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Belco Yea!

By lemaChet - 4 June 2007 82

Quite sad actually.

What’s Your opinion?

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82 Responses to
Belco Yea!
LlamaFrog 4:37 pm 04 Jun 07

good to see diversity in the public service… or porn industry. Think about it, they must work in one or the other.

Joker 4:32 pm 04 Jun 07

Someone’s been playing a too much Gran Theft Auto.
“Grove Street for life!”

Tonka 4:14 pm 04 Jun 07

Like I said… it’s not about what you people think.

I don’t give a rats ass what you think to be honest.

Someone asked what it was about so I explained.

I’m happy to be proud of where I’m from.

jessieduck 4:07 pm 04 Jun 07


papadoc 3:57 pm 04 Jun 07

Nothing wrong with a bit of local pride…

OzChick 3:57 pm 04 Jun 07

So tacky… Sorry it is…

Tonka 3:54 pm 04 Jun 07

There are a bunch of people from Kambah who have the postcode tattooed on themselves.

Myself included.

This isn’t some homeboy thing though…

It actually came about because I wanted to get my family motto tattooed. It’s been our family motto since 1170 and still rings true with me today.

It was merely a personal acknowledgement of my migrant heritage so I did it for myself, not really for the public.

While I was thinking about that, I also thought about the excellent life that I’ve had here in Australia, and all of the excellent opportunities, friends etc that life in Kambah has brought to me.

I thought while I was acknowledging my migrant heritage, I would also acknowledge the excellent life that I’ve had here in Australia, so I thought I’d get the postcode of Kambah done as well.

Strange I know, but it made sense to me. It felt right. It’s not some boonerish attempt to impress other people, but more an acknowldgement of the things that being an Australian have brought to me.

The place where I come from originally is a shithole, life is very hard for people and most of my friends there are long dead. Here in Australia I had the opportunity to have a good, happy life, and that to me is worth acknowledging.

It’s not about me thinking that Kambah is better than anywhere else, or that I’m part of some gang, or that I want to shout to the world that I’m a Bah boy.

Not at all. I cringe at the thought.

It was and is meant to be a private thing done for myself.

One of my friends from Kambah saw it after it was done and asked why I did it. When I explained to him the above, he decided that it also rang true with him and wanted one too.

I paid for that one and started a cycle… he paid for the next person who said that they were feeling the same way and so on.

It’s not like we had a recruitment drive or anything, but now there’s a few of us who each got that tat for the same reasons.

Again… it’s just about love of the great things that life have given us in Kambah and our group was bound together already by friendship before these things were done. For each person it’s a private statement.

It doesn’t mean that we hate people from other suburbs or anything. I understand that they feel the same way about where they live and grew up and I appreciate that.

I hear that there are also a bunch of people from Wanniassa who have done the same thing for the same reasons.

If these belco kids have done theirs for the above reasons then I applaud them.

justbands 3:53 pm 04 Jun 07

wow. Losers.

hk0reduck 3:51 pm 04 Jun 07

Crazy imageshack, the tattoos say “Belco”.

bonfire 3:30 pm 04 Jun 07

lookout for the wanniassa massive…

justbands 3:12 pm 04 Jun 07

I don’t get it….what do their tatts say?

DarkLadyWolfMother 3:10 pm 04 Jun 07

You’re the second person to mention that within my ‘hearing’ today, Blamemonkey. Is there some kind of homie culture in Tuggeranong that I’ve missed?

Blamemonkey 3:05 pm 04 Jun 07

they should have been born on the southside so they could have gotten Tuggers tattooed instead!

GnT 3:04 pm 04 Jun 07

What does it say? I can’t read it.

DarkLadyWolfMother 3:02 pm 04 Jun 07

The one in the black cap almost looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

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