nearly impossible to verify the smear campaign.

Rawhide Kid Rawhide Kid 4:55 pm 12 Jan 07

Could be good to “shame” those drivers you see throwing cigarette buts out the windows.

darkladywolf darkladywolf 3:27 pm 12 Jan 07

I’ve always thought some kind of database where you can report such ‘minor’ misdemeanous was a good idea. Then if enough of these cropped up, action might be taken against them.

Like a lot have mentioned here, though, it’s far too open to abuse. Not only would the cops have to investigate the alleged affender, but they’d have to make sure there was no relationship between those complaining.

But if anyone ever comes up with a good way to stop the abuse, I’d love to see something like this in action.

Unbeliever Unbeliever 3:23 pm 12 Jan 07

hand should obviously be hang.

Unbeliever Unbeliever 3:22 pm 12 Jan 07

‘Looks like yet another example of the internet echo chamber – a bunch of people standing around telling each other how right they are.’

Ummm, RiotACT? But I love it.. that’s why I hand out here.

bonfire bonfire 3:10 pm 12 Jan 07

manny didnt you eat my bees ?

Manny Manny 2:38 pm 12 Jan 07

Good on you Andy, I would report them to, I am forever writing down Bus No’s and contacting ACTION about their crappy drivers!

Manny Manny 2:36 pm 12 Jan 07

Maybe someone should send the link to the current Minister for Police (John Hargreaves?) and tell him to get the police to lift their game and then we wouldnt have to do stuff like that! I reckon its funny, and I’d love to post in their, because I often write down rego numbers and keep them in my car for future reference, if I come across the loser again, I know to do 60 in the 80 zone etc etc, how to piss someone off, they do it to me, I do it to them!!!

andy andy 2:31 pm 12 Jan 07

can’t see my number plate there yet. surprising really.
i should put in the truck from canberra horticulture who pulled off the median strip into the middle of parkes way at 10K in front of my vehicle moving at 80..
(its ok, i reported him to his boss)
or the auspost vehicle which crossed the unbroken white line, into the middle of a form one lane (onto the actual writing!)
and its ok, ir eported them to the organisation as well.

Erg0 Erg0 1:37 pm 12 Jan 07

I don’t think I’d count posting bad things about someone on that site as “getting back at them”. Looks like yet another example of the internet echo chamber – a bunch of people standing around telling each other how right they are. It seems unlikely that any of those complained about will ever even know…

threeze threeze 1:36 pm 12 Jan 07

so, using this site i could put in my ex-girlfriend’s rego and then rate it two or three times myself?

yeah, not open to abuse at all.

RandomGit RandomGit 1:27 pm 12 Jan 07

How much time do they have to collect, verify (impossible), collate, cross reference, examine and report on said data bonfire?

Your proposed database is based purely on witness statements(proven unreliable) and as open to abuse as the aforementioned sites. Not useful in the slightest.

I expect much better from you.

To make a difference you’d have to film these people doing the wrong thing. Then you’d still have to get the police to give a shit.

There is no justice for petty traffic offences beyond following them and giving their car a good snotting.

bonfire bonfire 1:04 pm 12 Jan 07

useless page, much liek the response by police when i have phoned to complain about poor drivers.

even with the plate number and other details and me willing to swear on the bible they wont do anything.

i understand its a he said she said thing, but still useful info to build intelligence with, that the police just fart off.

smiling politely smiling politely 12:40 pm 12 Jan 07

See also which does the same thing.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 12:33 pm 12 Jan 07

or you could actually use it to get back at the people who really do piss you off on the road… the number of times i have been almost killed on the road by stupid and ignorant drivers (including action bus drivers) and reporting the plate to the police with nothing done is staggering… and I have always wished there was some way i could get back at them, rather than just actually planting myself into the light pole after they rammed me off the road, after which they would probably just drive off anyway

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