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Illegal fishing in the ACT!

By johnboy - 7 September 2009 29

The ABC reports that we have an illegal fishing problem in the ACT, and that rangers are heading out to try and do something about it.

Apparently the problem is people leaving set lines out, which is illegal here (this was news to me) and also the use of yabby traps.

    “The penalties are quite significant under the fishing act, and they can be anything up to $5,000, so we do take such matters very seriously,” he said.

    “It’s all designed to maintain recreational fishing as a past time for all Canberrans to enjoy.”

So now we know.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Illegal fishing in the ACT!
busgirl 8:53 am 08 Sep 09

Yes agree also. Well said Fisho.

Thumper 9:21 pm 07 Sep 09

Agreed fisho.

Fisho 9:10 pm 07 Sep 09

Ignorance and stupidity like this really pisses myself and other fishermen off.

1. Carp are here because you are here. The way we have completely destroyed our waterways with flow barriers, pollution and excessive extraction has created an environment where carp thrive and natives die. Carp are a symptom. You are the cause.
2. Fish that are more damaging than carp are spotty carp (trout), redfin, and mosquito fish. There was even some softc*ck in the canberra times feedback today stating we can re-stock perch (regarding the Cotter Dam expansion). Silver and goldens yes, although the silvers will just die if redfin are present or there is too much sediment in the water. Macca’s no. Macca’s have never been successfully bred in captivity, you cannot just ‘restock’ them, and the EHN virus carried by introduced redfin perch is fatal to silver and macquarie perch. And what about the bluenose?
3. Any lake fish is pissweak compared to a river fish. Any canberra fish is pissweak compared to its NSW wild counterpart.
4. Wishing a ‘slow death’ any any living creature means you need counseling. Seek professional help ASAP. I have no problems with killing animals quickly. I gain no enjoyment from killing animals. I kill animals as it means I can then eat them. A slow death also destroys the taste and texture.
5. Feeding anyone a fish caught in an ACT lake should be considered Münchhausen’s by proxy. If you won’t drink the water, don’t eat anything that came out of it.
6. Certain yabbie nets are legal. Others drown platypus and turtles. If you can’t be bothered checking out what is legal and what is not, don’t go fishing. 45 seconds on TAMS will find you the answers.
7. Set lines are illegal. There is no reason to use a set line. I’ve destroyed a few setlines, if anyone using a setline is caught by an angler your survival chances are slightly less than 0%.
8. The most predominant abusers of fishing laws I’ve encountered are born and bred australians. Basically they chuck 20 lines in, kill anything and everything then turn around and whinge about how the fishing is stuffed. While I’ve seen a few ‘me no understand’ types about, they generally only catch redfin.
9. Opera house nets or any trap that a platypus cannot swim out of are illegal.
10. If you brought it in, you can take it out. There is no excuse, under any situation, for any reason whatsoever to leave litter and filth around our waterways.

Basically if the ACT government is going to start enforcing the laws we already have that can only be a good thing. About time.

They should also bring their waterways classifications up to spec and at least the match the minumum size limit for Murray Cod with that of NSW. Or better, introduce a slot limit so it is illegal to kill the big breeders.

If you’ve ever tried to report illegal fishing activities in the ACT before you’d be breathing a sigh of relief that it appears they are finally taking the problem seriously.

Anyone who breaches a fishing law should not be fined. They should be issued a trespass notice banning them from coming within 500m of any waterway.

la mente torbida 3:30 pm 07 Sep 09


agree totally about the dead carp left lying on the shore. Some mornings I have encountered up to 20 large carp left lying around Yarralumla Bay whilst walking my dogs.

Credit to the ACT govt employees (I assume) that clean them up on a regular basis.

peterh 2:55 pm 07 Sep 09

Mr Evil said :

Which of the two likely candidiates will it be: the “Me no Australian – me no understand your law”, or the “I’m an Ozzie – your law sucks, and I’ll do what the f*%k I like”?

most likely candidate A, but they will certainly understand a fine if they are caught…

the use of set lines – as in the ones left for days at a time wasn’t what i thought a set line was. I have fished where I have put a line in and come back later in the day to check it, whilst fishing a bit further down the bank, usually to find a large carp at the end, which I have dispatched quickly, before disposing of the carcass. I would never think of leaving the line in for several days.

one pet peeve I have about fishing on our lakes is the number of people who catch carp, kill it, then put the body on the cycle path, in a tree, or leave it on the grass. They really don’t smell very good after a while… much simpler to kill, bag and bin it.

Swaggie 2:41 pm 07 Sep 09

All other considerations aside I prefer catching Carp to some of our natives that come in like a big dustbin lid. A Carp will give a fair old fight so in in sporting terms alone it’s worth fishing for.

KB1971 2:28 pm 07 Sep 09

barking toad said :

Carp deserve a slow death

Maybe they do but its not their fault that they are here, no sense in being cruel to them.

KB1971 1:48 pm 07 Sep 09
barking toad 1:48 pm 07 Sep 09

Carp deserve a slow death

Mr Evil 1:44 pm 07 Sep 09

Which of the two likely candidiates will it be: the “Me no Australian – me no understand your law”, or the “I’m an Ozzie – your law sucks, and I’ll do what the f*%k I like”?

AG Canberra 1:24 pm 07 Sep 09

Opera house yabby nets (that can be bought at Rays or BCF for about 10 bucks each) should be banned. The flat ones are the way to go. I understand the opera house ones are banned in some states and not others – but they clearly are a danger to platypus so they should be banned everywhere.

Set lines are a disgrace and anyone who uses them should be fined and fined heavily. Not only can the fish die a slow death, swans ducks etc get tangled up in the lines and can be killed in the process.

KB1971 12:40 pm 07 Sep 09

The yabbie trap that collapses flat is OK, its the ones that the yabbies can crawl inside but cant get out that are the problem.

Set lines are cruel, the fish die a slow death. People sometimes leave them out for days at a time.

c9 12:04 pm 07 Sep 09


Thumper 11:58 am 07 Sep 09

As long as the yabbie trap is not left in the water when the person has gone.

Platypus get caught in them and drown.

peterh 11:32 am 07 Sep 09

How are we supposed to catch yabbies, if not with a trap?? buggered if i am going to spend most of the day trying to entice the bugger into a hand net with a piece of old meat and a string…

what are the set lines being used to catch? I would have thought if they are being used to rid us of excess carp, it would be a godsend.

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