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Human Brochure

By bohemian 26 October 2012 25

This Human Brochure event splashed across the front page of the Canberra Times this morning is largely annoying. Interstate so-called “social network/media savvy people” are being paid (sorry, invited) to come to Canberra for specially organised activities and tweet about our wonderful city. What do you think they are going to say? That Canberra is a crap place?

Meanwhile, we couldn’t get the appropriate attention from the media to highlight on unemployment issues, proper healthcare, housing issues, politics (you only need to read the Canberra Time to know what a load of self-serving rubbish some political opinions were), passable public transports, lack of promotion on local creative talents and other humanitarian plights.

If it wasn’t for the work of some local people who still love this place (and not being paid to tweet), this city would’ve lost half the local talents.

And so, people are paid to say good words about Canberra. What a brilliant idea. One can hardly go wrong in a capital city that hotly debates plastic bags, Summernats and whatever else that they can find their idle twiddling thumbs to do.

Welcome to Canberra.

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Human Brochure
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Mr Evil 11:38 am 28 Oct 12

Masquara said :

Did Silo pay to get on the blog? Or did an ACT Government employee take pity on them?

Well, if you’re going to be given food poisoning, why not be poisoned by a ‘classy’ establishment rather than a downmarket one.

Maybe Silo are sponsoring a ward at TCH?

Masquara 9:32 am 28 Oct 12

Did Silo pay to get on the blog? Or did an ACT Government employee take pity on them?

GardeningGirl 8:42 pm 27 Oct 12

I know viral marketing’s been around for a while, but for Canberra this is different to the various attempts to make a catchy tv ad.
I’ve been looking at the website. Funny, I’ve never gotten canapes when visiting the War Memorial. Is this really going to seem relevant to and influence average people or will the VIP weekend be filed away with all the other lotteries most people don’t win?

JimCharles 5:51 pm 27 Oct 12

joingler said :

To be fair, most people who come to Canberra come and see the Parliamentary Triangle and the War Memorial and that’s it.

Exactly…before we moved here we didn’t really know much after hours of research, there are oodles of things you just can’t get perspective on from reading or looking at photo’s.
This is a great way for Canberra to sell itself and yes, so it’s paying for accommodation…so friggin’ what? How much does this City already pay out in expenses for people who don’t really want to be here and only have negative things to say when they go home?
I’m following a student from England (already here, they haven’t flown him over) on Twitter.
Perhaps he’s getting a few nights free hotel but he seems very impressed with Canberra and he’s not a freeloading pro, just your average person who seems to have come with the peculiar idea that Canberra has a bad rep…..not surprising when even some of the natives here whinge like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve never known such a lot of people complaining about absolutely nothing, this place is like paradise compared to most of the planet, it’s loaded with money, sunny, clean, sociable, virtually crime free…it’s the easiest place I’ve ever lived.
Be positive people, things could be an awful lot worse. You could be that poor bloody student who’s got to go back to England one day but wishing he could stay here.

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