Human Rights Prison??

sunshine 4 December 2008 27

With the imminent opening of Australia’s first prison based on human rights philosophy, it makes me wonder how they can implement a blanket rule that prisoner’s cannot smoke!

Doesn’t this breach their human rights by taking away their choice to smoke or not.

Cigarettes in prison have also been used for many years as a management tool – if the ACT goes ahead with this imposed ‘no smoking zone’ the ACT should be in for a lot of fun when the prisoners riot.

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27 Responses to Human Rights Prison??
staria staria 7:15 pm 04 Dec 08

Heh, I’m holding out for the day they completely ban smoking at my work… Having to choke down that stuff on my way in and out everyday, not to mention not being able to be involved in all those important “meetings” that happen down there – it can’t happen too soon in my book! So, bring it on for the prison and everywhere else!

Madman Madman 7:06 pm 04 Dec 08

11th Commandment – Thou Shall have right to have ciggies!

sunshine sunshine 5:37 pm 04 Dec 08

as far as i’m aware – that’s a big fat NO

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 5:32 pm 04 Dec 08

I’m assuming that the staff would have known about this as part of their terms of employment?

sunshine sunshine 5:26 pm 04 Dec 08

yes at present there are allocated smoking areas for allocated times during the day only.however the intention is to ban smoking all together as it is a government building.
this would not only affect the prisoners but also the staff who would not be able to smoke on shift or even during breaks as they aren’t allowed to leave the area in case of trouble.

p1 p1 4:36 pm 04 Dec 08

Maybe we could save money on the prison if we don’t lock anyone up, but stop them drinking, smoking, copulating, or anything else they like doing (since to stop people doing things that they like doing is why we started the concept of prisons in the first place).

Not that Canberra ever locks up its crims…

GB GB 4:26 pm 04 Dec 08

Removal of some human rights is what the ‘punishment’ or ‘retribution’ part of jailing someone is all about.

The only questions is, which rights to remove? And what is the upside and downside for the rest of us later on when they are released?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 4:11 pm 04 Dec 08

Boohoo – the more we erode the rights of dirty stinky smokers, the better.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 3:47 pm 04 Dec 08

Smoking is not “a right’.

harvyk1 harvyk1 11:19 am 04 Dec 08

Meh, since I A – Don’t smoke, and B – Don’t plan on doing anything that could get me some free accommodation in the place, to me it’s a non-event.

But let’s face it. Even if they did make the place smoke free, it’s not like smokes wouldn’t make it into the place.

A mate of mine is a corrections officer, and he has told me about all sort of ways that people manage to get things in to prisons. It’s amazing how many orifices the human body actually has, I’m sure some of them are quite painful to use, but a determined prisoner will happily use them.

Feathergirl Feathergirl 11:00 am 04 Dec 08

If they did riot then more people may search ‘riot + ACT’ on the interwebs and RiotACT will get more hits…

poptop poptop 10:16 am 04 Dec 08

Kizzle said :

Gotdam I bet.. Ima gonna kill you if I dont get a cigarette.



Kizzle Kizzle 10:14 am 04 Dec 08

Gotdam I bet.. Ima die if I dont get a cigarette.

p1 p1 8:59 am 04 Dec 08

How can it be a human rights issue? We also stop our prisoners from going anywhere but the prison, presumably they can’t open the fridge and have beer, so why would smoking be any different?

stereo henry stereo henry 8:59 am 04 Dec 08

put that in your pipe and smoke it 🙂

stereo henry stereo henry 8:58 am 04 Dec 08

I’ve been through the facility and, yes, you can smoke there. I’ve even seen areas outside residences which are designated smoking areas…. however, i still reckon anyone stupid enough to smoke should have a non-smoking policy forced upon them

poptop poptop 8:42 am 04 Dec 08

Ummmm – do you have a link for this claim, Sunshine?

I understood that there would be areas outside where inmates can smoke. Obviously this creates a limit as they can’t just pop outside for a smoke whenever they like.

They shouldn’t smoke inside because of the health impacts on others.

Spam Box Spam Box 8:19 am 04 Dec 08

Damn, not good, I always enjoy a ciggie with my heroin

Footloose Footloose 7:37 am 04 Dec 08

Ha Ha. Quick, someone call a whambulance.

TAD TAD 7:05 am 04 Dec 08

Poor darlings.

I guess they’ll have to make do with the heroin, tatoo machine and LCD TVs to pass the time.

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