24 January 2008

Illegal Dumping

| Matthew
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We all are victims of illegal dumping, whether you have hired a skip yourself and found it full by the time you got home from work, or just the bags of rubbish blowing throughout the bush. Some of us even see the illegal dumping in our waterways and the sea itself.

Today however an illegal dumper got caught, the photo’s are here:

The culprit.

The rubbish.

The act itself.

The rego.

The wife and dog.

[Ed – Matthew even sent in an image of an address on one of the packages dumped, which we have decided not to run. Does anyone know who you contact if you have a complaint regarding illegal dumping? Matthew have you done this or are you happy just to shame them on Riot?]

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Because the identity of the 1000 users isn’t given right? How do they also get around the privacy disclaimer when it comes to sharing details of the rego no. YYY 111 to another party? I’m curious now : )

I swear I saw a small disclaimer come up at the top of the page saying that info provided will not be used for legal purposes but I can’t get it to come up again so I can quote it… always the way…

Heh… They won’t be sharing user details if they simply state 1,000 unique identities (logon and ip address are completely different) have made a complaint against vehicle YYY 111.

I build databases.


crappy crap crap

Ah, your right, I just found this.

“E.g. One of our more basic checks is as simple as ensuring that a single internet user is unable to repeatedly tarnish the Ratings History of a single, targeted Registration Number”

I’m sure I saw something in the privacy disclaimer saying they will not share info for any other purpose but I’ll leave that for someone more legally minded to try and pick holes in : )

If you are going to talk semantics, any database can differentiate unique complaints, thus minimising hate campaigns as they will most probably come from the same IP address/logon.

It’s all in the method, not the madness. My point was that it is possible, not about the petty little details.

How easy would it be to make crap up about a car though if you had a vendetta over someone.

For someone to get that many complaints against their car, on the one website that’s not widely advertised is an interesting co-incidence….

If you drove that badly you’d probably write the car off in a week anyway : P

The ratetheplate mob have potential. Once they start reporting anecdotal information to the police (vehicle x has over 1,000 complaints against it), the police will be forearmed in their dealings with the vehicle.

If it makes the difference between a copper being a tightass or lenient on the driver, on the basis of the vehicle has run up so many public complaints – how can this be a bad thing ?

That site is f*cking lame.

So why did you sign up?

That site is f*cking lame. There is a guy on there called ‘falconba2004’ (so you already know he is a falcon driving w*nker) who has whinged about 241 different drivers. What a tool. Become a cop or shut the hell up.

ah hahahahahha. That rate the plate site is hilarious. I can’t believe people waste time on getting the plate numbers of cars that don’t indicate. Or taxi drivers that swerve across lanes. What do you expect, it’s a taxi! And how do so many people manage to get the number plates of a car with it’s high beams on? Can’t have been too bright…

Too funny, I think the NRMA are encouraging petty road rage no?
: )

Personally I don’t have a problem with naming and shaming this bogan lowlife. Putting rubbish in a skip someone else has paid for (without their permission of course) is just theft. The skip hirer has paid for a service, the dumper has stolen some of the capacity the hirer paid for. Tell the police, you’ve got plenty of evidence.

(Of course, I doubt the police are going to be interested in pursuing it but thats another matter).

That would have been my suggestion – but I’m still not so sure about that site. The potential is there, but there are still a few holes.

suggest you post their vehicle number plate on: http://www.ratetheplate.com.au

Well said, Toriness. Matthew’s actually doing something about a real problem we have in our society, sneaky lazy people taking advantage of others. It’s not excessive to photograph them doing their sneaky little deeds and publicising them. We know nothing else is going to happen to them, you can’t get law enforcement to attend pretty well anything these days, so other measures are found by people who care enough.

Not sure what the bigger crime is here. Someone putting rubbish in a bin or someone so passionate about it but not having the balls to front the “dumper” to desist instead publishing their pictures. What ever happened to you me car park now?

No. 100% no. But I’m going to destroy the next person I hear say “My Bad”.

el ......VNBerlinaV812:25 am 27 Jan 08

Do you really need to ask?


A little part of me dies every time I hear / see the word MOM used by an Australian. It is most unfortunate that so many American terms and incorrect modes of spelling have crept into the Australian vernacular.

As Kenny said “Has anyone phoned the Queen and told her what they have done to her language.”

Comment by neanderthalsis — 25 January, 2008 @ 12:29 pm

I also extremely despise this “My Bad” sh1t that I hear these days. Getting slightly off the original subject (or is it related?), but is there too much American content on our TV’s?????

Hingo I reckon your restaurant critique was fine. I’d like to read more canberra-region restaurant reviews (and no, they don’t have to be all gushing and polite – just honest and balanced). When I go to the place you reviewed (and I plan to), I’ll be aware of all the points you raised, so thanks!

Morals Hingo?

Um, like, not putting your crap in someone elses bin?

That’s a but rich. This guy obviously has no scruples whatsoever.

I-filed I used to work with Matt and I’m pretty sure that unless that yard with the rubbish in it was about 17000km away from canberra then he is a different matthew to the one you are thinking of

What is worse? Someone dumping rubbish in somebody else’s bin, or posting the dumper’s address on the internet where god knows what could happen to the resident? You need to learn some fucking morals Matthew. There are channels you can go through to get things done about this rather than post photos on the internet and bitch about it. People criticized my recent somewhat negative restaurant review which I admitted that it probably wasn’t the best idea. Grow some balls man and admit you were wrong.

Keep up the good work Matthew. I can’t believe there are people defending the scumbag filling up someone else’s skip, I would be seriously pissed off if I paid for a skip and I couldn’t fully utilise it for the purpose I got it in the first place because some dickhead came and put their rubbish in it. What’s with all the ‘it’s better than him putting in the bush or on the side of the road’ – um no it isn’t, all three places are not places he is entitled to dump his crap!

Maybe all the people defending this bludger and other bludgers like him would like to pay for a skip out of their own pocket, and let everyone know their address for the free skip. I mean, honestly.

Is Matt from the S******* family that made a helluva lot of money from govt rubbish contracts? If so, he was brought up on a farm just outside Canberra that had a lot of rubbish in the yard and I’m not surprised he has developed a zealous anti-rubbish drive.

Frente, no-one is anonymous on the Internet unless they go to a *lot* of trouble making themselves anonymous, how do you think I (and others) find out who spammers really are…?

As a domain name owner I have no option but to publish details which will lead to my address, phone number, photo, etc so rather than hide and be afraid, I embrace it encourage others not to be afraid of it.

The published death threat is not the only one, I get several a year and mostly from known organised crime gangs, you however have shown your hand, you consider me a vigilante which is understandable, but not a view that I and a lot of others hold. If I went around beating up people, or other direct ‘attack’ then yes I would agree, however that is not what I do or what SORBS does.

You do indeed misunderstand how SORBS works, I create a list of places I do not what to receive email connections from (regardless of which email address is being used), I use that on *my* mail servers, and the servers that I am *authorised* to maintain/administer. I publish the list of which IPs I block, others choose to trust my judgment and also block connections based on the same information.

The SORBS website exists so that those others have the opportunity to tell people why they are blocked and give a feedback channel to get removed.

So back to your analogy:

Mailserver = my skip.

SORBS = combination lock put on the lid (bought and paid for by the skip owner/hirer)

Listed address in SORBS = someone whom doesn’t have the combination to unlock it. (eg spammer)

An address NOT in SORBS = someone permitted to unlock the lid. (not permitted to put rubbish in, just permitted to unlock the lid).


Matthew, publishing your own details online seems an odd choice to make, given the death threats and all, but its something you can choose to do, publishing someone elses is another matter, I am surprised you don’t appreciate this. It is also a little annoying that my tax dollars are used to maintain a phone trace that protects a vigilante such as yourself against what was almost certainly a spurious threat.

“… and you analogy is broken (badly). “

Perhaps you can outline how, the way i see it:

mailserver = open skip
owner of mail server = whoever you work for
spammer = dumper
sorbs = me going round with a lock

and the $50 is paid by the owner of the mailserver/whoever you work for), not the dumper/spammer as you say in your response … ?

maybe I have misunderstood how sorbs works?

the city rangers is a stretch though, they are appointmented by elected governments who are voted for by the people in an area (including the dumpers), the ISPs who choose to use sorbs are commercial and are most likely on another continent to the spammers.

I salute you Matthew.

Frente, I live in Dunlop, and I’m in the phone book, there that’s the rest of what you need to find me. Here’s a tip though, there is a permanent trace on my line because of the death threats that I get for SORBS.

… and you analogy is broken (badly).

suppose that spammers often used a particular kind of exploitable mail server to send their messages, say an open-relay system(this is the unlocked SKIP), you espouse listing these servers so ISPs can block mail sent from them. Is it similarly my civic duty to go around locking open skips with my own padlock so people can’t illegally dump in them? What say I require that you donate $50 to a charity to get the key to the padlock I put on your skip?

No it’s more like the city rangers giving $50 tickets to anyone using someone else’s skip without permission.

Matthew – It seems likely your practice of not ‘hiding’ would change if I bothered to track down your home address and phone and posted that.

What do you hope to achieve by posting the persons (assumed) address, your shaming outcome is met with the photos, posting the address is opening the door for something more serious.

Anyway, I would much rather this guy was dumping his rubbish in your skip (or in my bin!) than on the side of the road, in the bush or in the lake (which I believe is an issue).

An interesting analogy occurs to me – suppose that spammers often used a particular kind of exploitable mail server to send their messages, say an open-relay system(this is the unlocked SKIP), you espouse listing these servers so ISPs can block mail sent from them. Is it similarly my civic duty to go around locking open skips with my own padlock so people can’t illegally dump in them? What say I require that you donate $50 to a charity to get the key to the padlock I put on your skip?

Minor offence, yes.

But one could quite confidently put forward the premise that this is not the first time he’s done this.

Just the first time he’s been caught.

And one must wonder what he does with his rubbish when he doesn’t have a handy skip to dump it in.

Oh, that would be dumping it in the bush.

Another oxygen thief with no respect for anything but bundy drinking polar bears with mulletts.

I’d be seriously pissed off as well and would ensure a delivery of rubbish back to this guy at least once a week.

Or steal his wheelie bins.

Such a minor offence. See when I read the title, I thought you’d have pics of someone dumping out bush or on the Monaro highway or something. Sure he is doing to wrong thing by dumping stuff in the skip, but isn’t it better he did that rather than dump it on the side of the road. in the long run it is far more cost effective. Maybe the ACT Govt could look at placing a few community skips around the place for this purpose. It might stop the trash on the side of the roads.

Get a freakin’ life man!

Frente, as I said earlier, I don’t hide, I don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and I really don’t care what you post. Those that know me, really know me, and applaud what I do. Others accuse me of extortion, blackmail and various other crimes, all of which if were true I would have been thrown in gaol a long time ago. What I do is none of the above, and costs me personally thousands of dollars per year.

I’m not a nosy parker from next door as some here think, the skip was ordered and paid for by our company. The guy was spotted dumping by another member of staff as they came to work. Some wanted to go bash the twit, I suggested it would be better to take some photo’s deal with it differently. I didn’t even know about the RiotACT until the morning of the post when a colleague suggested I posted them here as it was a good way to name and shame. I dealt with the pictures in my own way – all pictures are posted to my picture store – and the link is given to a few friends who work for the relevant authorities. You’d do well to take note that the name and address were found on a lot of the rubbish, not just the box. The idea of posting it here was to show how stupid some people can be, obviously others don’t agree because abuse can come from it. I don’t condone abuse.

As I said earlier, I do many community minded things, and as an avid diver I *hate* people who dump rubbish anywhere but where it belongs (and someone else’s skip is not where it belongs unless they have permission).

I hate rubbish that much I have been, and am still willing to spend time and money getting into the water in our lakes to pull out rubbish, shopping trolleys etc.. (Yes photo of me on the front page of the Chronicle ~2 years ago pushing shopping trolleys up to a friend).

I get rubbish over the Internet (spam) and I spend thousands of dollars a year cleaning up that rubbish for me and a *lot* of other people.

My offer still stands if people here want to do something locally about rubbish I’ll get my gear out, give my time and sort the safety equipment for another ‘around and in the lake cleanup’. My only condition is that there are at least a few of you to help as I cannot cleanup a lot of the rubbish alone. I can arrange others who will also come and give a hand, ideally we’d have at least 20 people cleaning up.

So gauntlet down, all here, volunteer for another ‘cleanup day’ which I will happily arrange and arrange a skip for etc.. – Ed: If you think this is worth another thread (I think this one ran it’s course some time back), feel free to suggest elsewhere and if the RiotACT wants to get involved, let’s get something going ;-).

Incidentally, if you want to see some REAL internet ownage, and some of you’ll already have seen this, head to the NSX (Hondas) forum, where a bloke tried spamming his gambling websites, and ended up being totally exposed… his picture/s, where he lived…. and the fact that he was a registered pedophile.
A very entertaining read (totally trashed their servers over Xmas when it happened).

Why should I drive by the address, Matthew?

Whenever I’ve hired a skip the contents have been swooped on and more stuff has been taken than opportunistically dumped.
Confession: I’ve chucked small amounts in skips outside McMansions. Confession: I once dumped a computer monitor without paying. Confession: I’ve dragged dead prunings onto Black Mountain. I’m not evil; I’m lazy.
I once had a bag dumped in my garbage bin that didn’t leave enough room for my own rubbish – Because THAT wasn’t fair, I (shame!) scrabbled through it (dry, not wet) and took it to the address it came from two streets away. The guilty party was a sweet little old lady with white hair and smelling of lavendar. Guess what, Matthew: you could post photos of me doing any of the above and I wouldn’t care!

Matthew – Some interesting points about privacy are raised here. I don’t doubt that you have pondered such issues yourself in some depth, given your past as the IT Security Manager at the Uni of Canberra, or are the memories fading now you are working up in Sunny QLD? You sure do have tendency to get involved in this kind of thing, you even have a Wikipedia entry on your SORBS system – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_and_Open_Relay_Blocking_System

It would be interesting to look at the edit history of that page!

(also see http://pigeonsnest.co.uk/stuff/crapstuff/sorbs.html) …

el ......VNBerlinaV89:01 pm 25 Jan 08


How did I get owned Vic Bitterman?

Justme78, perhaps you should drive by the address, like we did. 😉

Vic Bitterman7:34 pm 25 Jan 08

justme78 just got owned publicly. LOL!

I just spoke to the person who’s address is listed in the picture, and she was not the one to dump the rubbish, nor was she in the car that did.
Please remove the address, Matthew.

@ neanderthalsis & Mr Evil – Apologies – ex SethEfrican, haven’t quite picked up entire Oz diction yet.

Its not actually “illegal” anyway, just annoying.

Gee, I thought this post about an illegal dumper being caught would reveal some evil sort unloading barrels of toxic waste into the lake or somebody trashing a public park. Not some bloke chucking some junk in a skip. Good grief.

el ......VNBerlinaV85:28 pm 25 Jan 08

Sorry, but this is complete shit.

No-one knows for certain that the mail item with the address on it even belongs to the people who dumped the stuff.

… sorry that should have read “subordinating their cause to compassion”.

Unfortunately Matthew seems like a bit of a zealot (in a worthy cause, admittedly), and they are not well known for subordinated compassion to whatever cause they are espousing.

RiotACT : P

Riot act left the address link out but unfortunately the link is still accessible through Matthew’s photo page. Although it was brought to our attention by Riotact that it existed so a few of us went for a looky – not the intention of Riot admin that we would do this though. It anything happens it’s pretty much on Matthew’s conscience…

And here’s the result of another unfortunate to a minor neighbourhood disagreement.

I’m on the side of those wishing RiotACT would tone down some of the vigilante tendencies that have crept in of late.

Sure it’s great to debate/sling abuse or whatever on the net, but posting this bloke’s address is wrong.

There’s an established RiotACT policy not to allow private telephone numbers (for obvious reasons) to be posted, so what’s the rationale behind allowing someone’s address on here?

Comment by You — 24 January, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

I agree. Whoever put the pics up is nosey. Don’t you have better things to do with your time, then stand at the window garding someone else’s skip? And I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this. I can imagine you recording how long people shower for or on what days they are watering their plants.

By the looks of things they can’t afford to pay to dump at the tip, at least they weren’t dumping at a reserve or on your front lawn. Then you go a step further and dob them into ACT rego… Give them a break.

Gee his friend sounded really upset LOL. “Glad it was him not me”

Ah, here you go, someone was shot for no ‘good reason’ yesterday too.

“A little part of me dies every time I hear / see the word MOM used by an Australian. It is most unfortunate that so many American terms and incorrect modes of spelling have crept into the Australian vernacular.”

Listen to “I Still Call Australia Ho”


neanderthalsis12:29 pm 25 Jan 08

A little part of me dies every time I hear / see the word MOM used by an Australian. It is most unfortunate that so many American terms and incorrect modes of spelling have crept into the Australian vernacular.

As Kenny said “Has anyone phoned the Queen and told her what they have done to her language.”

Mom? Are you American?

Yesterday morning, I took my kitchen refuse, put it in my car meaning to drop it in my bin at the entrance to my property. Anyway, the usual routine follows – late for work, getting all the children off to childcare issues rush rush rush. Anyway, I get to work and realise I still have the kitchen refusebag in my car, so I sneakily snuck out to the back of the office and chucked it in the office skip, (as a bag of rubbish lying in a hot car for a day gets scary))
Well, when I saw the headline I really thought I was seriously busted – thank goodness it was some other poor bugger and not me. I can just imagine trying to lecture the kiddies in future, with responses such as ‘Yeah mom but you’re an illegal dumper…’

Oh yeah and when I rob houses I find mail boxes are quite handy. But I don’t want to punish my victims further by illegally dumping them. That would be mean : )

Anyone in support of posting the address, post your own. Ready, GO!


TAGLINE I have several mail boxes at home with someone else’s address on them, just because they are reusable and handy to carry things home in – Comment by howdy January, 2008

I vote we make “We don’t need your wet arsed social welfare views here mate. Comment by Pandy — 24 January, 2008” a tagline.

We used to call dumped stuff on the nature strip “Charnwood Gnomes”.

It would probably be wise to take down the address. You don’t know what the ‘wrong’ person could do with this information and you don’t want to be responsible for any harm that could come to them. How would you feel if they were then subject to a violent break in, or even an arson attempt. A much worse crime than dumping rubbish in a skip. People have shot their neighbours in Sydney for lesser crimes against society…

Not only that you could be bringing harm to the wrong person. I have several mail boxes at home with someone else’s address on them, just because they are reusable and handy to carry things home in. When I send something to my brother I send it to my parents home rather than his house cause there’s someone at my parents home to collect it.

Give the address to the authorities, but not the public. The only thing the public can do with it is the WRONG thing.

And in return we all know Matthew’s last name and that he is proud owner of a Nikon D200. It’s beyond me why anyone would put EXIF data in the public domain…

Because all those cnuts who dump at places like the Salvos bins need to be shammed. Hargraeves telling us that they have prosecuted people in the distant past does not affect behaviour now. Whereas some TT or ACA treatment would get the town talking and have these low lifes think 10 times before illegally dumping.

Holden Caulfield12:40 am 25 Jan 08

Matthew took photos of people in public places. Perfectly legal.

Yep, no dramas with that.

What about posting the dude’s address in the public domain without permission?

As I’ve said, I just don’t get the need to make a post about this on RA. By all means approach the relevant authorities with the evidence gathered and then let them do their job and chase it up.

We don’t need your wet arsed social welfare views here mate.

I don’t see the big deal? He was dumping rubbish into a skip, rather than into the bush and supposedly that is a bad thing?

The two biggest problems I see here are that first, the cost of taking something to the tip is friggin ridiculous in this massively overrated and overcharged city. And secondly, some dick decided to post someone’s rego plates and identity on the internet so that they could be harrased for placing their rubbish into a skip which would be taken to a designated tip anyway.

You know Canberra is a boring place filled with boring people when we’re getting upset over bullshit like this.

How strange, I recognised the unusual spelling of the first name on the addressed package, and then realised why… The person on it is advertising a dining table and chairs on allclassfieds at the moment, and I actually contacted her about it a few weeks ago, but didn’t end up buying it as she wanted the same price for it second hand as it cost brand new…

Onya Matthew, someone actually doing something rather than putting up with it, or making the odd complaint. No one else’s going to do anything, so taking pictures and hoisting them at least goes some way to getting back at people who take advantage and stuff things up for the rest of us.

These days you have to have “evidence” to get anything done by the cops, or the council, or whoever. Pictures, recordings, corroboration, whatever. So snap away.

For god’s sake give the poor guy a break, he’s still stuck with a ford and the dog…..

and the hairy thing with the collar….

So what are you doing here Barney?

It was an illegal act: shame them.

The RiotACT: The forum for pulp brained moronic no life Nazi’s.

Innocent untill proven guilty.. Taking pictures of people doing something that could be illegal is one thing, but puting up pictures of someones address on the internet and relating it to an alleged crime is over stepping the mark i think. I have no problems with the idea of naming and shaming but it needs to be very carefully administrated, not put into the hands of the general public or some goose with a camera and an agenda. I dont really have a problem as such with someone taking pictures of people doing the wrong thing and then passing them onto the police or relevent people, i think it’s a bitt childish and sooky but so are a lot of people in canberra (except in the case of a significant crime). Puting those pictures on the internet and linking them to a crime, esspecially when someones address is published is stepping way over the mark. If anyone did such a thing to me, they would either find themselves in some kind of legal situation or perhaps worse. We have police, we can easiy provide them with information. Let them take relevant action and let the courts decide their fate.
Theres also a great saying about people in glass houses throwing stones…

Shame them. Then place them in stocks and throw rotten tomatoes at them.

Any complaints?

We will send you to Camp X-ray

Vic Bitterman7:17 pm 24 Jan 08

Matthew took photos of people in public places. Perfectly legal.

Onya Matty.

swamiOFswank6:55 pm 24 Jan 08

I dont’ really see the difference between Matthew’s pics of illegal dumping and those that the female ranger took last Friday afternoon outside Mitchell Salvo’s of people illegally dumping. Sure, the ranger is employed to do that, but either way, dumpers suck and mess up the environment. I don’t care who catches them – we all have a responsibility to do our bit to prevent illegal dumping.

By the way, I’ve called the Police a couple of times when I’ve observed people taking dumped items from out the front of the Salvo’s at Mitchell. Having waited nearby to see if they’d bother to come, they did come, scared the shite out of the scumbags that pilfer the best of the dumped stuff, and moved them on. What did it accomplish? Some jerk get a fright and realised that people watch and don’t like thieves. Maybe he’ll tell his friends. Maybe the Salvo’s, far from having to pay to dump the junk at the tip, will find a few things to actually sell. At least that way they have a chance to break even.

Deadmandrinking6:09 pm 24 Jan 08

Matthew, what you’re doing for the community is great, but Holden really does have a point. By posting these photos in an attempt to shame the offender, you have effectively taken the law into your own hands.

If anyone hires a skip i would be happy to work for free doing static security – just give me a fold up chair and baseball bat. I need not be violent – the threat alone from me is often enough – even though I am a teddy bear – but don’t tell the bad guys 🙂

Holden Caulfield, I do something rather public as a hobby and take a bashing for it on a daily basis. What I am doing is considered by most to be a public service, and I do not get paid for it (despite what some claim, in fact last year it cost me at least $10k). People who disagree with me have already posted my pictures, including some rather defamatory altered ones, my full name, address and a lot of other public info. In 2003 I got death threats for it which resulted in APF action and I regularly get people ask me if I’m afraid of the organised crime gangs that I often cross. I don’t, when my time is up it will be up, in the mean time I will do what I can to do what is right. It is rare that something as trivial as illegal dumping (in a skip) will p**s me off, however in the same carpark we have had 3 people attacked, one of which was a young lady, and another the building owner who had to have the damage surgically corrected. For that reason I have my camera on me at all times, and it was more the blatancy of this one.. 9am with staff pulling in and out of the car park… The guy has some balls that’s for certain.

What’s the feasibility also of some sort of ‘trash and treasure day’ where you bring all your potentially ‘useful to others’ household excess and people can rummage through and take what they like. A bit like the ‘put it out on your lawn’ method where people take what they want before the council does (but in the one place to save on these council resources).

This would possibly take the heat off dumping at charity bins as well and then the council or someone could sift through it all at the end of the weekend – work out what can be used by charity
and take the rest to the tip. Or even have the drop off place at the tip…

The couple didn’t look that ‘well off’ and people who aren’t well off tend to be more opportunistic.

Maybe people on lower incomes could get free access to dumping rubbish at the tip? How much is it generally anyway? Or it could just be their laziness. In that case I stick by getting lockable lids.

I hired a skip a few years ago, filled it with househoold rubbish, and all the local kids came and climbed through it and ran off with things.
Apparently my life was some kind of treasure-trove worth souveniring from.
But we did notice strange things that weren’t ours showing up in there.

I guess it just depends on your neighbours.

No Matthew, your colleague probably just thinks you are the skip nazi.

Holden Caulfield5:06 pm 24 Jan 08

Fair enough Matthew. I must admit whenever I have thought about getting a skip to clean up some mess around home I have thought twice for exactly the reasons you give. But, I have much more respect for your other rubbish cleaning habits compared to a public naming and shaming of a guy who, for all any of us know, may be an otherwise fine member of the community. He’s probably not, but none of us know that and in your haste you’ve intentionally published his address in the public domain without his permission. Two wrongs and all that.

Let’s say one day you do something that, while wrong, is really not a great inconvenience to anyone, and then photos of you and your address are posted on here for all to see. In all likelihood the guy doesn’t know the owner of the skip and he was in the wrong, but I’m not sure your response on here was justified in this particular instance. That’s all.

My partner and I hired a skip last Christmas, and we were surprised that not one piece of rubbish from someone else ended up in it! Especially since the skip sat there empty for three days before we started cleaning up the yard!

Maybe it was because I expected someone would chuck something in it, that it never happened?

Skip companies should make lockable rubber lids, similar to that restaurants etc have out the back fro their rubbish. But if they are making extra money out of it from illegal dumping.. then no, they probably will ignore such requests : )

It would be handy though. Or maybe even an competitive advantage for a business if they offered them at similar prices?

Holden Caulfield, I’ve only done it because:

1/ I’ve been the victim (personally) of illegal dumping in the past. A $70 skip hire ended up nearly $500 when the first skip was filled during the Friday when it was delivered (where I was going to fill it with garden waste on the Sat), and the culprits filled with waste that cannot be dumped normally (computer parts etc). $70 for the skip, $70 for the replacement skip, $100 for the ‘over fill’ charge and the rest was the fee for non household waste.

2/ This is not the first time the company skip has been filled by this and other people. On one occasion before the skip was filled 4 times before we actually managed to put our rubbish in it.

3/ I was the guy on the front page of ‘The Chronicle’ a couple of years ago, diving in Lake Ginninderra and pulling out all manner of rubbish (half a tonne of it to be precise). This year I did the same down at Bateman’s Bay, and if I get asked and have some on shore help, I’ll do more of the Lake this year as well.

That’s really the tip of the iceberg, I have a colleague who thinks it’s fine for people to do it, then I asked what about if he hired a skip and not just one, but 30 people came and dumped their rubbish, which is what usually happens. He’s a little less apathetic about it now.

They could be mail thieves hiding the evidence! Identity theft in progress!

Sign them up for every weirdo Christian/Political mob’s mailing list!

Of course, just because there’s an address, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their address either.

Photo no 2 in the mail –

“so, renewed your rego yet?”

Holden Caulfield4:45 pm 24 Jan 08

As you obviously missed it, I’d like you to read bd84’s post as he pointed out that the rego was expired not me. 😉

Yeah, and who sent the image to ACT Roads?

Of course there is that you don’t actually know what I do for a living, I could be a copper, you wouldn’t know, and I wouldn’t tell.

Cool, at least I know I can trust you with a secret. 😉

Look, good on you for doing this, really. But is there a need to go to this much bother over what appears to be a minor offence? Maybe this guy will come back with more rubbish, maybe he’s mates with the owner of the skip? Who knows? Seems a lot of trouble to go to when, Mælinar’s point about crime aside, this joker wasn’t really hurting anybody. If he comes back and does it again, then fair enough, but for all you know this could be the first time the guy has done anything wrong in his life. And yet you’ve seen fit to willingly break the privacy laws (well, I’m no lawyer, but I presume it is an offence to intentionally publish one’s address without one’s consent).

I just don’t get it. C’est la vie.

Then every day mail them a new surveillance picture of their car dumping rubbish.

“I’ve been watching you”

I found the address. Could write a letter advising that the ‘big greenish thing with the yellow lid’ is for recycling cardboard boxes with your address on them, that might freak em out a bit…

Oh FFS, who needs cops when we have Detective Matthew to save us. You’re going to get your jollies tonight when you tell yourself what a great public service you’ve done today aren’t you.

As you obviously missed it, I’d like you to read bd84’s post as he pointed out that the rego was expired not me. 😉

Of course there is that you don’t actually know what I do for a living, I could be a copper, you wouldn’t know, and I wouldn’t tell.

Holden Caulfield4:29 pm 24 Jan 08

Better make sure Matthew’s not around next time your jay-walking or else your photo will be on the net and emailed to the coppers. Haha.

I think he’s done a public service.

However minor, all crimes are still crimes.

If you know the address then it would be time to return the ‘investment’, with ‘interest’!!

Just call all your mates and get them to dump every piece of crap they can find on this low life’s front porch.

Holden Caulfield4:20 pm 24 Jan 08

I’m happy to shame them, though I did post the rego sticker and plate picture to ACT Roads asking “is this out of date” ;-). You might also have spotted that the vehicle is LPG equipped – something that also needs testing each year at rego time…

Oh FFS, who needs cops when we have Detective Matthew to save us. You’re going to get your jollies tonight when you tell yourself what a great public service you’ve done today aren’t you.


Holden Caulfield4:15 pm 24 Jan 08

Be alert, not alarmed.

Be careful about the home delivery option – they may remember where they dumped it and pay a return visit.

where was this?

maelinar – a home delivery of sorts, yes 🙂

I’m happy to shame them, though I did post the rego sticker and plate picture to ACT Roads asking “is this out of date” ;-). You might also have spotted that the vehicle is LPG equipped – something that also needs testing each year at rego time…

philbert83au2:14 pm 24 Jan 08

While we’re on the topic, I’m just about ropable (but without photographic evidence) that just after the council last week removed the huge pile of junk that seemed to automatically grow after a single lounge was dumped in my quaint NSW border-town neighbourhood, some bugger goes and dumps more stuff in the same place.

PS If anyone wants a PS/2 keyboard or telephone handset, someone has left about 30 of them cnr Mowatt & Truncullo in Quangers so help yourself.

Boy you are something special. Posting rego plates etc. You should get a life and stop being such a nosey d*ckhead. Sure somebody did something bad, does that give you the right to attempt to shame them. Perhaps you already have a job on ACA.


They may be high Ralph, I paid $8 to dump a trunk full of stuff at Christmas but I still did it, I’m not sure what gives this guy the right to dump insomeone else’s skip because he thinks charges are too high.

Looking the wife and Dog and eventually deciding the wife was the one on the right I kind feel sorry for the guy….

arrange home delivery ?

what a mental patient to illegally dump stuff including an envelope with his home address on the it! i know what i’d do if it was my skip…

Jonathon Reynolds1:46 pm 24 Jan 08

For serviceable/usable items I’d suggest using Freecycle:


The worldwide (!) Freecycle(TM) Network is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It’s a grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is run by a local volunteer moderator (them’s good people). Membership is free.

I had 2x two-seater couches on Freecycle (via a friend) for less than 24 hours before they were snapped up.

On the matter of the Salvos: I have offered (taken to the shopfront during business hours) what I have thought were perfectly good and serviceable household/kitchen items on a number of occasions only to be told they were not interested in them.

you could also report him for driving an unregistered vehichle.. looks like the rego sticker is a bit out of date 😉

I don’t see why this is supposed to be ‘illegal dumping’ they were putting it into a skip.

At least it hasn’t ended up in the bush somewhere.

This is another indicator that waste disposal charges are too high.

LOL @ neanderthalsis

neanderthalsis1:16 pm 24 Jan 08

He should have completed the dumping job and got rid of the car, dog and wife in the process…

Matthew even sent in an image of an address on one of the packages dumped, which we have decided not to run

But of course you can see it on page 3 of Matthew’s Photo Gallery.

I’ve found the “leave it on the curb” method a reasonably reliable way to be rid of unwanted-but-serviceable furniture – even got rid of an old mattress that way.

They were putting it in a skip, so I don’t think TAMS would do much to chase them.
I know when I worked in Phillip and we had a huge skip random people from all across Woden would come and put whatever they could into it (lawn clippings, fire hoses, children’s toys, old computers and chairs…) and then we’d get told off by TAMS that we had to keep our waste ‘below the top of the skip and off public land’.

Re: Illegal Dumping from TAMS

Littering Offences
The City Rangers investigate any matter relating to any littering offences or illegal dumping incidents on unleased land.

depositing of litter in or on a public place
depositing of litter that is likely to cause an injury to persons or damage to property in or on a public place
transporting refuse or waste and failing to arrange, contain, fasten or cover it so as to prevent any part of the load from falling or being blown from the vehicle
depositing of commercial and garden waste in or on a public place
occupier of commercial premises failing to take reasonable steps to prevent litter from the premises being deposited in or on a public place
depositing or abandoning a dangerous container in a public place or public tip
placing advertising leaflets ets., in or on a motor vehicle in a public place
Canberra Urban Parks and Places organise the cleaning up of litter on unleased land.

Contact Details
Contact Number
(02) 6207 7132

(02) 6207 7133


Did you report this to the City Rangers?

Joe Canberran1:07 pm 24 Jan 08

Old lounge? give it to the salvos, sell it to a second hand dealer or pay a couple of bucks and take it to the tip.

Don’t leave it on the curb as no one will take it. Put a price tag on it though and someone will pinch it 😉

This appears to be one for A Current Affair or Today Tonight. I know it sucks if you are the one who hired the skip and someone else has used it, but it could be worse, he could have dumped it on the street or out in a forest. I am going to buy a new lounge soon and I have no idea what to do with the old one. The best solution I have so far is to dump it out on the kerb and hope someone takes it away. Its still a decent lounge and I’m sure someone would want it. Put a price tag on it and it will get stolen – even better!

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