Images of Canberra – Do we need more flags

johnboy 2 July 2009 70

[First filed: July 01, 2009 @ 11:11]

As seen in the car park of the Braddon Club yesterday.

How many Australian flags are enough on a Toyota Ute?

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70 Responses to Images of Canberra – Do we need more flags
Danman Danman 2:21 pm 02 Jul 09

Feathergirl, I present the flag of the A.C.T.

Feathergirl Feathergirl 2:11 pm 02 Jul 09

Is it possible to get little Canberra flags? Now I would put one of them on my car, but I don’t think they exist.

Zombie Patriots, the most fearful kind of zombie!

We’re due for in influx of kangaroo zombies soon, now you can’t get more patriotic than that. Be afraid…

Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel 11:56 am 02 Jul 09

Secret Squirrel said :

Zombie Patriots, the most fearful kind of zombie!

Other than MJ coming back to life that is.

Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel 11:55 am 02 Jul 09

braddonboy said :

Hey Cletus, how did the said dead digger get to a) mount the flags on the hilux and b) drive it to Baraddon?

Zombie Patriots, the most fearful kind of zombie!

puzzlepunk puzzlepunk 11:54 am 02 Jul 09

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.”

George Bernard Shaw

braddonboy braddonboy 10:34 am 02 Jul 09

Hey Cletus, how did the said dead digger get to a) mount the flags on the hilux and b) drive it to Baraddon?

Chopper Chopper 10:09 am 02 Jul 09

Thats it S4anta – this is Australia !!

We should be proud to have people who are proud of the country.

I am sure as hell sick of seeing “Tongan Pride, Italia banners on BMW’s” when the driver of the vehicle was born here. I mean it seems like its more acceptable to have multicultural stickers, flags on your car then our own.

But no doubt me saying this will result in “obviously Chopper has a southern cross tattoo” & “another aussie redneck” from people who arent proud of australia.

trevar trevar 10:09 am 02 Jul 09

Isn’t it odd, to see an Australian wanting to display an Australian flag? Who would ever have thought it possible? Only Americans do that sort of thing… oh, and Lebanese. They have cypruses everywhere. Awfully vulgar, don’t you think? Oh, and then there’s the Canadians, who plaster maple leaves up wherever there’s a spare centimetre! Disgraceful! And those French people with their tricolor all over every balcony they can find! I’ve even seen a Russian farmer carrying a sickle once! You see these things you buy from New Zealand, and they’ve got some silly fern leaf printed on them. And those horrid young hooligans from the UK, and even some who aren’t from the UK, wandering around with Union Jacks plastered all over themselves! Inadequate parenting, if you ask me! I’d never let my children wear a symbol, or especially to put one on a car! How terribly vulgar and American…

S4anta S4anta 9:30 am 02 Jul 09

Anyone who has a problem with someone putting one, two, three or four hundred aussie flags or decals on their vehicle, house or humpy obviously is suffering from cultural cringe, and needs to have a good hard look at themselves.

I for one think it is about time that as a country we take a bit of pride in ourselves and our emblems, we are the best country in the world and we need to remind ourselves of that from time to time. We are Aussies, and we have a habit of being a bit over the top where national pride is concerned, its how its always been and should stay that way.

Providing that these emblems do not become associated with the unfortunate events of the whole Bondi thing a few years back there is no real harm.

Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel 8:28 am 02 Jul 09

Next Karl and Ant will be saying “the Olympics are becoming Americanised, too much flag waving, ban the Olympics”!!!

Who cares where the flags are made, or where his truck is made. He’s showing the flags because he’s a proud Aussie, and he loves his country. I’m sure if you asked him he’d say IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AMERICA!!!

Cletus 2 Cletus 2 2:02 am 02 Jul 09

And by the way, my car has an Australian flag sticker with the words “fly our flag” underneath it, put there by the previous owner. There’s also an Australian 39th Infantry, Kokoda 1943 sticker. I don’t smell a hint of irony that it’s a Japanese car: flags aren’t necessarily a sign of irrational hatred, it could be pride in your country.

But would you say that only diggers should be allowed to love Australia? Or would you think that they are the only ones who should be able to put flags on their cars? Everyone else has to fly their regulation sized and constructed flags strictly according to your rules? Do you think you’d also be able to please censor any words and symbols that might appear on my cars, clothes, tatoos, boxer shorts, etc? I’d really hate for you to think I’m not “chilled out” or that I don’t give people a “fair go”, sir.

Cletus 2 Cletus 2 1:53 am 02 Jul 09

DrKarl, for somebody so politically correct and tolerant as I’m sure you think you are, you certainly have no problems telling people how to think and act. Well you are obviously superior to this race of bogan savages, you should start up a mission in Charnwood to help save the souls of the poor natives.

Question: if the owner of that ute with its non-silk, incorrect size, poor quality, non-flagpoled flags was actually an Australian digger who lost his or her life in action, would you go insane?

shauno shauno 12:45 am 02 Jul 09

Speak for yourself ant

DrKarl DrKarl 11:41 pm 01 Jul 09

Whats worse is wearing the flag on your Ass as a pair of Boxer shorts, getting skid marks all over it.
as some dick head going Oi oi oi “f@#$ off we are full” dunk as on Australia day

I have nothing against it being a quality silk made, correct size flag, displayed on a flag pole, with thought and honor given for the tens of thousands of Australian diggers who have lost there lives in the countries name, fighting for the chilled out values we hold, and a fair go to all, I mean ALL!

aussielyn aussielyn 11:22 pm 01 Jul 09

Australians used to have a love of country that was not showy as the Americans, as their love of old glory displayed proudly on their houses etc. Australians do not do this; we are NSW, Qld as state of origin nationalism
We love a quiet patriotism as opposed to natoinalism. We are ambivalent, as the Irish in us (30%) do not like the thought as English dominance, as depicted by our flag.
We are Australian, we do not copy America,.

Spideydog Spideydog 11:07 pm 01 Jul 09

OMG …… we are turning into americans by showing our flag ….. THE WORLD IS FALLING APART. GOD HELP US ALL !!!!!!!

Australia had been getting “americanised” a looong time ago. At least these people are showing their patriotism by flying our flag and not theirs. Wake up people, some people showing OUR flag is not the end of the world.

ant ant 10:23 pm 01 Jul 09

All these patriots, adopting an American way of displaying patriotism. I don’t even think Australians seriously thought of being “patriotic” until the yanks showed us their way of doing it.

V twin venom V twin venom 10:12 pm 01 Jul 09

The flag being manufactured in another county is irrelevant. It’s a display of patriotism even if it’s cheap. I am currently designing a tattoo for myself that features an aboriginal style dot painting lizard that has it’s feet and the point of it’s tail in the positions of the stars of the Southern cross. That’s how I want to show my patriotism for our great southern land if if someone else want to display their patriotism in another way that their choice. Disclaimer – I am not of a indigenous heritage but I wish pay my respect to the custodians of our land.

Having just read that last sentence, I should have been a politician.

Or I am proud to be Auatralian.

Die Lefty Scum Die Lefty Scum 9:02 pm 01 Jul 09

The Australian flag has been well and truly bastardised by tools such as this.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 8:57 pm 01 Jul 09

Pandy said :

How Un-australian to display this on a Japanese car made in Thailand

I think you forgot to mention that the flag was probably manufactured in China…

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