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If ever there was momentum to justify building a new stadium in Civic, it is now

Tim Gavel 8 October 2019 163
Raiders supporters at ANZ Stadium

The sea of green at the NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium. Photo: Tim Gavel.

On Sunday night, Sydney’s Olympic Park was a sea of green, an indication, if nothing else, that support for the Canberra Raiders is at an all-time high.

Estimates had the Raiders’ contingent in the crowd of 82,000 at 65 to 70 per cent compared to support for the Roosters.

The expectation is that crowds for Raiders home games next season will be higher in the wake of the team’s performance this year, as well as the greater profile of the players following the massive exposure in the build-up to the decider.

If ever there was momentum to secure funding from both the Commonwealth and private equity partners, as well as justifying ACT Government funds to help build a new indoor stadium in Civic, it should be now.

If you were looking to raise funding in China or Singapore for the stadium, this is the perfect storm.

Part of the internal decision-making could be whether it will be a government-funded and owned facility or part-government–part-privately funded and operated.

Over the past three weeks, the people of Canberra have demonstrated what this team means to the community and the role the Raiders play in our lives.

I concede part of the issue has been the Commonwealth’s decision-making process involving the future of the AIS precinct facilities, which includes Canberra Stadium. This is understandable as it effectively will be a decision about the role the AIS will play in Australian sport in the ensuing years.

If the land on which Canberra Stadium currently exists was essentially gifted to the ACT Government, funds could be raised through development on the site to assist in building the new stadium.

The ACT Government had placed a caveat on the construction of a new stadium, which was the requirement for Canberra to also have an A-League team to ensure there is use during the summer months outside the NRL and Super Rugby seasons.

If you are waiting for that to happen, it may never be built. Just ask those who have been campaigning for an A-League team in Canberra. Canberra’s participation in the W-League surely should factor into the equation.

The Raiders have shown that by connecting to the community, the community will support the team. It is why I believe there will be more support than ever before for the ACT Government to say yes, now is the time to bite the bullet and build the stadium.

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163 Responses to If ever there was momentum to justify building a new stadium in Civic, it is now
Alison Gerrard Alison Gerrard 9:07 am 09 Oct 19

Current location is perfect. Still packed, still enjoyable when Canberra get behind their team.

Hospital waiting lists should be addressed first, followed by adequate maintenance of our suburbs. We've been sinking down the same (deep) pot holes on Belconnen Way for nearly 12 months now.

We attend all home games for the Brumbies in Canberra and the thought of getting to town for a football match spells congestion and frustration.

Goodbye Brumbies membership if stadium moves to the civic pool site.

    Sandra Simpson Sandra Simpson 9:23 am 09 Oct 19

    Alison Gerrard well said couldn’t agree more. And where the hell would you park. No light rail this side of town....

    Alison Gerrard Alison Gerrard 9:25 am 09 Oct 19

    Sandra Simpson precisely!

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 9:34 am 09 Oct 19

    Alison Gerrard i though Canberrans were concerned about their carbon footprint? yet we drive everywhere...

    I used park and ride fron Gungahlin to get to the AWM archives on saturday. works a treat. you dont need to drive everywhere

    Renea Hazel Renea Hazel 10:52 am 09 Oct 19

    Totally agreed. You just wouldn't get the same atmosphere at a larger stadium. And you can't rely on bandwagoners to fill a stadium lol.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 4:58 pm 09 Oct 19

    Renea Hazel been to bankwest in parramatta? even with a small crowd the atmosphere is amazing. new stadiums are much better designed to keep in the atmosphere. Much better than the 50 year old relic at Bruce

Markus Bruun Markus Bruun 9:06 am 09 Oct 19

Only if we can get big music acts to play there as well.... Surely between ACT and the people from the Wagga Wagga or South Coast regions, there would be enough people who prefer to travel to Canberra instead of Sydney for major acts?

Kirstin Brown Kirstin Brown 8:57 am 09 Oct 19

Definitely not in Civic.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 9:27 am 09 Oct 19

    Kirstin Brown why?

    Kirstin Brown Kirstin Brown 10:52 am 09 Oct 19

    Jon Billows not the most family friendly place. Too many busy roads. Parking is a nightmare there.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 11:01 am 09 Oct 19

    teach your kids to take public transport with you. If they ever leave the bubble they are gonna have to learn to catch a bus, train or tram

    Kirstin Brown Kirstin Brown 11:24 am 09 Oct 19

    Jon Billows or they can just ride a bike or drive. The transport options near us are lacking.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 11:43 am 09 Oct 19

    Kirstin Brown the they should be improved. I think if the transport options in Canberra were better you wouldn't have the traffic congestion in Civic

Ann Chaplin Ann Chaplin 8:45 am 09 Oct 19

So where in Civic would it be put? Knock down houses in Reid or Braddon? I don’t think so.

    Dory Johns Dory Johns 10:31 am 09 Oct 19

    Ann. They want to remove the Canberra Olympic Pool and take over the land there.

    Ann Chaplin Ann Chaplin 10:34 am 09 Oct 19

    Dory Johns oh, ok. Is that even enough area for a stadium?

    Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 3:07 pm 09 Oct 19

    It is once they take in part of Commonwealth Park. The plan is to shift Parkes Way or extend the tunnel. One project I've seen removes part of Constitution Avenue so that the Casino and Convention Centre can be amalgamated into a car-free precinct.

Geoffrey Reeves Geoffrey Reeves 8:44 am 09 Oct 19

How about building more public housing, or spending the money on more AOD or mental health support.

    Drew Johnston Drew Johnston 9:05 am 09 Oct 19

    Geoffrey Reeves Na a stadium would be better

James Forge James Forge 8:43 am 09 Oct 19

Why? so absolutely no one can drive there?

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 9:27 am 09 Oct 19

    James Forge people catch buses and tram in every other city. Why are Canberrans so set on driving everywhere?

    James Forge James Forge 9:48 am 09 Oct 19

    I don't know but the reality is that this is Canberra.

    Build a bigger stadium at Bruce.

    Problem is the ACT Government are hell bent on no longer maintaining Civic pool so the best excuse is to replace it with a stadium.

    What other cities have their stadium in the CBD? Only ones I can think of is where the stadium is 100+ years old so it was not the CBD when built

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 9:59 am 09 Oct 19

    James Forge docklands in Melbourne. Adelaide oval is essentially a brand new venue. Optus stadium in Perth is located close to restaurants, bars and transport as is bank west. Hindmarsh stadium in Adelaide is on the edge of the cbd. Sydney football stadium certainly wasn't 100 years old

    The problem with Bruce is it's location there is nothing to do pre or post game. Upgrading it won't change the horrible location

Melissa Helmers Melissa Helmers 8:33 am 09 Oct 19

A good sports stadium could can be multi use. It can attract bigger and better music acts to Canberra as well as hosting major sporting events. Win win.

Jacqueline Von Renouard Jacqueline Von Renouard 8:17 am 09 Oct 19

Not Civic, it's congested enough as it is. I agree with Adam Sutton, off the Monaro Highway. Much more space and easier to get in and out off

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 8:46 am 09 Oct 19

    Jacqueline Von Renouard congested 😂. Canberra has never seen congested. Several hundred cities around the world have inner city large sporting stadiums because they are the only ones which are economically viable. The further away they are the less used they become. Inner city stadiums bring people and spending into the economic centre. It’s good for public transport use, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels. The times of the day these are used isn’t when most people are already in the city (working hours) so it keeps the businesses sustainable for longer periods and will not add congestion at already busier times. Canberrans will survive a bit of activity in the city centre.

    Jacqueline Von Renouard Jacqueline Von Renouard 9:07 am 09 Oct 19

    Andrea Kerr Homebush Arenas? Hardly inner city. Having it outside of the city centre isn't going to stop people from using restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops before and after the game. I agree that Canberrans could survive a bit more activity, but it doesn't have to be the city centre. Spread the love😊

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 9:29 am 09 Oct 19

    Jacqueline Von Renouard then you have the same problem as Bruce. Nothing around it to do. Go visit bankwest, Optus stadium, Adelaide oval and hell even the mcg. You will see the benefits of a cbd venue

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 11:04 am 09 Oct 19

    Jacqueline Von Renouard but there is other infrastructure around Homebush it isn’t sitting out there on its own.

    James Forge James Forge 11:46 am 09 Oct 19

    Bruce has enough housing nowadays to support more restaurants bars etc. Stanleys is often packed even with no sporting event on.

    It is not impossible to have dinner in Civic, Belconnen or Woden and then catch one of the free buses to the current sporting locations.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 4:56 pm 09 Oct 19

    James Forge Stanleys has now closed due to lack of business.

Debbi Fluke Debbi Fluke 8:15 am 09 Oct 19

No, please don’t let this government loose with any more development. They can’t get right what they’re doing now, let alone a major new project in the CBD

Richard Algis Richard Algis 8:12 am 09 Oct 19

I feel my rates are going to triple again 🥳

Rod Yeo Rod Yeo 8:05 am 09 Oct 19

I’d rather a motor raceway.

Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 7:54 am 09 Oct 19

Canberra already has significant enough sports facilities - there are far more pressing needs for this city such as affordable housing that is close to main centres of economic activity. Any viable inner city land for development should be turned over to benefit the whole of society. When Canberra has no homelessness and everyone is socio-economically secure, then it might be acceptable to start wasting money on frivolous infrastructure.

    Rick Jackson Rick Jackson 7:59 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson - you understand that this would bring revenue to the city, right??

    Kurt Halbauer Kurt Halbauer 7:59 am 09 Oct 19

    I'd rather see investment in infrastructure that brings tourism dollars to the region. A stimulated local economy is much more sustainable than pumping every cent into welfare.

    Mathew Griffin Mathew Griffin 8:12 am 09 Oct 19

    create jobs, building it and servicing it

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 8:13 am 09 Oct 19

    Kurt Halbauer when the existing facilities for sport and live music are used 100% then build something new. Building something that won’t be used all the time is not economic. Providing affordable housing in our inner city is not welfare. It is common sense. The economic cost to the community and environment of sprawling suburbs is profound. - and there are many other studies around the world that support that. Congestion on roads has a major cost to our society. Inner city land should be used for urban intensification until such time as the numbers overwhelmingly stack up for a larger stadium more than once or twice a year.

    Russell Hadley Russell Hadley 8:36 am 09 Oct 19

    another suggestion is to move Manuka over to EPIC as well, there is plenty of room for both stadiums, turn Manuka into housing as well.

    Kurt Halbauer Kurt Halbauer 8:38 am 09 Oct 19

    Define 100% use. We have 2 major sporting teams based out of an outdated stadium. Canberra is also lacking a large concert arena and has inadequate conference facilities. A hybrid venue would see much higher use than what there is now and bring more events to Canberra.

    In case you didn't notice, inner city land is already being used for urban intensification 🤔

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 8:39 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson There are hundreds of apartments being built already, take a look at Campbell, Woden, Kingston. They are as affordable as they are ever going to get. If they built a stack of apartments in the site for a new stadium they’d be exactly the same price as the ones already being built, they won’t be cheaper. If people want cheap housing they need to move further out. That’s just the way it is. Who is going to build these cheap places to live and get nothing in return? That’s right, nobody.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 8:50 am 09 Oct 19

    Andrea Kerr no they are not affordable. The ACT government has an affordable housing scheme that is inadequate. I’m not talking about more rank commercial development. There are community housing organisations in Canberra.

    Tina Orr Tina Orr 9:03 am 09 Oct 19

    The high rise apartments they are building everywhere, are not affordable housing, so that point is not valid.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 9:06 am 09 Oct 19

    Kurt Halbauer when was the last time you went to a gig Kurt? If we can’t fill the Street Theatre when we get world class acts from the USA here, then Canberra doesn’t yet need a new stadium.There is a reason music promoters don’t host more gigs in Canberra - if the existing stadium was more reliably fillable the. They’d be clamouring for this too. And yes thanks I have noticed the urban intensification. Much urban intensification - e.g. Bega Flats for ‘founders lane’ - is rank commercial and does not serve community but developers only. Residents from former inner city social housing have been turfed out to outer suburbs courtesy of gentrification of inner city land. I am talking about community housing that helps those in need to lead manageable lives and does not isolate them to the fringe which creates a whole host of other social problems for our society.

    Gwg Heldon Gwg Heldon 9:16 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson I go to gigs but I also think that we need this stadium to be indoor so it can host touring bands and other artists. Canberrans can be snobs and won't go to places like the Transit Bar or The Basement. The Street Theatre doesn't advertise itself well, sorry. But Midnight Oil will sell out the Royal Theatre.

    As far as cheap housing goes, I agree totally and it can be done using recycling but I don't think this current Government actually cares about the homeless or social housing.

    In a previous post about social housing 12 months ago, I made a suggestion and I actually received an email from Mark Parton asking me to tell him more about my idea.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 9:30 am 09 Oct 19

    Gwg Heldon yes fair point about the weather proofing - but we have Canberra Theatre and Royal Theatre - and a host of pop up festivals....its hard to see the need from a music perspective. Better to sell out those theatres than play to a half empty stadium. We just don't have the need for a 10,000+ music venue yet. Plus the existing arrangements contribute to keeping the AIS viable.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 9:35 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson take Adelaide oval. Port Adelaide and the crows struggled to get 35 thousand every week in the suburbs at West Lakes. They upgraded Adelaide oval and there are 50k people there almost every week. Even the aflW had 53k to thier Grand final at Adelaide oval.

    Not to mention all the businesses making so much more money from more patrons in the city. Tourism is up and there is more investment in the rest of the cdb. Win/win/win

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 9:57 am 09 Oct 19

    Jon Billows umm....sadly that logic doesn't work in Canberra - there are about 100,000 people currently in Belco, 75,000 in Gunghalin; 85,000 in Tuggers; about 60,000 in Woden and Weston Creek combined and only 55,000 in Inner North; 28,000 in Inner South - so by rights the current stadium will be doing the best job location wise for attracting people due to better access and proximity than the city.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 10:06 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson that's why crowds are so low.

    As soon as they raiders start losing again thier crowds will dry up as well. You have to provide more entertainment than just a game of footy or a concert. You need to be able to go for dinner/lunch before or after. Go shopping and socialize with friends. You cant do any of that at bruce

    Jane Kim Jane Kim 10:07 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson well said!

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 11:05 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson who pays for this magical affordable housing? It’s a pipe dream.

    Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 11:26 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson why should those on welfare get inner city living, not when there are many who work who can’t live there.

    Social housing should be out in the town centers or Group centers, NOT in the city.

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 11:27 am 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson so on your numbers it would seem more people would benefit if a stadium was closer to inner city then.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 12:00 pm 09 Oct 19

    Andrea Kerr how do you figure that ? Much speedier access to Bruce from Tuggers Weston Creek & Woden from Parkway / Gunghalin Drive than to the city -it goes without saying Gunghalin and Belco better off headed to Bruce.

    Karen Churchill Karen Churchill 12:27 pm 09 Oct 19

    Marc Edwards Because many people on low incomes cannot afford a car and you would need one in Canberra unless you live very close to Civic or a major town centre.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 12:39 pm 09 Oct 19

    Jon Billows fair point - but also music promoters not routinely sending their acts to Canberra for a reason beyond capacity of venues. The existing music venues have plenty of proximity to places to eat - but doesn’t influence the highly variable attendance at big name events. If there was a need for a stadium sized music venue then let the promoters add their voices - but unless they do and can argue cogently for it, building a 10000+ venue doesn’t stack up. Especially given your admission of the wax wane fan base for the local sports teams.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 1:09 pm 09 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson as to my point above, a city venue negates some.of the bandwagon support. If you make it more of an event, the game is only part of it. You will get more casual fans and less reliant on bandwagoners. You go to the game because it's part of the night out, not because the team is winning.

    Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 2:01 pm 09 Oct 19

    Karen Churchill which is why I said town or group centers

    Jane Kim Jane Kim 2:58 pm 09 Oct 19

    Andrea Kerr it was already in and near the city, until the buildings were sold to developers.

    Rad Rockford Rad Rockford 3:10 am 10 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson the reason that the focussed government housing in the city was dispersed is because all it did was breed crime and low personal expectation. You paint a picture where all the inner city public housing was a place where every adult of working age put their uniform on and walked across the road to work. Simply not true. And now that they have been moved, to places like the stromlo area, guess what? These poor people that have been provided dirt cheap housing in the outer suburbs that they have been "turfed out to" is now a hot spot for crime. Funny that. I'm failing to see how you feel that having the arrangement like Bega flats was so much better. Maybe for police who only needed to go to the one place to catch up with someone instead of driving around looking for them.

    Rad Rockford Rad Rockford 3:25 am 10 Oct 19

    Karen Churchill but you guys all voted for the labor/greens government and wanted the light rail because of how great it would be for commuters. Now we have what you voted for you're saying that people in government housing should be in the city because of lack of transport options due to their income. Imagine what the wasted money from the light rail project could have done for the people you're arguing in favor for had it not been blown seeing to Andrew Barr's personal agenda. But you know, by all means, continue to throw your unwavering support behind the labor/greens government agenda. keep whingeing about all the hideous apartment buildings going up, the cost of living and the lack of transport options and keep voting the idiots in that are doing it. 👌

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 8:08 am 10 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson yes maybe if you are driving but what about all those people without cars? What about all those living in inner south and north, Jerrabomberra or Queanbeyan that attend events. Still doesn’t negate the lack of services in Bruce, no restaurants, no cafes, no shops, no other option to make a day/night out. Thus limiting attendance to only a few die hard supporters especially during winter. Inner city would provide all those options and encourage public transport use. This Canberra mentality that driving is the only option is crazy. How many times have you used the bus from Tuggeranong to Bruce or Jerrabomberra to Bruce? Most bus services go through the city interchange so it would halve their trips and those in the north have easy access via the tram. It actually makes sense if you really think about it instead of saying no just because there are other needs. It’s ok to try and service everyone’s needs instead of just those who want cheap housing. What about the rest of us, we have second rate useless facilities because you want all the money for another group that receive far greater proportions of tax payer funding already.

    Rad Rockford Rad Rockford 8:18 am 10 Oct 19

    Andrea Kerr the land parcel for Bruce stadium far exceeds the civic pool site. Bruce needs some multi level car parks, and a commercial food/drink/retail component attached to it. Plus it would work well for the high density residential area directly across the street.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 8:36 am 10 Oct 19

    Andrea Kerr I agree with some of your points - especially the ridiculous aversion Canberrans have adopted to public transport. However it’s a pretty shite transport system still. Maybe once that is sorted and there is a data proven need for a bigger stadium that can be multi use then a stadium build might be worth it. As to the perception that welfare recipients receive a greater share of tax payer funds than people like ‘us’ that is totally debatable. I’m assuming by welfare you mean those on unemployment or disability pensions? Not the majority - who are pensioners who paid their fair share of tax during their working lives - or those who receive family tax benefits or those who send their kids to private schools which are subsidised by everyday working class Australian tax payers to the hilt. Or the people who got a tax cut this year - those who can have incomes up to $200k. The hidden subsidies and benefits to the wealthy in this country are profound, The wealthy - which the majority of Canberrans are- are pretty much basking in facilities and the easy good life already and choose not to make the most of it because they want everything on a plate all the time. The first world problem of not being able to eat out in the immediate vicinity of your sports match is just a non-issue for the vast majority of humans in this world who are struggling on a more fundamental level. If you care about your sports team then you’d make the effort. But if you just want to dine out head to Braddon.

    Rad Rockford Rad Rockford 9:11 am 10 Oct 19

    Fiona Dickson you put it as if Canberrans are allergic to public transport? The city hasn't been planned with public transport in mind. It was stated that WBG had light rail in his original plan for Canberra, yet look at when it has been implemented. Even since the light rail has been in, the timetables for busses in the south of the city have been minimised. How is that even being thought of when the light rail services such a small area of town? City planners in the ACT have a lot to answer for.

    Fiona Dickson Fiona Dickson 9:23 am 10 Oct 19

    Yes, all true. But there are plenty who could be using public transport and don’t. There is an aversion to public transport from many Canberrans - unhelpfully encouraged by poor public transport and lack of push pull traffic management design.

    Rad Rockford Rad Rockford 10:17 am 10 Oct 19

    And with that said, having a stadium on an undersized parcel of land in the city won't fix the public transport problem. Also, it's been argued that if we had the facility, it would see people coming from as far as wagga to attend events because they wouldn't have to go to Sydney because we could get them to be held here. People coming from surrounding areas are not arriving by action bus or tram, so the need for serious parking still exists.

Talia Tao Talia Tao 7:50 am 09 Oct 19

Not Civic... and perhaps we have quite a few more pressing issues to work on first...

Steve Wood Steve Wood 7:48 am 09 Oct 19

Current location is great off the GDE build entry/exit ramps from gde into and out of multi level car parks. Similar stadium to Bankwest Stadium without wasting one side to sponors and you should seat about 50k. Roof capable of closing so late night games in the middle of winter will be suitable for families.. but we are talking about Andrew Barr and the Labor/Green dwcision makers.. not happening any time soon

Mary Liz Partridge Mary Liz Partridge 7:47 am 09 Oct 19

Not civic.

Adam Sutton Adam Sutton 7:40 am 09 Oct 19

Not civic .. try after airport on Monaro Highway toward gaol, flat existing rail line and closer to the actual home of the Raiders

    Aaron Walker Aaron Walker 8:58 am 09 Oct 19

    Adam Sutton It’s a nice idea but the benefit of the city is that you better realise the economic impact to the city. Each event will bring in customers to bars, cafes, restaurants and retail. You don’t get that with a more isolated location.

    Gwg Heldon Gwg Heldon 9:20 am 09 Oct 19

    Adam Sutton where the old greyhound track is?

    Adam Sutton Adam Sutton 11:40 am 09 Oct 19

    Gwg Heldon nice 👍

    Adam Sutton Adam Sutton 11:40 am 09 Oct 19

    Aaron Walker you build that too

Russell Hadley Russell Hadley 7:39 am 09 Oct 19

build it at EPIC. plenty of parking, room for buses and run a spur line off the train set.

    Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins 8:18 am 09 Oct 19

    Russell Hadley been saying this for years!!!

    Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins 8:19 am 09 Oct 19

    The train already runs past epic just build the stadium near the stop

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 8:50 am 09 Oct 19

    Russell Hadley yes so all the people can use the restaurants and cafes, shops and hotels before or after the games, oh yeah there is nothing there. Build it inner city like all the really modern forward thinking cities around the world. May as well leave it at Bruce if you want a useless venue which has no infrastructure around it.

    Peter Evans Peter Evans 10:22 am 09 Oct 19

    But at Bruce and Epic you have space to build stuff around it like they have at Olympic Park. If people want to go to bars it is a short, free, tram ride away. MCG is not in the city and attracts big crowds.

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 10:29 am 09 Oct 19

    Peter Evans the MCG is still walking distance from the city, or you can take a tram to the door. At the moment you cant do either of those with Bruce

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 11:02 am 09 Oct 19

    Peter Evans it’s a ten minute walk from the centre of the CBD

    Rad Rockford Rad Rockford 3:59 am 10 Oct 19

    Peter Evans you realise that there is hectares of land around the current site that is just used as dirt Carpark. They need to get some multilevel car parks so all the dirt area can be developed into a commercial hub (restaurants/bars/retail) all serviced by the neighboring residential area across the road and replace the stadium so that canberras weather can be taken out of the equation. Our weather hurts our attendance numbers. Not the location of the facility. Everyone talking about the city as if everyone is there all the time already simply isn't true. Civic is a ghost town unless it's a week day.

Brendhan Egan Brendhan Egan 7:37 am 09 Oct 19

Build it and the A League will come, if they are still solvent by then.

Darren Sault Darren Sault 7:35 am 09 Oct 19

Not as overdue as a new ice rink (twin sheet). You can have your under-utilised stadium once the rink is built.

    Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 3:05 pm 09 Oct 19

    That's been in the hands of the Barr Government for a long time. Problem with building the ice rink first is that it's not going to generate anywhere near the millions of dollars a footy stadium will.

    Darren Sault Darren Sault 3:39 pm 09 Oct 19

    Yuri Shukost- I think you need to lie down - let’s build a $320m stadium for 30,000 used once a fortnight for half a year, when it only gets a crowd of 10-15K per event, and think that it generates a profit.....while the rink is currently at capacity with all ice sports, and will generate a daily income all year round from general skating sessions......

    You’ve seen Bruce Stadium full once in the 25 years since the Raiders were last in the GF. Maybe we need to build 2 stadiums with that kind of attendance......

    Justin Watson Justin Watson 4:39 pm 09 Oct 19

    They've put the Ice Rink out for tender. However its going to need about $35 million of private funds to build and the government will provide the land for basically nothing.

    Darren Sault Darren Sault 4:42 pm 09 Oct 19

    Justin Watson if the ACT Govt won’t pay for a $35m rink that can pay itself back - how the fook is it going to afford a $320m stadium that will never pay itself back. Ever.....

    Peter Bojkowski Peter Bojkowski 7:12 pm 10 Oct 19

    Darren Sault A stadium would not get used just once a fortnight. It would be used for both the Raiders and Brumbies, and potentially a new soccer team over the summer months. Not against getting a new ice rink, but the need is greater for a new multi purpose stadium than a rink.

    Darren Sault Darren Sault 4:17 am 11 Oct 19

    Peter Bojkowski still won’t stack up.

    An indoor multi use stadium would - but Government won’t commit to it. And if they won’t commit to a smaller indoor one, they won’t commit to a larger outdoor one.

Mathew Griffin Mathew Griffin 7:27 am 09 Oct 19

Spot on .. get it done ..well overdue..

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