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Humphries and Stanhope team up to fight Labor

By jennib 12 June 2007 18

Taking their lead from Chief Minister Stanhope’s comments at last week’s Budget Breakfast, the Canberra Liberals are ramping up their campaign to warn Canberrans about the dangers of a Rudd Labor Government.
The Canberra Liberals agree with Mr Stanhope that: “…decisions that the Federal Government might make, particularly if there’s a change of Government, could have significant impacts on employment levels or construction activity and our budget would suffer immediately…” and they’re taking to the streets to spread the word.
Look out for the banners at the corner of Barry Drive and Northbourne Avenue from 8:30 am tomorrow, as the Chief Minister and the Canberra Liberals team up to fight Labor!

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Humphries and Stanhope team up to fight Labor
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Senator Gaz 11:19 am 13 Jun 07

Kramer: Unfortunately Jon has decided to go to ground on this issue and has not issued a press release. On radio last Friday morning he acknowledged that he had said this, although alleged I had “taken it out of context” – something both I, and ABC presenter Alex Sloan, disputed. If you would like to hear it for yourself, the audio from the 666 ABC live broadcast should be available from their website (or I have a copy if anyone would like it emailed to them – although it is a rather large file). Also, transcripts are usually available through ABC, or else the public portal of the Parliamentary Library is a handy source too.

Kramer 11:03 am 13 Jun 07

Can we get Jon Stanhope online to debate this? Or can Gaz please supply a link to a media release from JS, not just snippets of a breakfast talk?

Kramer 10:59 am 13 Jun 07

Gaz – Great to see you on the RiotACT, and look forwards to more of your views on the big issues.

Ralph – as of the new site upgrade on the weekend, the details of comment posters are NOT sent to authours of posts. Many people were put off posting knowing all their details were being emailed to someone.

Cameron 10:35 am 13 Jun 07

Look forward to your further participation on in RiotACT, Senator.

Pandy 7:59 pm 12 Jun 07

Just did a traceroute on Gaz: Yep there is a jump via

So Gazza, I love my AWA but really, why do you allow your mates to frack-up the airport roads?

And btw bring our gals home from Iraq. But well done on Hicks.

S4anta 5:55 pm 12 Jun 07

Keep up the hard yards Gary. Good on you, must agree with VY’s call, things have just started coming together on that side of the fence for me, I would hate to see the relatively unsecured parts (read: risk/gamble) come undone once an undercooked opposition gets to poke its fingers in.

pierce 5:19 pm 12 Jun 07

Ok, so not all gasses are technically hot – maybe gaz-bag works better. (Tough crowd 🙂

sandwich 5:09 pm 12 Jun 07

Pierce – please xplain?

pierce 5:05 pm 12 Jun 07

Surely I’m not the first here to make the Gaz = Hot Air connection?

Senator Gaz 4:56 pm 12 Jun 07

Maelinar: don’t worry, Jenni was just helping me get set up because I’ve been in Parliament today – from now on it is all me.
Gary (a.k.a. Senator Gaz)

Maelinar 4:34 pm 12 Jun 07

How come Roland, the Greens Lackey is Roland, but Jenni is Senator Gaz ?

Ralph 4:33 pm 12 Jun 07

Indeed. And we’ll also be jettisoned back to the poltical correctness era of Keating, circa 1992.

Also imagine the left wing loonies of the teacher’s union also being given free reign on a national school curriculum as well.

I think it’s great, personally. I don’t want a federal labour govt. It’s taken years to finally get some decent investments running to take advantage of good economic times, and the last thing I want is to have that all hamstrung by a bunch of useless union thugs who want to give everything away for nothing.

Ralph 4:23 pm 12 Jun 07

Thanks Jenni,

The prospect of a Rudd government scares me, particularly with their proposed changes to unwind the IR reforms and attempting to restore unions thugs to every workplace.

However, I cannot engage with Gary on issues concerning cuts to the public sector. In my opinion Australians are already taxed too heavily, and the welfare state is an unecessary drain on our society and creates more problems than it tries to alleviate. In my opinion we should be striving for small government, minimal red tape for business, free markets and welfare only for the genuinely needy. This would see Australia with marginal tax rates comparable with those in some of the Asian economies (Singapore and South Korea, for example).


(this post gives you my email address).

tortfeaser 4:17 pm 12 Jun 07

So its OK for Gaz to banner up, but not the unions for their ubiquitous orange signs?

Ntp 4:15 pm 12 Jun 07

Don’t expect it to be positive, the small % of vocal readership tends to be very harsh to all comers.

Senator Gaz 3:35 pm 12 Jun 07

Hi y’all, yep, I was posting on behalf of Gary this time because the Senate is currently sitting, but you’ll notice that the email link is now set up directly for him, and there’s a link to his website too if you would like to leave comments for him. Gary looks forward to hearing from you all!
Jenni Butterfield
Advisor to Senator Gary Humphries

Ntp 3:31 pm 12 Jun 07

Interesting to see the good senator is now using Blogs (well us at least) to spead his gospel.

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