Illegal Dumping

Matthew 24 January 2008 122

We all are victims of illegal dumping, whether you have hired a skip yourself and found it full by the time you got home from work, or just the bags of rubbish blowing throughout the bush. Some of us even see the illegal dumping in our waterways and the sea itself.

Today however an illegal dumper got caught, the photo’s are here:

The culprit.

The rubbish.

The act itself.

The rego.

The wife and dog.

[Ed – Matthew even sent in an image of an address on one of the packages dumped, which we have decided not to run. Does anyone know who you contact if you have a complaint regarding illegal dumping? Matthew have you done this or are you happy just to shame them on Riot?]

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122 Responses to Illegal Dumping
howdy howdy 10:50 am 30 Jan 08


crappy crap crap

howdy howdy 10:50 am 30 Jan 08

Ah, your right, I just found this.

“E.g. One of our more basic checks is as simple as ensuring that a single internet user is unable to repeatedly tarnish the Ratings History of a single, targeted Registration Number”

I’m sure I saw something in the privacy disclaimer saying they will not share info for any other purpose but I’ll leave that for someone more legally minded to try and pick holes in : )

Mælinar Mælinar 10:36 am 30 Jan 08

If you are going to talk semantics, any database can differentiate unique complaints, thus minimising hate campaigns as they will most probably come from the same IP address/logon.

It’s all in the method, not the madness. My point was that it is possible, not about the petty little details.

howdy howdy 9:24 am 30 Jan 08

How easy would it be to make crap up about a car though if you had a vendetta over someone.

For someone to get that many complaints against their car, on the one website that’s not widely advertised is an interesting co-incidence….

If you drove that badly you’d probably write the car off in a week anyway : P

Mælinar Mælinar 9:15 am 30 Jan 08

The ratetheplate mob have potential. Once they start reporting anecdotal information to the police (vehicle x has over 1,000 complaints against it), the police will be forearmed in their dealings with the vehicle.

If it makes the difference between a copper being a tightass or lenient on the driver, on the basis of the vehicle has run up so many public complaints – how can this be a bad thing ?

Davo111 Davo111 1:40 am 30 Jan 08

That site is f*cking lame.

So why did you sign up?

hingo hingo 9:54 am 29 Jan 08

That site is f*cking lame. There is a guy on there called ‘falconba2004’ (so you already know he is a falcon driving w*nker) who has whinged about 241 different drivers. What a tool. Become a cop or shut the hell up.

howdy howdy 9:41 am 29 Jan 08

ah hahahahahha. That rate the plate site is hilarious. I can’t believe people waste time on getting the plate numbers of cars that don’t indicate. Or taxi drivers that swerve across lanes. What do you expect, it’s a taxi! And how do so many people manage to get the number plates of a car with it’s high beams on? Can’t have been too bright…

Too funny, I think the NRMA are encouraging petty road rage no?
: )

LIC LIC 3:31 pm 27 Jan 08

Personally I don’t have a problem with naming and shaming this bogan lowlife. Putting rubbish in a skip someone else has paid for (without their permission of course) is just theft. The skip hirer has paid for a service, the dumper has stolen some of the capacity the hirer paid for. Tell the police, you’ve got plenty of evidence.

(Of course, I doubt the police are going to be interested in pursuing it but thats another matter).

Sands Sands 10:59 am 27 Jan 08

That would have been my suggestion – but I’m still not so sure about that site. The potential is there, but there are still a few holes.

wayne wayne 10:43 am 27 Jan 08

suggest you post their vehicle number plate on:

ant ant 10:22 am 27 Jan 08

Well said, Toriness. Matthew’s actually doing something about a real problem we have in our society, sneaky lazy people taking advantage of others. It’s not excessive to photograph them doing their sneaky little deeds and publicising them. We know nothing else is going to happen to them, you can’t get law enforcement to attend pretty well anything these days, so other measures are found by people who care enough.

wishuwell wishuwell 9:56 am 27 Jan 08

Not sure what the bigger crime is here. Someone putting rubbish in a bin or someone so passionate about it but not having the balls to front the “dumper” to desist instead publishing their pictures. What ever happened to you me car park now?

barney barney 12:39 am 27 Jan 08

No. 100% no. But I’m going to destroy the next person I hear say “My Bad”.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:25 am 27 Jan 08

Do you really need to ask?

barney barney 12:17 am 27 Jan 08


A little part of me dies every time I hear / see the word MOM used by an Australian. It is most unfortunate that so many American terms and incorrect modes of spelling have crept into the Australian vernacular.

As Kenny said “Has anyone phoned the Queen and told her what they have done to her language.”

Comment by neanderthalsis — 25 January, 2008 @ 12:29 pm

I also extremely despise this “My Bad” sh1t that I hear these days. Getting slightly off the original subject (or is it related?), but is there too much American content on our TV’s?????

Sands Sands 11:51 pm 26 Jan 08

Hingo I reckon your restaurant critique was fine. I’d like to read more canberra-region restaurant reviews (and no, they don’t have to be all gushing and polite – just honest and balanced). When I go to the place you reviewed (and I plan to), I’ll be aware of all the points you raised, so thanks!

Thumper Thumper 11:50 pm 26 Jan 08

Morals Hingo?

Um, like, not putting your crap in someone elses bin?

That’s a but rich. This guy obviously has no scruples whatsoever.

jase! jase! 11:23 pm 26 Jan 08

I-filed I used to work with Matt and I’m pretty sure that unless that yard with the rubbish in it was about 17000km away from canberra then he is a different matthew to the one you are thinking of

hingo hingo 8:20 pm 26 Jan 08

What is worse? Someone dumping rubbish in somebody else’s bin, or posting the dumper’s address on the internet where god knows what could happen to the resident? You need to learn some fucking morals Matthew. There are channels you can go through to get things done about this rather than post photos on the internet and bitch about it. People criticized my recent somewhat negative restaurant review which I admitted that it probably wasn’t the best idea. Grow some balls man and admit you were wrong.

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