Huge spike in screwed up speeding fines.

johnboy 28 March 2005 8

In case you were wondering just what sort of totalitarian regime the ACT was languishing under, the Canberra Times brings the happy news that the incompetence of Minister Hargreaves administration has seen a massive spike in the number of overturned speeding tickets issued.

According to Police Minister John Hargreaves the massive spike in numbers has been attributed to problems integrating the Rego.act computer system with the national database, and to the advent of Y-prefixed NSW number plates.

So far, so short sighted and incompetent. But the juicy stuff is Mr. Hargreaves belief that Canberra motorists are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.

The onus was on the fine recipient to contest the infringement, rather than for the Government to identify its mistake, Mr Hargreaves said.

“Everyone who is issued a fine has the right to dispute it,” he said.

“If in review it is found to be incorrect, the fine is withdrawn.”

I suppose at least we know where we stand.

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8 Responses to Huge spike in screwed up speeding fines.
Thumper Thumper 8:49 am 21 Nov 08

inefficient oil based transport

Ridden to Melbourne recently? Maybe Brisbane?

Jim Jones Jim Jones 8:42 am 21 Nov 08

My tax dollars pay for hospitals and I’m never sick.


Timmy_Marroo Timmy_Marroo 1:08 am 21 Nov 08

You have to remember that speed camera’s are not always right.
I was done for speeding and took it to court as i knew the speed camera was wrong. I had the data from my tracking system from FleetM8 in England, which showed me below the limit and not over it as the speed camera said. Buying that tracking system was the best thing i ever did, i never speed and now know i’ll not be done for it wrongly again.

Manana Manana 1:21 pm 02 Apr 05

once again the simplistic views of the (fossil fuel) road user lobby gets an airing – I guess that the approx $600 we all pay (yes I pay rego on my car too – I just choose not to use it every day – thereby saving space for someone else) goes a long way to building roads, it may even pay some of the wages to build the roads, but probably not the equipment or the materials

Apocalypse Apocalypse 3:24 pm 31 Mar 05

Yeah, why should i pay for rego, and you shouldnt. even tho you ride on my tax payer funded bike paths

Ralph Ralph 7:52 am 30 Mar 05

Taxes pay for lots of things we don’t want or use. Get over it.

dave dave 11:23 pm 29 Mar 05

and it would be even better off without taxpayer funded roads. Why should I fund roads, carparks and everything else when I ride a bike because I find our inefficient oil based transport environmentally, socially and economically repugnant?

bonfire bonfire 8:55 pm 29 Mar 05

typical fascist socialist response.

i maintain the world would be better off without speed limits on the road.

all elements of the road use spectrum would find their natural order. recumbent bikes at the bottom, stanley steamers at the top!

i think i will challenge every tax notice/speeding fine issued from now on.

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