Images of Canberra – Bird Wednesday

johnboy 5 January 2011 11
Gang Gang by kim

Response to “Bird Week” has been a little overwhelming. All the entries are in the slideshow below.

Thanks for today’s photos to Facet, Threepaws, Kim (who gave us the poster child), Pommy Bastard, Andrew, mad_kiwi, and sonja.

Got a picture of birds in or around Canberra? Email it to

(We also encourage you to get out and take a new one this week)

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11 Responses to Images of Canberra – Bird Wednesday
facet facet 9:35 am 05 Jan 11

Threepaws nice one of the cockie in mid flight.

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 10:20 am 05 Jan 11

I love cockatoos and parrots in general. They always look so cheerful.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:45 pm 05 Jan 11

Wonderful images there, everyone.

If I die someday, I want to come back as A Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo. They have such character, and always seem to be clowning around.

breda breda 3:04 pm 05 Jan 11

We certainly are blessed with great birdlife in this part of the world. Would love to see pix of some of the finches and honeyeaters – although I realise that the reason there are not many pix is the same reason I want to see them – they are hard to spot!

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 3:16 pm 05 Jan 11

I couldn’t agree more. When I did any bird ophotography back in Blighty the images were labeled

(Small brown bugger 1 small brown bugger 2…)

schmeah schmeah 5:29 pm 05 Jan 11

I love them all .. thank you to everyone who sent these in

zippyzippy zippyzippy 10:51 pm 05 Jan 11

Wow, those are some great pics. And it’s not easy to get good pics like this either. I’ve been trying!

mirage3 mirage3 11:16 pm 05 Jan 11

Kudos, All. I love birds.

toriness toriness 7:06 am 06 Jan 11

beautiful photos, and a timely reminder for me to put some seed out for the local birds (no i don’t put it out constantly so they aren’t dependent on it to their own detriment).

no photos of galahs though!!! if i came back as a bird it would have to be a cheeky galah hanging out with its peeps.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 7:43 am 06 Jan 11

I have to say Sonja’s photo of a cheesed off looking Eastern Rosella in the rain is the ace for me.

threepaws threepaws 9:05 am 06 Jan 11

Toriness –

I don’t mean to be the bird police but you should really google beak and feather disease. It affects cockatoos and other parrots, and it is heartbreaking to see an affected bird, knowing that it will eventually starve to death.

Diseased birds have trouble feeding themselves and will seek out backyard feeding stations, where they will end up sharing their meal with healthy birds with a high likelihood of passing on the disease.

Beak and feather disease is most commonly transferred through feeding stations. Hanging blocks of seed lessen the risk somewhat as the discarded seed falls to the ground, but many parrot species feed off the ground and are also at risk.

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