Illegal Dumping

Matthew 24 January 2008 122

We all are victims of illegal dumping, whether you have hired a skip yourself and found it full by the time you got home from work, or just the bags of rubbish blowing throughout the bush. Some of us even see the illegal dumping in our waterways and the sea itself.

Today however an illegal dumper got caught, the photo’s are here:

The culprit.

The rubbish.

The act itself.

The rego.

The wife and dog.

[Ed – Matthew even sent in an image of an address on one of the packages dumped, which we have decided not to run. Does anyone know who you contact if you have a complaint regarding illegal dumping? Matthew have you done this or are you happy just to shame them on Riot?]

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122 Responses to Illegal Dumping
howdy howdy 5:18 pm 24 Jan 08

What’s the feasibility also of some sort of ‘trash and treasure day’ where you bring all your potentially ‘useful to others’ household excess and people can rummage through and take what they like. A bit like the ‘put it out on your lawn’ method where people take what they want before the council does (but in the one place to save on these council resources).

This would possibly take the heat off dumping at charity bins as well and then the council or someone could sift through it all at the end of the weekend – work out what can be used by charity
and take the rest to the tip. Or even have the drop off place at the tip…

howdy howdy 5:12 pm 24 Jan 08

The couple didn’t look that ‘well off’ and people who aren’t well off tend to be more opportunistic.

Maybe people on lower incomes could get free access to dumping rubbish at the tip? How much is it generally anyway? Or it could just be their laziness. In that case I stick by getting lockable lids.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:09 pm 24 Jan 08

I hired a skip a few years ago, filled it with househoold rubbish, and all the local kids came and climbed through it and ran off with things.
Apparently my life was some kind of treasure-trove worth souveniring from.
But we did notice strange things that weren’t ours showing up in there.

I guess it just depends on your neighbours.

hingo hingo 5:07 pm 24 Jan 08

No Matthew, your colleague probably just thinks you are the skip nazi.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:06 pm 24 Jan 08

Fair enough Matthew. I must admit whenever I have thought about getting a skip to clean up some mess around home I have thought twice for exactly the reasons you give. But, I have much more respect for your other rubbish cleaning habits compared to a public naming and shaming of a guy who, for all any of us know, may be an otherwise fine member of the community. He’s probably not, but none of us know that and in your haste you’ve intentionally published his address in the public domain without his permission. Two wrongs and all that.

Let’s say one day you do something that, while wrong, is really not a great inconvenience to anyone, and then photos of you and your address are posted on here for all to see. In all likelihood the guy doesn’t know the owner of the skip and he was in the wrong, but I’m not sure your response on here was justified in this particular instance. That’s all.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:01 pm 24 Jan 08

My partner and I hired a skip last Christmas, and we were surprised that not one piece of rubbish from someone else ended up in it! Especially since the skip sat there empty for three days before we started cleaning up the yard!

Maybe it was because I expected someone would chuck something in it, that it never happened?

howdy howdy 5:01 pm 24 Jan 08

Skip companies should make lockable rubber lids, similar to that restaurants etc have out the back fro their rubbish. But if they are making extra money out of it from illegal dumping.. then no, they probably will ignore such requests : )

It would be handy though. Or maybe even an competitive advantage for a business if they offered them at similar prices?

Matthew Matthew 4:55 pm 24 Jan 08

Holden Caulfield, I’ve only done it because:

1/ I’ve been the victim (personally) of illegal dumping in the past. A $70 skip hire ended up nearly $500 when the first skip was filled during the Friday when it was delivered (where I was going to fill it with garden waste on the Sat), and the culprits filled with waste that cannot be dumped normally (computer parts etc). $70 for the skip, $70 for the replacement skip, $100 for the ‘over fill’ charge and the rest was the fee for non household waste.

2/ This is not the first time the company skip has been filled by this and other people. On one occasion before the skip was filled 4 times before we actually managed to put our rubbish in it.

3/ I was the guy on the front page of ‘The Chronicle’ a couple of years ago, diving in Lake Ginninderra and pulling out all manner of rubbish (half a tonne of it to be precise). This year I did the same down at Bateman’s Bay, and if I get asked and have some on shore help, I’ll do more of the Lake this year as well.

That’s really the tip of the iceberg, I have a colleague who thinks it’s fine for people to do it, then I asked what about if he hired a skip and not just one, but 30 people came and dumped their rubbish, which is what usually happens. He’s a little less apathetic about it now.

howdy howdy 4:54 pm 24 Jan 08

They could be mail thieves hiding the evidence! Identity theft in progress!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:52 pm 24 Jan 08

Sign them up for every weirdo Christian/Political mob’s mailing list!

Of course, just because there’s an address, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their address either.

howdy howdy 4:49 pm 24 Jan 08

Photo no 2 in the mail –

“so, renewed your rego yet?”

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:45 pm 24 Jan 08

As you obviously missed it, I’d like you to read bd84’s post as he pointed out that the rego was expired not me. 😉

Yeah, and who sent the image to ACT Roads?

Of course there is that you don’t actually know what I do for a living, I could be a copper, you wouldn’t know, and I wouldn’t tell.

Cool, at least I know I can trust you with a secret. 😉

Look, good on you for doing this, really. But is there a need to go to this much bother over what appears to be a minor offence? Maybe this guy will come back with more rubbish, maybe he’s mates with the owner of the skip? Who knows? Seems a lot of trouble to go to when, Mælinar’s point about crime aside, this joker wasn’t really hurting anybody. If he comes back and does it again, then fair enough, but for all you know this could be the first time the guy has done anything wrong in his life. And yet you’ve seen fit to willingly break the privacy laws (well, I’m no lawyer, but I presume it is an offence to intentionally publish one’s address without one’s consent).

I just don’t get it. C’est la vie.

howdy howdy 4:42 pm 24 Jan 08

Then every day mail them a new surveillance picture of their car dumping rubbish.

“I’ve been watching you”

howdy howdy 4:34 pm 24 Jan 08

I found the address. Could write a letter advising that the ‘big greenish thing with the yellow lid’ is for recycling cardboard boxes with your address on them, that might freak em out a bit…

Matthew Matthew 4:32 pm 24 Jan 08

Oh FFS, who needs cops when we have Detective Matthew to save us. You’re going to get your jollies tonight when you tell yourself what a great public service you’ve done today aren’t you.

As you obviously missed it, I’d like you to read bd84’s post as he pointed out that the rego was expired not me. 😉

Of course there is that you don’t actually know what I do for a living, I could be a copper, you wouldn’t know, and I wouldn’t tell.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:29 pm 24 Jan 08

Better make sure Matthew’s not around next time your jay-walking or else your photo will be on the net and emailed to the coppers. Haha.

Mælinar Mælinar 4:23 pm 24 Jan 08

I think he’s done a public service.

However minor, all crimes are still crimes.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 4:23 pm 24 Jan 08

If you know the address then it would be time to return the ‘investment’, with ‘interest’!!

Just call all your mates and get them to dump every piece of crap they can find on this low life’s front porch.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:20 pm 24 Jan 08

I’m happy to shame them, though I did post the rego sticker and plate picture to ACT Roads asking “is this out of date” ;-). You might also have spotted that the vehicle is LPG equipped – something that also needs testing each year at rego time…

Oh FFS, who needs cops when we have Detective Matthew to save us. You’re going to get your jollies tonight when you tell yourself what a great public service you’ve done today aren’t you.


Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:15 pm 24 Jan 08

Be alert, not alarmed.

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