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DarkLadyWolfMother 12 January 2007 19

At the bottom of Dundas Court, Phillip, on the old Woden Transport Depot building, has appeared some graffiti. It’s a retro image that harks back (as retro tends to) to an earlier age of video-gaming.

I’d like to congratulate ‘TWO DUMB KIDS’, who I’m assuming did this, as that phrase appears next to Pinky.

With this simple, but effective, image they’ve brightened up the area considerably. They’ve also chosen chalk as their medium which means that it can be more easily removed if someone wishes. Though I do hope no-one wants to remove it. Let’s just let the weather do it for us, hmm?

I’m hoping to see more work like this around Canberra. It sure as heck beats tagging; and is less of a vandalism issue than those that use paints.

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19 Responses to Images of Canberra: Retro Graffiti
Maelinar Maelinar 2:39 pm 16 Jan 07

I’ll never get to go past ian bell for inventing the best game ever. L33t. (yes the 733T term we use so regularly refers to an actual game).

He has made it avaliable on the net for free – just google his name or the name of the game. It’s also avaliable for PPC for the rich techies who read this site.

For me, I’m waiting to find a blue portaloo so I can give rise (stencil) to the new doctor, Dr Poo and his Turdis.

Al Al 1:58 pm 16 Jan 07

Checked out MAME as suggested – sounded way to much to bother with all the emulator stuff, thanks anyway.
There are Miniclip versions of all these games and better that work right in Windows and they are all free. Even the dreaded Asteroids…

dh dh 11:39 am 13 Jan 07

Its very cool. extremely clever!!!

dh dh 11:37 am 13 Jan 07

Now thats art work! Creative yet not original

Hell_Puppy Hell_Puppy 9:37 am 13 Jan 07

That’s Gold. I love it. Kudos to the people who made this.

Danman Danman 11:44 pm 12 Jan 07

mame = multipule arcade machine emmulator

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:18 pm 12 Jan 07

Reminds me of this Pacman gem.

emd emd 9:50 pm 12 Jan 07

Loverly. Let’s see more of this stuff!

lenny lenny 8:04 pm 12 Jan 07

love it, if only all Graffiti was so cheerful

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:29 pm 12 Jan 07

Agreed with aich jay – it’s great!

utah utah 7:00 pm 12 Jan 07

Al, if you like Pacman, try MAME:

Given the right data files (“ROMs”) it’ll play any of about 6000 arcade games, including sundry versions of PacMan, Space Invaders, Galaga, Terra Cresta, Defender…

aich jay aich jay 4:40 pm 12 Jan 07

It’s not vandalism, it’s art!

Al Al 4:31 pm 12 Jan 07

My 6yo found a Pacman on the net – I’ve been hooked all over again…
Love the chalk medium – these kids have got style.

darkladywolf darkladywolf 4:27 pm 12 Jan 07

Was that the series of Space Invaders ones, Sammy?

fnaah fnaah 4:21 pm 12 Jan 07

woot. Now someone needs to do that to the civic talking wall, and get the music in there with it. 😛

jill jill 4:21 pm 12 Jan 07

very cute!

Sammy Sammy 4:01 pm 12 Jan 07

Yeah, it is cool. Someone did something like this years ago in NY, but on a much grander scale.

Meconium Meconium 3:58 pm 12 Jan 07

That is so cool. I’m going down there now to check it out. Nice spotting dlw!

Ze-Man Ze-Man 3:58 pm 12 Jan 07

Saw this a little while ago and personally I thought it was really cool. Now all we need is frogger!

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