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Ice, Meth and E soon to be sold by the cops

By paperboy - 5 July 2008 163

ABC recently reported that the laws are being upgraded in the ACT to allow our local police to possess and sell drugs.

It brings our laws into line with other states, allowing officers to buy and sell drugs, without fear of being prosecuted themselves for possessing the illegal substance.

It’s probably surprising they haven’t had this power before now, but when the laws are passed, it will certainly change the atmosphere in and around many of Canberra’s better known nightclubs. Not to mention a few of the city’s dark lanes and back streets.

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163 Responses to
Ice, Meth and E soon to be sold by the cops
Deadmandrinking 9:54 pm 07 Jul 08

Keyboard sticky now, Maelinar? Don’t cry. That’s what happens.

G and VG, yes, some well off people f-k themselves up on drugs and do completely stupid sh-t. Some well-off people also screw themselves up on alcohol.

This is not to say that there aren’t massive amounts of addicts who take drugs to get away from their problems and/or develop mental illness as a result of too much usage.

Why should drugs be banned because some people are retards? Kind of ‘pandering to a minority’ there, aren’t we? If you’re worried about these people not getting prosecuted for that stuff…well, you do know that assaulting people and stealing cars is illegal right? Before you start waving your arms about drugs being illegal as a preventative measure, remember that it simply has not worked. People are still using drugs frequently. People can still get them easily. I could probably have some sitting on the desk before me by the end of tomorrow (bar pot, which would take me about an hour at the most, I reckon).

Why don’t I? Because I don’t want to. I’m done with that stuff. Its got nothing to do with the legality. It never really did. It’s personal choice and that’s something I believe everyone should have.

Thumper 9:41 pm 07 Jul 08

Biggles is real though…

And the Wombles ….

But the Wombles don’t shoot opiates. Biggles may have.

Mælinar 8:59 pm 07 Jul 08

kapow kapow blam blam, flap flap flap.

I think that’s a strong enough message to all concerned.

cranky 8:41 pm 07 Jul 08

Oh dear.

I’m shattered.

But I would bet it was based on the social scene of the time.

Thumper 8:36 pm 07 Jul 08

Sherlock Holmes was also, err, a fictional character…..

cranky 7:47 pm 07 Jul 08

Can we all read VG’s post and calm down. There appears no intention to sell drugs by the police, no entrapment, simply catching the crims red handed.

I do agree that we need to consider decriminalising drug use. Illegality has caused massive social disruption, the transfer of massive amounts of money to criminal organisations, and diversion of much needed resources from general policing.

I believe vehement criminalisation grew from US sources empire building after the collapse of prohibition. I would love to see the results of any studies made into the use of heroin in the UK up until it was criminalised (I suspect at the behest of the US). Sherlock Holmes seemed to handle it OK.

Howard employing the head of the Salvation Army as a messenger for strict enforcement of existing anti-drug laws has permanently clouded my view of the Army.

Could we prove our coming of age, and apply some deeper and latteral thinking to this problem?

vg 7:44 pm 07 Jul 08


It is dangerous to assume that DMD would comprehend what happens in the real world. Lots of very well off people take drugs and carry on like absolute f*ck bags because they like punching the sh*t through people while they are high as a kite….or pranging cars……or other assorted crimes that have nothing to do with their ‘unfortunate’ backgrounds

Special G 7:30 pm 07 Jul 08

DMD you seem to think all people who take drugs have underlying issues. What if they just like drugs and the adrenalin rush of burglaries, armed robbery and stealing cars. That would be a bit too difficult to comprehend for you.

People jump up and down about the addictive side of drugs like heroin and junkies use it to get themselves out of gaol and into rehab etc. Thing is a junkie who likes heroin at the moment is not struggling because of a heroin shortage in Canberra, they just switched to ice instead. How does that fit into the poor victim of society with an addiction view of things.

Guess where the members of that particular Victorian drug squad are now?

Thumper 7:26 pm 07 Jul 08

What Ssanta said.

S4anta 7:24 pm 07 Jul 08

let the freaking police get the legislation they need to do their job i say.

vg 7:19 pm 07 Jul 08

For all you hysterical posters out there you obviously have no idea of what goes into a controlled operation. Police will not be ‘selling drugs’ to catch people. All that will happen is that they will be permitted to allow drugs to arrive at their destination and then catch the crooks. If the Police did not have the controlled ops certificate it could be said that they facilitated the crooks committing the offences.

Have a look at Ridgeway’s case in the High Court for what kicked the whole thing off and grow a brain. Small time users will not get caught up in major controlled operations. They involve a lot of time and resources and are designed to get the heavy hitters, not Johnny on the street corner with his $20 bag of dope.

123qwe 6:31 pm 07 Jul 08

“What an absolute joke…
Looks like more small time drug users will be busted for minor possesion, lucky we are on the verge of having our own prison because this type of thing is filling up the gaols all over the country..”

Perhaps in other states people are sent to prison for minor drug possession. It will never happen in the ACT.

DeanStokes 5:33 pm 07 Jul 08

What an absolute joke…
Looks like more small time drug users will be busted for minor possesion, lucky we are on the verge of having our own prison because this type of thing is filling up the gaols all over the country..

smokey4 4:55 pm 07 Jul 08

Serpico – yes there was corruption in Victoria police drug squad and probably still is like every other police suffers from. Does not mean you don’t do the difficult stuff like using under cover cops buying and selling. Main thing is to ensure the young cops doing the work are properly supervised and supported. They are the ones with the fresh faces who can come to grief. Correct audit checks need top be in place to make sure the older guys are doing the right thing.

Deadmandrinking 4:33 pm 07 Jul 08

I can post whenever I damn like, thanks, VG (If you really want to know, I’m on holidays).

Of course drugs do damage. I’m not saying that the legalization of drugs will cure everything. There will still be incurable addicts, there will be violent users (although, I’ve said before that if speed were regulated, there is a chance ice would be wiped off the face of the planet), there will still be families torn apart and lives lost. The legalization of drugs will not cure the problems surrounding the use of drugs entirely.

The thing is, though, all of this stuff is happening already. To a wide variety of families across a wide scope of socio-economic statuses (Drugs have affected members of my family – and we’re your average middle-class pretty much). The war on drugs is not stopping this from happening, nor is it helping bring an end to the suffering that surrounds addiction. It only works to benefit those who distribute drugs on a large scale. It has failed what it set out to do. Simple as that. We need to try something else.

Drugs are usually the symptom of deeper problems, anyway. At least by removing the legal stigma against users, we’d increase their confidence in seeking help for the problems they’ve been trying to get away from with drugs – instead of just trying to force them to sober up and be alone with their problems.

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