Images of Canberra – Do we need more flags

johnboy 2 July 2009 70

[First filed: July 01, 2009 @ 11:11]

As seen in the car park of the Braddon Club yesterday.

How many Australian flags are enough on a Toyota Ute?

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70 Responses to Images of Canberra – Do we need more flags
rottweiler rottweiler 8:50 pm 01 Jul 09

My hulix had as many Aussie flags on it if not more I also have an Australian flag waving at my gate, Why because I’m proud to be an Australian.

Thumper Thumper 8:20 pm 01 Jul 09

So flying th australian flag in australia on your, albeit Japanese ute, is automatically proof of a xenophobic racist redneck?

That’s about as understanding as a white man in Mississippi in the 1950s.

Conclusion, here are your hurdles.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 7:58 pm 01 Jul 09

shauno said :

Good on him. He’s proud to be Australian why bring any other issues into it (e.g. Union Jack in the flag)

But but…. s/he (Holden Caulfield) started it…! 😉

Jivrashia Jivrashia 7:54 pm 01 Jul 09

Holden Caulfield said :

Seems you don’t remember the referendum, as the flag wasn’t even mentioned. While there is a link, of course, they remain two separate issues.

I hear ya. And I’m sure your statements are pretty much technical correct.

I do remember that the 1999 referendum was about the wording in our constitution, replacing the name of the head of state and GG. For fellow Rioter’s info, back then all households were posted a booklet of the complete constitution with the revised parts. (and damn me for throwing it away! Does anyone still have a copy that they’re willing to part with?)

As you’ve already mentioned, there is a link between our constintution and our national flag because, I believe, it came from our collective forfathers’ hearts with the best interest of our nation in mind.

Call me a romantist or an ideologist, but I’d say that changing our national flag first is like taking a swing at the old lady (whether that may be the Queen, UK, or the Commonwealth to different people) before throwing down the gauntlet at her feet. I’d call it a morally correct protocol.

Tempestas Tempestas 7:43 pm 01 Jul 09

Waving a flag, just proves you can wave a flag. Nothing more. The most treasonous traitor can still wave a flag.
As Fabforty said the worry is those who display it as a way of trying to justify less savoury attitudes and behavours.

What gets me is the “Southern Cross” stickers with “love it or leave” matched message fail to understand that the southern cross is on at least 7 nations flags not to mention at least one division of another countries military.

xdave xdave 7:39 pm 01 Jul 09

*cue response from ute owner about how they’re not a bogan but actually have a high paying job*

Pandy Pandy 7:10 pm 01 Jul 09

How Un-australian to display this on a Japanese car made in Thailand

Jim Jones Jim Jones 6:42 pm 01 Jul 09

shauno said :

Good on him. He’s proud to be Australian why bring any other issues into it especially the anti American crap.

Are people without flags somehow less proud to be Australian?

What the hell does that mean anyway?

fabforty fabforty 6:38 pm 01 Jul 09

For me the issue is that some people use patriotism as justification for Cronulla style religious and cultural intolerance.

Nosey Nosey 6:31 pm 01 Jul 09

Mr EVIL you are wrong.

It is a Hilux so he can fit many more on.

Go the flags and go the HILUX!

rottweiler rottweiler 6:18 pm 01 Jul 09


Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:54 pm 01 Jul 09

Nice flag – shame about the ute.

knuckles knuckles 5:54 pm 01 Jul 09

“Remember the 1999 referendum?”

I remember that a majority of people voted that we didn’t want an Australian head of state that was elected by politicians.

Just ask the question do we want to become a republic, then see how we go.

Vonbare Vonbare 5:11 pm 01 Jul 09

After spending a number of years living overseas, I was shocked in January to see how ‘Americanised’ Australia Day has become. It is becoming more and more like the 4th of July and losing it’s own sense of identity along the way.

I see this car with all it’s flags as just another step in this process. It has never been within our national identity to blatently flaunt our ‘national pride’ in this way – Australian’s are renowned for being laid back and chilled – not ‘let’s shove it down your throat’ Let’s remember who we are and be proud to have our own identity! (and yes I do realise the irony of my comments)

Clown Killer Clown Killer 4:58 pm 01 Jul 09

This isn’t patriotism, it’s toolism.

When these made in China flags have faded in the sun and the weather they’ll end up in the bin at Car Lovers. Disposable. …. What were we discussing again?

Spideydog Spideydog 4:52 pm 01 Jul 09

I can’t believe people are getting hot under the collar about some flags on cars ……. FFS people get a life, REALLY.

“Damn flag carrying grumble, grumble, young bumpkins ….. get rid of em I say”

The flag is identity and is meant to be displayed, if people choose to do that, good on em.

smilesr smilesr 4:36 pm 01 Jul 09

What’s happening here? I just parked behind a car that had Aussie flag seat-covers and dashboard cover. I don’t get it. Plastering the flag here, there and everywhere smacks of tokenism, not true patriotism. But then I am a cynical Gen X-er…

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:18 pm 01 Jul 09

Nambucco Deliria said :

It’s a Union Flag, Holden, not a Union Jack.

Yes, I was wondering if someone would make that point. Union Jack is popularly accepted and worked a bit better in the sentence I used.

ant ant 3:56 pm 01 Jul 09

I am delighted said :

FFS let people do want they want, just because it doesn’t fit in with your la de da PC world. You don’t have let the whole world know, freaking cry baby.

I’m glad people who make comments like this are on the opposing side.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 3:50 pm 01 Jul 09

As many as the person wants, nothing wrong with being proud to be Australian, he just needs a F*#k off we’re full sticker as well!

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