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Images of Canberra – And she can’t park either

By johnboy 17 October 2008 20

As seen in the Canberra centre car park.

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20 Responses to
Images of Canberra – And she can’t park either
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ant 2:20 pm 16 Jan 09

As well as carrying a camera to snap pictures like this, a pocketful of frangipani stickers would be worth carrying, to tag such cars in the appropriate manner. It has a sticker announcing that the driver is a b!+ch, therefore it must also have frangipani stickers.

mdme workalot 8:32 am 20 Oct 08

I refuse to reverse park anywhere because I hate people laughing at me…

The older I get, the more scared I am of attempting it 🙂

Granny 10:06 am 18 Oct 08

There are lines?


Looks like a pretty normal parking day for me, and I would never attempt a reverse park no matter how desperate!

rosie_bubz 9:36 am 18 Oct 08

i do love watching people go forward, back, forward, back, forward, back when attempting to reverse park. It is quite entertaining.

rosie_bubz 9:34 am 18 Oct 08

I am a female (just thought i would point that out incase it wasnt obvious from my name)
and i always reverse park perfectly and on my driving test i passed reverse park first go. Seems i have a natural talent 🙂

And, my boyfriend cant reverse park for shite

cranky 7:55 am 18 Oct 08

A good bit of time can be wasted watching not very competent drivers reversing trailers at Mugga Tip.

It gets even better when Mum gets out to direct Dad into the slot. Great fun!

Overheard 6:35 am 18 Oct 08

Reminds me of a commercially-made sticker I saw on a car in the Target carpark some years ago: ‘Whose a bitch?’

Me being me, I scrawled next to it in the dust: ‘Who can’t spell?’

As for the gender issue, if any thinks there’s some correlation between gender and parking/driving ability, you really need to find that room of mirrors and take a good hard look. As it says in a good book, ‘Judge not lest ye be found wanting and for fark’s sake will you watch out, for pity’s sake, Smurf-fiddler, you’re verring off the verge! Watch the ar$e of the car in front of you, not hers.’ St John’s Letter to the Motorists’ Party, ch 12 v8… actually, no it was just a V6.

bubzie 1:47 am 18 Oct 08

for the love of god, and all things holey, i sure as hell hope she’s a belco rat..

MWF 12:28 am 18 Oct 08

Belco. Way. No Frangipani stickers.

shiny flu 12:22 am 18 Oct 08

Awesome. Is she a Tugger or a Belco job. ouch.

2604 11:29 pm 17 Oct 08

Best car decal I’ve seen (on a car parked outside Magnet Mart Belconnen):

“Belco Bitch 4 life”

Aeek 11:00 pm 17 Oct 08

I nailed the reverse park on my first test. Fortunately, I wasn’t asked to demonstrate it on the retest. I then avoided reverse parking for at least 5 years. Got better. The thing is, its not a skill that you need. The lack just limits where you can park. It was inconvenient for me, but no danger to anyone else.

ant 10:47 pm 17 Oct 08

My driving instructor (who remembers Gerard?!) taught me a nifty trick with the back quarterlight and the kerb. Trouble is, I never drove a car with a back quarterlight after my driving test. My current car has a bit of plastic which kind-of approximates a back quarterlight but it is not foolproof. That said, I do a kerb reverse park most days, and it usually works first go.

And I don’t have nasty stickers on my car! Or tailgate.

Vic Bitterman 10:38 pm 17 Oct 08

Are you saying Ant you can reverse park with skill?

I think we need a chick-parking contest.

With emphasis on the reverse park.

Much like that Brady Bunch parking episode with the egg on the cone, albeit that episode was not about reverse parking.

ant 10:32 pm 17 Oct 08

That’s one of those ones we were talking about in the other thread! About those delightful young ladies with frangipanis and repellant and un-witty stickers. There’s one right there!

I love watching them trying to reverse park along the kerb. Oh boy. You could sell tickets. Eventually they get very angry and roar off snarling like wet cats.

bd84 10:12 pm 17 Oct 08

I’m sure there’s a large section of drivers who think the lines are there for decoration. It’s a bit like the drivers who think indicators are pretty lights that flash occasionally when you want to see something pretty.

Aeek 9:15 pm 17 Oct 08

That pole rules out it being because of poor parking of the car on the right.
Sometimes, you get forced into it and get left looking foolish when the culprit moves on.

Gerry-Built 8:51 pm 17 Oct 08

“Well, it’s like, you know, on the end of the aisle, and like there was a pole sticking out of the ground there, and I didn’t want to scratch my car, sooooo…”

Mr Waffle 8:41 pm 17 Oct 08

Needs a frangipani. Or for this classy a gal, maybe a Playboy sticker…

Vic Bitterman 8:31 pm 17 Oct 08

Looks between the lines to me. A pretty good park from the fairer sex I say, much better than they usually do.

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