5 June 2007

Belco Yea!

| lemaChet
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Quite sad actually.

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This discussion shits me. I can’t believe how many people have made references to homosexuals and gay people as part of this discussion.

Daveyboy – I see you place being gay in the same category as having sex with guinea pigs and giving up on life. I mean WTF??? You may well be a homophobic shit, but how is that relevant to this discussion?

And to all the others who’ve mentioned how they must be gay, you should fkn grow up.


Or kiss it?


Bite it!

The prohibitive standards of hygiene and all that dancing ?

Why have gay people ‘given up on life’?

What a shocking case of manlove (typical for canberra). I still cannot understand why anyone would publicise living in Canberra. Its a bit like saying, ‘hey I am gay, have given up on life and once shagged my sister’s guinea pig’. Despite that, i say all power to you belco boys, i am sure you get heaps of pleasure showing each other your genitals.

ROFL…all the way from Queensland

I personally would not do it, but I think that what Tonka is saying stands true if you believe in something so much that you want to do something like this then do it. I do think tho the boys in this pix look tool it way to far they could of got it done smaller that big looks silly.

I did discover his tattoo when I was behind him but it was a little different from this picture


VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt9:41 am 08 Jun 07

In some ways it’s good these people identify themselves so clearly. That way there can be no doubt as to which bogan colony they need to be returned to.

I’m happy to see people proud of where they are from

Yes, he’s making the Sign of the Magnifying Glass.

Check it again – I’m fairly sure it’s actually a ‘Check out his tackle’ point sabsmoo.


I really want to see a Tuggeranong tattoo abbreviated at the last minute due to a shortage of gansta funds. “tugg” “tuggers” would need careful consideration as to placement.

Gangs are all about hand signals, these guys can barely string together a “heavy metal” gesture and a “check his boxers out” point!. I may of missed the last gansta newsletter, but I’m pretty sure the “check his boxers” point has been outlawed due to being just to “lame” for the street.

Anyway, why flex muscles you do not have?

….and some pigeons want their chests back….

When I was born, Belconnen didn’t even exist, and I remember one of my school friends’ mother describe Lyons as “out in the sticks somewhere”. Now sad suburban boys are getting tattoos (and what’s with the font?! Gothic Belconnen?!) stating where they’re from.

anyone got CANBERRA tattoos? Eh? Ha, thought not.

Is it just the bogan-infested areas such as Belconnen and Kambah indulging in this stupidity, or are there members of the upper-crust secretly sporting illegible ‘Forrest’ or ‘REd hiLL 4 eVa!’ tattoos?

Well I would Genie, but Julian from the Chaser beat me to it.

these guys are proud to be Belco boys.. how bout you go to sydney and find the ‘braboys’and pick on them for their tatts.

Its all about pride fo where you grew up… Are you going to go mock and harass the Aussie Athletes who have the olympic rings tattooed on them, or those with the Aussie flag or boxing kangaroo ???

Deadmandrinking5:06 pm 06 Jun 07

My God some people on this website haven’t grown past fifteen. The amount of homosexual references over a bunch of guys with tattoos that say where they’re from, I swear, I’m never going to be able to take some people on this seriously again.

Belcore 4 eva muthafukka’s (sorry)

Hey guys stop laying poop on them, how can you make such nasty comments when you dont even know them. To be honest with you I have met the guy on the left with the one who ‘needs to pull his pants up’. I actually know him quite well. I met him out one night and he is a very intelligent fun loving guy. I did discover his tattoo when I was behind him but it was a little different from this picture heheehehehehehehe.
Anyway that is not important, the important thing is to give them a chance. It doesnt mean they are losers if they have tattoo’s just the same as it doesn’t mean The Big K is a loser if he is homosexual.

I see four guys that could make a good contribution to the Darwin Awards.

lay of em for fuck sake.
im sure the word “belco” means a bit more than just a suburb to these guys.
people get tats of where they are from all the time. its not a “gang” thing its called being proud of somewhere and not being afraid to show it.
everyone is so quick to burn canberra, i say good on em for having some pride.

If you hate Canberra, Beloc or Tuggers then go back to where you came from because we dont want you

Just a hypothetical question – I was born in Canberra (Canberra Hospital Acton to be exact)

If I hate canberra – where would I then go because according to you – If I hate canberra belco et al I should go back to where I came from…..

You sure stumped me.

West_Kambah_4eva11:12 am 06 Jun 07

Anyway, where the fcuk is Tonka to talk to me about Kambah? Comon Tonkmeister! We can talk about Adventure Playground, Kambah indoor sports and Vic and Ric’s…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt11:08 am 06 Jun 07

“you can’t say they’re stupid or judge their intelligence from the photo – that’s stupid”

Sounds like a wager to me.

Absent Diane10:44 am 06 Jun 07

does anyone watch trailer park boys? These guys remind me of J-Rock and his crew.. funny shiz

Wearing stupid homeboy clothes is only until your mum insists on washing them. A tatt is pretty much forever, and requires a bit more thought.

(I speak as the child of an ex-sailor and ex-soldier who had tatts commemorating his deep affection for someone he knew for about a week several years before he met my fearsome mother. Let’s just say it may have taken some explaining).

Girls with butterflies and fairies are usually the type who like bright clothes and glittering things. I like them because they’re my intellectual companions. There’s nothing like having a lie down, a relax, and a witty conversation.

you can’t say they’re stupid or judge their intelligence from the photo – that’s stupid.

and to westkambah – I know what it means mate. It means you played ya self … Living in one house for like 28 years? Step up your game homie

Absent Diane9:35 am 06 Jun 07

why do you have pride in a bit of dirt with bits of cement, plastic and various metals?

Pretty fcking ridiculous really. and quite simple to boot.

To me it looks like these guys are tryhard M-13. not that it they are good intelligent roll models.


I had tatts probably before you were born. That is, in the days when they weren’t popular, and in fact were frowned upon. The only people then with tatts were sailors, soldiers and criminals.

And I have never been in the navy or gaol.

Tatts these days are like ear-rings, every man and his dog has one.

So, don’t jump to assumptions.

West_Kambah_4eva8:37 am 06 Jun 07

“ahahaha OWNED!!

Comment by Stung — 5 June, 2007 @ 4:43 pm”

You use that word yet I do not think you know what it means.

Mess (as Genie) I’m fairly sure most people on here would still think people with south central LA tats are f’ing wankers (although I appreciate that is the term your using to describe the critics found here) but then there wouldn’t be a post about that on Riot because they would unlikely be ‘our’ as in Canberra’s f’ing wankers or if they were then they are truly f’ed un the head.

I think the vast majority of Riot’s readership are pro Canberra in the main both living here and loving the place, it just seems the consensus is that these guys are tossers. And who am I to buck public opinion?

You guys are all fucking wankers. There is no reason to not to be proud of where you came from. I know opne of the guys in the photo, and if you are proud of where you came from so be it. If they had “blacktown” or “south central L.A” tatooed on there arms i bet you would all think differently, I am damn proud I grew up in Canberra, show a little bit of pride or fuck off to sydney or melbourne, wankers thats where you belong. If you hate Canberra, Beloc or Tuggers then go back to where you came from because we dont want you. Stay here because you want to be here, not because you have to. (posted by Mess under Genies names)

I think alot of you guys are being harsh.. I know the guy in the shirt quite well and he’s a great guy. Not a wanker as most of you put them as. Most people get tattoo’s for a reason, or a hidden meaning. All of his tatts (and he has a fair few) mean something to him.. Alot of you guys just sound jealous coz your too wussy to get a tat yourselves.

Some people get lovers tattoo’s on themselves.. whats wrong with a tat symbolising where you grew up or what life means to you ??

Well, they are called tramp stamps for a reason ;D

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt4:52 pm 05 Jun 07

Good onya papadoc – let’s defend retards instead of calling it how we see it. Fortunately spazmoids like these will never get to make any decisions that affect the rest of society (unless criminally related), so who really cares.

And FWIW, I think chicks who get the obligatory butterfly at the base of the spine are boring, mindless and lacking in class.

I’m too busy laughing at them to be offended.

Get over it, they’re just tatts, why does it offend you that these guys want to represent where they’re from? It probably means alot more to them than just the word ‘belco’, dont judge if you dont know.

” I have lived in the same house in Kambah since 1979… “

ahahaha OWNED!!

The reason these ‘wangsters’ got their tattoos is because they want to appear big and tough to the ‘bimbos’ who have their lower backs tattooed.

Typical old fart responses. Get over it, these guys obviously got them for a reason and it seems like the majority of you are calling them stupid for doing so. Why not go critisize all the bimbos for the Butterfly on their lower back or all the bogans who get maori tribal work done without ever being in a tribe or having a clue about culture.

In fact, why don’t you all go harrass that big kiwi fella with the tribal design signifying where he’s from because it basically means the same thing… I double dare ya to…

neanderthalsis3:15 pm 05 Jun 07

A graphic example of the results of dog-paddling in the shallow end of the gene pool.

What a bunch of gormless twats, it is ok to have some degree of parochialism (I’m from the Westsayid myself, Ipswich – pauline Hanson country). But these fools are just a perpetuation of the semi-litterate bogan culture that is becoming all too prevalent amongst the younger generation.

Actually, a quick recount has revealed that I missed at least two off that list. Make it 15 since 1979.

I have lived in the same house in Kambah since 1979…

I have lived in 13 houses since 1979, and none of them have been in Kambah. As you can imagine, I don’t hold quite the fanatical devotion to one suburb that some people develop. That said, 8 of those houses have been in Canberra, and I consider it my home now.

I still dont get it -? its some kind of homosexual skate-boarding group?
is that guy on the left aware that his pants have fallen down?

Each to their own…

(Geez i’ve become magnanimous since returning from Morocco.. Snap out of it!)

I prefer my tatts to be individual. hence I drew them myself…

How embarrassing. Maybe they lost a bet or something. Or maybe they really are that hardcore.

West_Kambah_4eva9:59 am 05 Jun 07

There is no one more Kambah than me, suckas!!

Tonka, which side of Kambah you from? Cause I just gotta say West side is the best side!!

There is only one vital stat you gotta know; I have lived in the same house in Kambah since 1979…

Whoah there Mael,

Well familiar with the tats that the jews were left with and this has nothing to do with anything like that.

A suntan will kill you remember…

You should seriously read what I’ve said… ie it’s not a gang thing it’s a personal thing, and I’m not using it as a soapbox… I only mentioned it at all because I was asked.

Ease up there bigfella.

Just a little bit over the top I think.

Woody Mann-Caruso9:29 am 05 Jun 07

Ex-Radford students. Seriously.

Are these guys the trolley boys at Belconnen Mall?

Sorry, Westfield…

What ever happened to the suntan ?

The bronzed aussie ?

I agree with the theme that they look a little ungainly and pasty, perhaps they might have waited until Summer to take the shot ?

Please, submit your GANGSTA photos to the RiotACT. The masses of AFP who read this site will appreciate the link profiling.

Tattooing numbers was in forte once before; Nazi’s onto Jews. I don’t give a flying which ‘migrant’ background you come from, you should stop using it as a soapbox.

I also come from a migrant background. This is possibly the first time I have mentioned it on this site, as it has been unnecessary to date.

I agree, the dude on the left looks very unimpressed to be there, the other dudes look like they are tryin real hard to be tough.

if your saying what i think your saying VY, then that is yet another image I don’t need.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt9:09 pm 04 Jun 07

What a pack of tryhard wankers. I bet they’re vegemite miners, too.

Fair enough Tonka.

And that brown suburb entry sign idea is awesome! Someone ought to shop one onto one of the Belco Boys.

The Secretary6:51 pm 04 Jun 07

The only tatt that is particularly legible is on the bloke on the right. Should their mates wish to also get ‘Belco’ tatts then perhaps they should use a less convoluted font. Or perhaps get them written in a very Canberra way – white text written in the middle of a brown rectangle, just like the old entry signs to a suburb. That would be straight gansta mack.

Hey Meconium,

I did think very long and hard about it and it seemed right. Also, there isn’t a symbol for Kambah or anything like that I could’ve used as a fitting alternative.

I guess in short that it felt right and worked for me so I went with it.

It doesn’t matter at all to me if other people don’t get it, cos at the end of the day, it’s not about them.

I don’t even really talk to people about it unless they ask.

I don’t really care if people think it is a bit suburban gangsta. I know it’s not and that’s enough for me.

I suppose if my attitude was that Kambah rules over everywhere else and f**k people from outside the ‘bah then you’d be right.

But my attitude is that I appreciate people who demonstrate pride in their home cos that’s what I feel.

For me, it’s more about having a physical recognition of the bond I feel for the place than anything else.

It isn’t really about community spirit, it was much more of a personal thing.

And it’s not so much about the four numbers themselves, but what those four numbers represent to me.

I could have covered my body writing all of the positive stuff I feel about the place, but those four numbers say all that needs to be said.

What’s next? Kambah pride? I suppose if you’re passionate enough to ink yourself up about where you live good on you. Here’s to community spirit or at least the new version of it.

No-one seems to realise that they are Amber Jane Westin’s “housemates”.

Why the postcode though Tonka? I appreciate what you’re saying, and that you wanted a symbol of what life in South Canberra has meant to you.

But couldn’t you have thought of something more meaningful than a four-digit number people write on envelopes to make sure they get to Kambah? Isn’t there a single more symbolic image that combines your migrant heritage with your happy life here? Because you have to admit, regardless of what reasons you get a postcode tattooed on you for, it is a bit suburban gangsta.

Not trying to knock your tattoo, but if I wanted a permanent reminder of something on my skin, I’d think harder about what it would say.

good to see diversity in the public service… or porn industry. Think about it, they must work in one or the other.

Someone’s been playing a too much Gran Theft Auto.
“Grove Street for life!”

Like I said… it’s not about what you people think.

I don’t give a rats ass what you think to be honest.

Someone asked what it was about so I explained.

I’m happy to be proud of where I’m from.


Nothing wrong with a bit of local pride…

So tacky… Sorry it is…

There are a bunch of people from Kambah who have the postcode tattooed on themselves.

Myself included.

This isn’t some homeboy thing though…

It actually came about because I wanted to get my family motto tattooed. It’s been our family motto since 1170 and still rings true with me today.

It was merely a personal acknowledgement of my migrant heritage so I did it for myself, not really for the public.

While I was thinking about that, I also thought about the excellent life that I’ve had here in Australia, and all of the excellent opportunities, friends etc that life in Kambah has brought to me.

I thought while I was acknowledging my migrant heritage, I would also acknowledge the excellent life that I’ve had here in Australia, so I thought I’d get the postcode of Kambah done as well.

Strange I know, but it made sense to me. It felt right. It’s not some boonerish attempt to impress other people, but more an acknowldgement of the things that being an Australian have brought to me.

The place where I come from originally is a shithole, life is very hard for people and most of my friends there are long dead. Here in Australia I had the opportunity to have a good, happy life, and that to me is worth acknowledging.

It’s not about me thinking that Kambah is better than anywhere else, or that I’m part of some gang, or that I want to shout to the world that I’m a Bah boy.

Not at all. I cringe at the thought.

It was and is meant to be a private thing done for myself.

One of my friends from Kambah saw it after it was done and asked why I did it. When I explained to him the above, he decided that it also rang true with him and wanted one too.

I paid for that one and started a cycle… he paid for the next person who said that they were feeling the same way and so on.

It’s not like we had a recruitment drive or anything, but now there’s a few of us who each got that tat for the same reasons.

Again… it’s just about love of the great things that life have given us in Kambah and our group was bound together already by friendship before these things were done. For each person it’s a private statement.

It doesn’t mean that we hate people from other suburbs or anything. I understand that they feel the same way about where they live and grew up and I appreciate that.

I hear that there are also a bunch of people from Wanniassa who have done the same thing for the same reasons.

If these belco kids have done theirs for the above reasons then I applaud them.

wow. Losers.


Crazy imageshack, the tattoos say “Belco”.

lookout for the wanniassa massive…

I don’t get it….what do their tatts say?

DarkLadyWolfMother3:10 pm 04 Jun 07

You’re the second person to mention that within my ‘hearing’ today, Blamemonkey. Is there some kind of homie culture in Tuggeranong that I’ve missed?

they should have been born on the southside so they could have gotten Tuggers tattooed instead!

What does it say? I can’t read it.

DarkLadyWolfMother3:02 pm 04 Jun 07

The one in the black cap almost looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

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