Illegal Dumping

Matthew 24 January 2008 122

We all are victims of illegal dumping, whether you have hired a skip yourself and found it full by the time you got home from work, or just the bags of rubbish blowing throughout the bush. Some of us even see the illegal dumping in our waterways and the sea itself.

Today however an illegal dumper got caught, the photo’s are here:

The culprit.

The rubbish.

The act itself.

The rego.

The wife and dog.

[Ed – Matthew even sent in an image of an address on one of the packages dumped, which we have decided not to run. Does anyone know who you contact if you have a complaint regarding illegal dumping? Matthew have you done this or are you happy just to shame them on Riot?]

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122 Responses to Illegal Dumping
toriness toriness 3:27 pm 26 Jan 08

Keep up the good work Matthew. I can’t believe there are people defending the scumbag filling up someone else’s skip, I would be seriously pissed off if I paid for a skip and I couldn’t fully utilise it for the purpose I got it in the first place because some dickhead came and put their rubbish in it. What’s with all the ‘it’s better than him putting in the bush or on the side of the road’ – um no it isn’t, all three places are not places he is entitled to dump his crap!

Maybe all the people defending this bludger and other bludgers like him would like to pay for a skip out of their own pocket, and let everyone know their address for the free skip. I mean, honestly.

I-filed I-filed 12:42 pm 26 Jan 08

Is Matt from the S******* family that made a helluva lot of money from govt rubbish contracts? If so, he was brought up on a farm just outside Canberra that had a lot of rubbish in the yard and I’m not surprised he has developed a zealous anti-rubbish drive.

Matthew Matthew 10:59 am 26 Jan 08

Frente, no-one is anonymous on the Internet unless they go to a *lot* of trouble making themselves anonymous, how do you think I (and others) find out who spammers really are…?

As a domain name owner I have no option but to publish details which will lead to my address, phone number, photo, etc so rather than hide and be afraid, I embrace it encourage others not to be afraid of it.

The published death threat is not the only one, I get several a year and mostly from known organised crime gangs, you however have shown your hand, you consider me a vigilante which is understandable, but not a view that I and a lot of others hold. If I went around beating up people, or other direct ‘attack’ then yes I would agree, however that is not what I do or what SORBS does.

You do indeed misunderstand how SORBS works, I create a list of places I do not what to receive email connections from (regardless of which email address is being used), I use that on *my* mail servers, and the servers that I am *authorised* to maintain/administer. I publish the list of which IPs I block, others choose to trust my judgment and also block connections based on the same information.

The SORBS website exists so that those others have the opportunity to tell people why they are blocked and give a feedback channel to get removed.

So back to your analogy:

Mailserver = my skip.

SORBS = combination lock put on the lid (bought and paid for by the skip owner/hirer)

Listed address in SORBS = someone whom doesn’t have the combination to unlock it. (eg spammer)

An address NOT in SORBS = someone permitted to unlock the lid. (not permitted to put rubbish in, just permitted to unlock the lid).


Frente Frente 10:11 am 26 Jan 08

Matthew, publishing your own details online seems an odd choice to make, given the death threats and all, but its something you can choose to do, publishing someone elses is another matter, I am surprised you don’t appreciate this. It is also a little annoying that my tax dollars are used to maintain a phone trace that protects a vigilante such as yourself against what was almost certainly a spurious threat.

“… and you analogy is broken (badly). “

Perhaps you can outline how, the way i see it:

mailserver = open skip
owner of mail server = whoever you work for
spammer = dumper
sorbs = me going round with a lock

and the $50 is paid by the owner of the mailserver/whoever you work for), not the dumper/spammer as you say in your response … ?

maybe I have misunderstood how sorbs works?

the city rangers is a stretch though, they are appointmented by elected governments who are voted for by the people in an area (including the dumpers), the ISPs who choose to use sorbs are commercial and are most likely on another continent to the spammers.

Pandy Pandy 9:32 am 26 Jan 08

I salute you Matthew.

Matthew Matthew 9:18 am 26 Jan 08

Frente, I live in Dunlop, and I’m in the phone book, there that’s the rest of what you need to find me. Here’s a tip though, there is a permanent trace on my line because of the death threats that I get for SORBS.

… and you analogy is broken (badly).

suppose that spammers often used a particular kind of exploitable mail server to send their messages, say an open-relay system(this is the unlocked SKIP), you espouse listing these servers so ISPs can block mail sent from them. Is it similarly my civic duty to go around locking open skips with my own padlock so people can’t illegally dump in them? What say I require that you donate $50 to a charity to get the key to the padlock I put on your skip?

No it’s more like the city rangers giving $50 tickets to anyone using someone else’s skip without permission.

Frente Frente 9:03 am 26 Jan 08

Matthew – It seems likely your practice of not ‘hiding’ would change if I bothered to track down your home address and phone and posted that.

What do you hope to achieve by posting the persons (assumed) address, your shaming outcome is met with the photos, posting the address is opening the door for something more serious.

Anyway, I would much rather this guy was dumping his rubbish in your skip (or in my bin!) than on the side of the road, in the bush or in the lake (which I believe is an issue).

An interesting analogy occurs to me – suppose that spammers often used a particular kind of exploitable mail server to send their messages, say an open-relay system(this is the unlocked SKIP), you espouse listing these servers so ISPs can block mail sent from them. Is it similarly my civic duty to go around locking open skips with my own padlock so people can’t illegally dump in them? What say I require that you donate $50 to a charity to get the key to the padlock I put on your skip?

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 26 Jan 08

Minor offence, yes.

But one could quite confidently put forward the premise that this is not the first time he’s done this.

Just the first time he’s been caught.

And one must wonder what he does with his rubbish when he doesn’t have a handy skip to dump it in.

Oh, that would be dumping it in the bush.

Another oxygen thief with no respect for anything but bundy drinking polar bears with mulletts.

I’d be seriously pissed off as well and would ensure a delivery of rubbish back to this guy at least once a week.

Or steal his wheelie bins.

vandam vandam 8:32 am 26 Jan 08

Such a minor offence. See when I read the title, I thought you’d have pics of someone dumping out bush or on the Monaro highway or something. Sure he is doing to wrong thing by dumping stuff in the skip, but isn’t it better he did that rather than dump it on the side of the road. in the long run it is far more cost effective. Maybe the ACT Govt could look at placing a few community skips around the place for this purpose. It might stop the trash on the side of the roads.

mikey mikey 1:09 am 26 Jan 08

Get a freakin’ life man!

Matthew Matthew 11:39 pm 25 Jan 08

Frente, as I said earlier, I don’t hide, I don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and I really don’t care what you post. Those that know me, really know me, and applaud what I do. Others accuse me of extortion, blackmail and various other crimes, all of which if were true I would have been thrown in gaol a long time ago. What I do is none of the above, and costs me personally thousands of dollars per year.

I’m not a nosy parker from next door as some here think, the skip was ordered and paid for by our company. The guy was spotted dumping by another member of staff as they came to work. Some wanted to go bash the twit, I suggested it would be better to take some photo’s deal with it differently. I didn’t even know about the RiotACT until the morning of the post when a colleague suggested I posted them here as it was a good way to name and shame. I dealt with the pictures in my own way – all pictures are posted to my picture store – and the link is given to a few friends who work for the relevant authorities. You’d do well to take note that the name and address were found on a lot of the rubbish, not just the box. The idea of posting it here was to show how stupid some people can be, obviously others don’t agree because abuse can come from it. I don’t condone abuse.

As I said earlier, I do many community minded things, and as an avid diver I *hate* people who dump rubbish anywhere but where it belongs (and someone else’s skip is not where it belongs unless they have permission).

I hate rubbish that much I have been, and am still willing to spend time and money getting into the water in our lakes to pull out rubbish, shopping trolleys etc.. (Yes photo of me on the front page of the Chronicle ~2 years ago pushing shopping trolleys up to a friend).

I get rubbish over the Internet (spam) and I spend thousands of dollars a year cleaning up that rubbish for me and a *lot* of other people.

My offer still stands if people here want to do something locally about rubbish I’ll get my gear out, give my time and sort the safety equipment for another ‘around and in the lake cleanup’. My only condition is that there are at least a few of you to help as I cannot cleanup a lot of the rubbish alone. I can arrange others who will also come and give a hand, ideally we’d have at least 20 people cleaning up.

So gauntlet down, all here, volunteer for another ‘cleanup day’ which I will happily arrange and arrange a skip for etc.. – Ed: If you think this is worth another thread (I think this one ran it’s course some time back), feel free to suggest elsewhere and if the RiotACT wants to get involved, let’s get something going ;-).

ant ant 9:49 pm 25 Jan 08

Incidentally, if you want to see some REAL internet ownage, and some of you’ll already have seen this, head to the NSX (Hondas) forum, where a bloke tried spamming his gambling websites, and ended up being totally exposed… his picture/s, where he lived…. and the fact that he was a registered pedophile.
A very entertaining read (totally trashed their servers over Xmas when it happened).

justme78 justme78 9:47 pm 25 Jan 08

Why should I drive by the address, Matthew?

I-filed I-filed 9:28 pm 25 Jan 08

Whenever I’ve hired a skip the contents have been swooped on and more stuff has been taken than opportunistically dumped.
Confession: I’ve chucked small amounts in skips outside McMansions. Confession: I once dumped a computer monitor without paying. Confession: I’ve dragged dead prunings onto Black Mountain. I’m not evil; I’m lazy.
I once had a bag dumped in my garbage bin that didn’t leave enough room for my own rubbish – Because THAT wasn’t fair, I (shame!) scrabbled through it (dry, not wet) and took it to the address it came from two streets away. The guilty party was a sweet little old lady with white hair and smelling of lavendar. Guess what, Matthew: you could post photos of me doing any of the above and I wouldn’t care!

Frente Frente 9:08 pm 25 Jan 08

Matthew – Some interesting points about privacy are raised here. I don’t doubt that you have pondered such issues yourself in some depth, given your past as the IT Security Manager at the Uni of Canberra, or are the memories fading now you are working up in Sunny QLD? You sure do have tendency to get involved in this kind of thing, you even have a Wikipedia entry on your SORBS system –

It would be interesting to look at the edit history of that page!

(also see …

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:01 pm 25 Jan 08


justme78 justme78 8:25 pm 25 Jan 08

How did I get owned Vic Bitterman?

Matthew Matthew 8:03 pm 25 Jan 08

Justme78, perhaps you should drive by the address, like we did. 😉

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:34 pm 25 Jan 08

justme78 just got owned publicly. LOL!

justme78 justme78 6:09 pm 25 Jan 08

I just spoke to the person who’s address is listed in the picture, and she was not the one to dump the rubbish, nor was she in the car that did.
Please remove the address, Matthew.

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