Ian Edward Hirst to stand trial

Thumper 2 July 2007 15

Narrabundah resident Ian Edward Hirst is to stand trial for the murder of David Peter Bagnall at the Fraser Court complex in Kingston last December.

In the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday, Magistrate Michael Somes said “I am satisfied that it can be proved by a jury beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Hirst did commit the offence of murder.”

Magistrate Somes continued Hirst’s bail with a $10,000 bond, which includes reporting to a police station twice a week.

Hirst is due to reappear in court next Thursday for a directions hearing

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15 Responses to Ian Edward Hirst to stand trial
Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:53 pm 23 Jan 08

Although the accuracy of you’re assessment of one time RiotACT hack Vg is astonishingly perceptive, you’re still not excused.

Radar Radar 7:14 pm 23 Jan 08

Opps! Wrong tag. See “Self-defence claim in Kingston killing”


howdy howdy 1:43 pm 23 Jan 08

It’s a blatant attempt at advertising Pappa’s BBQ pizzas. Obviously.

Mælinar Mælinar 11:27 am 23 Jan 08

BBQ at Skidbladnir’s house WTF ?

Thumper Thumper 10:56 am 23 Jan 08

Maybe radar is AWOL from his MASH unit…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:49 am 23 Jan 08

Radar is off the radar!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:47 am 23 Jan 08

I also have no idea what he is on about.

But to jump on the new bandwagon, OMG WTF BBQ.

Mælinar Mælinar 10:40 am 23 Jan 08

Triple WTF !

Thumper Thumper 10:31 am 23 Jan 08

Double WTF!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:27 am 23 Jan 08


Radar Radar 9:45 am 23 Jan 08

I don’t often visit this site nor read the comments, but I felt I had to respond to Vg’s comments of 17 December 2006 which I have only just read.

Big man, small willy I suspect and clearly talking through his large, hairy butt-cheeks.

Pappas is an outstanding advocate with a remarkably impressive “strike-rate”. I can only imagine Vg is regurgitating the mantra of Pappas’s detractors without having any first-hand knowledge or has, at some stage, been shown by Pappas’s famous cross-examination to be the vacuous nit-wit his comments would suggest he is, his only comeback being to post anonymously about someone whose ca-ca he is not fit to sniff.

The police may whinge and complain about Pappas but I know from first hand experience they too go running to him for representation if they or their family or friends are in trouble.

The truth is Pappas is not that expensive nor that exclusive and, again from first hand experience, I can say he is worth every cent. Hirst clearly needs good representation and he has it.

Vg and other “experts” should wait for the result of the trial. Lets not overlook that rather fundamental precept of our criminal justice system the “presumption of innocence”.


swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 7:54 pm 03 Jul 07

Uber wealthy father that’s put up the money for the bail + the defense. Hirst made nothing of himself sweating on the inheritance from the old boy kickin’it…trouble is he just won’t kick it.

Ralph Ralph 11:56 am 03 Jul 07

And if so what was he doing in welfare housing?

Sammy Sammy 9:14 am 03 Jul 07

Why does Hirst have access to ‘unlimited money’?

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 10:02 pm 02 Jul 07

I hope justice and not just Hirst’s access to unlimited money (and therefore top notch counsel) prevails.

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