Hunger strike to stop global warming!

Thumper 7 November 2009 26

In what appears to be an unearthed Monty python skit, Mr Paul Connor of Canberra is on a hunger strike and insisting that he’ll only drink water from now until an agreement is struck at global climate talks in Copenhagen starting on December 7.

“We’re only making one guarantee – that is we’ll stop fasting if our demands are met,” Mr Connor said outside Parliament House, where he’ll stage the hunger strike.

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26 Responses to Hunger strike to stop global warming!
I-filed I-filed 5:15 pm 13 Nov 09

Did he start off fat? If he’s a tad overweight, he’ll last AGES on water – at least 10 days per extra kilo he’s carrying…. so say he’s one of the half Australian adults carrying 10 or 12 extra kilos, we won’t need to worry about him until early March … : ]

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 3:16 pm 13 Nov 09

So…is he getting hungry yet? Has anything come it?

anneenna anneenna 1:25 pm 11 Nov 09

If you look at the fasters’ website, or the Triple J hack interview you will see that they are not nutters- just people who are using a time-honoured tradition of fasting (remember Gandhi?) to draw attention to the emergency we find ourselves in.

If you don’t yet recognise this as an emergency situation -that Rudd’s Carbon trading scheme certainly doesn’t deal with the urgency of-, then you have been living under a rock for the last few years.

Have you noticed that the fire danger signs have now changed, with another category for ‘catastrophic’ bushfires?

There is currently a relay of police and emergency service workers who are running all the way from the Great Barrier Reef to Melbourne via Canberra and the ANU solar dish (on 2pm Monday )to also draw attention to this emergency situation.

See you there.

justin heywood justin heywood 11:17 am 10 Nov 09

Like many of you (I suspect), I am old and cynical. I can remember when it was a moral certainty that nuclear war between the US and the USSR would see the end of the planet. I remember hysteria about Chernobyl, the ozone layer, the Y2K bug and all the other threats only Bruce Willis could save us from. The world did not end.

I’m cynical about conspiracy theories too. I believe Oswald did it. I believe Eastman did it.

I do believe in evolution, plate tectonics, that the dark side of the moon is cold. Why? Because there is evidence and general scientific consensus for these things.

Why don’t people accept the evidence for climate change? Lack of evidence? There is more direct evidence for anthropogenic climate change than there is for evolution.

Lack of scintific consensus? There will never be ABSOULTE scientific consensus about climate change, or anything else. After all, you can still find Geologists and Biologists to argue that the world is only 6,000 years old. We know THOSE guys are nuts, right? They just fit the evidence to what they WANT to believe.

That’s how I feel about climate change. If you look at the evidence and listen to the scientists, it looks like the sh*t is about to hit the fan. I don’t WANT it to be true, but it almost certainly is. Poking fun at people who are trying to do something about it is simply a form of denial.

PigDog PigDog 9:33 am 10 Nov 09

I believe that the 150,000 figure first appeared in the The WHO’s 2002 World Health Report. The report can be found here:

The report lists attributable mortality by risk factor (pg 224). Climate Change is way down the list, hell, unsafe s*x kills more people than climate change, so does being overweight… even Vitamin A deficiency is knocking off more kids than climate change.

Maybe while fasting Mr Connor should note that low fruit and vegetable intake is a bigger killer than climate change.

vg vg 3:59 pm 09 Nov 09

“They are also fasting to be in solidarity for the estimated 150,000 people who are already dying each year from our changing climate”

I’m calling bollocks on this quote. They would have died from something else other than ‘changing climate’ but the deaths tenuously linked to suit a ridiculous stunt which won’t last a fortnight.

Why do these wankers get given air time, other than for our amusement? On 2nd thoughts that is reason enough

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