Hyperdome not infested with cockroaches after all?

johnboy 15 April 2011 11

Two days ago you couldn’t walk into the Tuggeranong Hyperdome without being covered in cockroaches according to the Canberra Times.

Today they’d have us believe there’s no problem at all.

An ACT Health inspection of Tuggeranong Hyperdome found no evidence of a major infestation of cockroaches, although some of the pests had been found, according to protection services director John Woollard.
Mr Woollard’s decision to inspect the Hyperdome came after complaints from the public and an article in The Canberra Times on Tuesday.

”Considering the concerns of the public, and the article, I deployed a team of five people on … Tuesday … We did a full regular audit,” he said.

All Hyperdome restaurants and eateries passed inspection, although Mr Woollard said a small number of pests had been found. ”It’s not that there are no cockroaches, they are just not widespread,” he said.

The cynical amongst you might wonder what’s going on with the hyperdome’s advertising negotiations with the CT.

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11 Responses to Hyperdome not infested with cockroaches after all?
miz miz 1:55 pm 16 Apr 11

I have to say I have never seen a cockroach at the Hyperdome. However, a friend of my daughter, who works at a certain eatery in the food court, says there are roaches everywhere at that particular premises, day and night.

gooterz gooterz 9:53 pm 15 Apr 11

Chop71 said :

Also saw the food inspectors shut down a food outlet that is now closed “due to renovations”.

Which food outlet is now closed? I’m too lazy to actually go down to the hyperdome to check.

I think woden does so much better than tuggeranong because being a guy in tuggeranong you feel that its not a place for you to be!

My old work used to occasionally throw out chocolate and food from mice damage. Even though they baited every 20 feet or so! Once had a rat or two die somewhere around the staff area which started to rot and really sink the place out! It really didnt make u feel all that great and u had to hold your breath!
I guess they thought it was too expensive to get rid of and it would eventally go away! Had it been close to a busy part of the store it would have been fixed immediately!

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 8:06 pm 15 Apr 11

Goddess said :

I’ve shopped at the Hyperdome ever since it opened and have never seen any cockroaches.

I’ve seen many two-legged cockroaches there . . .

Goddess Goddess 7:02 pm 15 Apr 11

I’ve shopped at the Hyperdome ever since it opened and have never seen any cockroaches.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 5:20 pm 15 Apr 11

What.. the media only just got hold of this? About 14 years ago I used to spend a lot of time at Belconnen Mall and the corridors behind the shop were always filthy, and smelly. Cockroaches were pretty common as were the rats, as evidenced by the rat poison laid every where. I doubt this has changed. Way would the Hyperdome be any different?!

vandam vandam 3:22 pm 15 Apr 11

I would expect all shopping centres have cockroaches. I can’t see it being a massive problem as everytime I’ve been there I haven’t seen any.

The worst place I’ve seen is Manuka for cockroaches. Mawson isn’t far behind.

KaptnKaos KaptnKaos 1:19 pm 15 Apr 11

Just a ploy by hyperdome management to get some free advertising, watch out tennants, rents will rise because of this, oops sorry they already do rise on a daily basis with this management.

Chop71 Chop71 1:18 pm 15 Apr 11

Doesn’t explain why management sent a person around to every retailer yesterday trying to ease the concern saying it was a beat up. Also saw the food inspectors shut down a food outlet that is now closed “due to renovations”. Staff were furious they had to throw out perfectly good food at 2pm just about when they put it in those $5 discounted tubs.

hmmm fried cockroaches.

Swaggie Swaggie 12:44 pm 15 Apr 11

LOL The advertising department at the Canberra Times is the most shambolic, unprofessional and amateurish part of the CT organisation, courtesy prevents me naming the woman I have to deal with on a regular basis but I’m sure she’s capable of losing the Hyperdome’s advertising revenue even without any bad publicity.

EvanJames EvanJames 12:42 pm 15 Apr 11

They obviously weren’t looking Near Their Heads, that’s where the Hyperdome Cockeroaches are.

Ian Ian 12:17 pm 15 Apr 11

It doesn’t alter the fact that its still a dump.

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