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Images of Canberra – Rosellas in the Golden Wattle as seen from John’s shower

By johnboy 22 August 2005 24

Every now and then in this town you see something of such unspeakable and senseless beauty that you curse not having a camera handy. So when, midway through my shower this morning (I’m having a day in lieu for those who are curious as to timing), I saw these two browsing through the wattle I was ticked off at the little buggers for their poor timing. Thankfully they waited until my ablutions were complete and I was able to run and get the new camera. The shot was taken naked and dripping through a fly screen, so I think it came out pretty well all things considered (and figuring out manual focus is still on my “to do” list).

Rosellas in the wattle as seen from John\'s shower.

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24 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Rosellas in the Golden Wattle as seen from John’s shower
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blossy 8:34 pm 23 Aug 05

I know. I’m imagining 🙂

Thumper 7:25 pm 23 Aug 05

Naked Crimson Rosellas…..

Thumper 7:24 pm 23 Aug 05

Hi Blossy,

Don’t defend him!

After all, he was standing naked whilst secretly photographing rosellas, crimson rosellas at that!


blossy 7:20 pm 23 Aug 05

But it was just getting interesting!

johnboy 6:36 pm 23 Aug 05

Thank You K,

You can stop helping now.

Kerces 5:39 pm 23 Aug 05

Terubo, I suspect he would answer not nearly often enough…

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 5:21 pm 23 Aug 05

I hear the sound of a can of worms opening, and I think birds like worms…

terubo 5:05 pm 23 Aug 05

Do birds often watch you in the shower, JB?

Chalker 4:20 pm 23 Aug 05

Ah yes, I should have read the original post more carefully.
Was the fly screen the cause of you switching from auto to manual focus, JB? As in the camera couldn’t acheive a focus “lock” (or insert proper terminology here)

johnboy 11:45 pm 22 Aug 05

The flyscreen was vertical, as was I, so no cross dripping. the window is kept open to avoid fogging.

no tiles.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:36 pm 22 Aug 05

The writeup makes it sound like you were dripping through the flyscreen…were you standing on a mat, tiles always feel cold after a shower…the only time wet tiles underfoot feel good is during a shower…and don’t get me started on wet socks.

blossy 6:26 pm 22 Aug 05


Kerces 5:19 pm 22 Aug 05

wattle in Canberra…it must be spring!

terubo 5:04 pm 22 Aug 05

I think it’s just the steam from your shower – unless you were having a cold one.

johnboy 3:31 pm 22 Aug 05

hmm, yes, let’s blame the soft focus on the flyscreen!

Fiona 3:27 pm 22 Aug 05

thanks for the background. 😉

Chalker 1:42 pm 22 Aug 05

Very nice JB, the flyscreen seems to have added a “soft focus” effect.

Thumper 1:03 pm 22 Aug 05

Oh, okay….

Brain is still in neutral after the weekend….

You should get a VP day shot from me soon.

johnboy 1:00 pm 22 Aug 05

ummm, No.

That would be why I had to run and get it? On account of not showering with it?

Thumper 12:55 pm 22 Aug 05

You shower with a camera?????

Odd behaviour one must deduce….

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