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Images of Canberra – The Goodwin Trees of Ainslie

By johnboy 1 November 2005 56

To edify the heated discussions on the Goodwin Homes development (which many long term Inner North residents of my acquaintance are in favour of) B2 has sent in the following picture of the controversial (if not red herring) trees.

Threatened Goodwin Trees Of Ainslie

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56 Responses to
Images of Canberra – The Goodwin Trees of Ainslie
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Mr Weavil 4:06 pm 15 Nov 05

It is not the end of the story! The next ACT election will be the end of the story. Ainslie residents will certainly make the most of their vote next time – after all Ainslie is part of “Call-in” Corbell’s seat!

Martin 4:49 pm 07 Nov 05

Thanks to Aussielyn for the kind invitation. Unfortunately Simon Corbell has called this development in, shutting down any democratic process or further community consultation.

Nothing Ainslie residents do or say now matters. That’s it, end of story.

henry 8:51 pm 04 Nov 05

Old soldier, I must admit that the six storey story has been deliberately “ommitted”. The CEO of Goodwin Aged Care Services showed computer generated pictures of all of the buildings EXCEPT the two six storey wings. And the glossy development plans do the same. Seems to me that it was forseen that the two six storey wings would be contentious. Sorry, but we know that two six storey wings are in the plan and they are four storeys too high!

aussielyn 5:41 pm 04 Nov 05

Old Narrabundah Community Council will have its next meeting on Monday 14th Nov at the Tennis Courts Hut, Kootara Cres, Narrabundah at 7PM
We can advise objectors to the proposed Ainslie developement of our experience with the Hungarian Club site, and our understanding of ACT planning.
All welcome

oldsoldier 8:28 am 04 Nov 05

Hmmm. The pristine white model looked pretty innocuous to me when I saw it at the Goodwin open day. Perhaps its another of the half-truth ideals that seem to plague the Goodwin development. I don’t think it shows all to scale – the bunchy tree models looked as high as the buildings and much denser than in reality. And since there naturally wasn’t any of the rest of the suburb shown, it’d be hard to guage the impact of such over-population on the roads, etc. At the Ainslie Footy club meeting, the CEO only showed an artist’s model of how the three and four storey blocks ‘might’ look – left out the impact of the six storey ones.
Have you seen the letter by Cedric Bryant in today’s paper?

henry 6:46 am 04 Nov 05

The Ainslie shops is the best place to inform residents of what is happening in the suburb. Maybe Goodwin Aged Care Services could display the model of the redevelopment at the shops. Local residents would be keen to see how the development will look in their suburb. They could also put copies of the plans there. That would be an act of good faith towards the community that they live within.

henry 6:38 am 04 Nov 05

Maelinar, I am a resident who was not consulted. The more I have learnt about the proposal the more I am alarmed. Such a large scale development on such a small area of land is totally out of place in a predominantly single storey suburb. It is a chance for Goodwin Aged Care to fund 30 aged care beds by selling off high rise resort units to retirees. Greed. You should check out the scale model of the development. Go to Goodwin and ask to see the scale model. There is no green space in this proposal. It is wall to wall high rise. I will protest and urge others to do so, even after the high rise happens.

oldsoldier 9:36 pm 03 Nov 05

Maelinar, Nope .. just that when its a contentious idea, more than one person starts to investigate. Didn’t take me long to see the flaws in the whole Goodwin proposal and I am just glad that on the-Riotact there are a few more joining me in the trenches. There just HAS to be a better way to re-build Goodwin Ainslie.

Martin 9:23 pm 03 Nov 05

Maelinar, I’m not part of an organised group per se, but there are a bunch of residents concerned about the development. A few of us got together and organised a petition asking for more consulation (got around 600 signatures in around 20 hours up at Ainslie shops).

It is a bit hard. Goodwin and the government have been deliberating on this for over a year behind closed doors, with hundreds of thousands to spend on flash consultants, models and presentations. We’re just normal residents, many of whom have full time jobs and families.

We are trying to hook up with the Ainslie Residents’ Association, which has successfully got a height limit in Ainslie of 2 storeys agreed with ACTPLA (before Goodwin that is!).

Can’t speak for the others though….

seepi 7:50 pm 03 Nov 05

I think six storeys, in a olandscape where the other buildings are only 1 and 2 storeys for as fars as the eye can see does qualify as a tower.
I think akll the detail about trees/not-for-profit/use of the bulkof the units etc etc are all red herrings.
The issue here is that this government is exptremely bossy with private citizens – we can’t cut down our own trees, put water tanks in front of our houses, build flat roofed garages in the heritage part of ainslie, build a front fence, etc etc etc, and yet they can put up a six storey building at very short notice, after letterboxing 17 residents (so they can say they consulted).
It should either be a free for all, or else they should have to folloow their own rules.

johnboy 7:39 pm 03 Nov 05

Anyone describing six stories as a “tower” is being at best disingenuous.

bonfire 7:15 pm 03 Nov 05

and when they are presented to the assembly im sure that the alp will ram through what they want anyway.

ive been listening to house of reps all day…

‘1252 pages of INFAMY’

Maelinar 4:50 pm 03 Nov 05

So was it looked at closely, or shelved until 5mins before the developers walked in ?

Roland GRNS 4:32 pm 03 Nov 05

Re Consultation
From Assembly Hansard October 19

DR FOSKEY: My question is to the Minister for Planning. It concerns the proposed redevelopment of the Goodwin homes site. At a public hearing of the planning and environment committee’s inquiry into aged care accommodation last year, the chief executive officer of Goodwin Aged Care Services, talking about his plans, said that people were going to have to weigh up “I want mum to go in there” against “I don’t think you should be allowed to build that”. It is clearly no surprise to anyone that there are concerns across the suburb at the intended scale of development. Nonetheless, the consultation on the development application was a standard process, with advice going only to immediate neighbours….
DR FOSKEY (Continued): Given the predictability of the suburb-wide distress, why didn’t ACTPLA or the community engagement unit initiate a broader and more open community consultation process?

MR CORBELL: It is one of those issues: how many people do you advise of a proposal? For example, you could advise the whole suburb of every proposal in a suburb and nine times out often no-one would really care because it would not be contentious or controversial. It is very difficult to predict those proposals that will garner community support or concern and those that will not.

The Assembly has, itself, voted on what the notification requirements are. They are outlined in the land act and the regulations to the act. If members had concerns about those regulations and provisions, they had the opportunity to raise them in debate in this place.

Members would be aware that the government, through its planning system reform project, is proposing to change the arrangements in relation to notification, depending on what type of development is being proposed. For example, those developments consistent with a code assessment will not have the same level of notification as those developments that are subject to merit or impact assessment under the proposed performance.

So there is the opportunity in the coming 12 months for the Assembly to look at this issue quite closely, and I am sure the Assembly will. Through you, Mr Speaker: I am sure Dr Foskey will do so when the bills come before the Assembly for discussion and debate. But at this stage the government will be continuing with the existing arrangements until the planning system reform project outcomes are presented to the Assembly.

Maelinar 3:21 pm 03 Nov 05

Are you guys in an organised group or something ?

I’m talking oldsoldier, martin, ainslieresident, henry, etc.

Martin 2:46 pm 03 Nov 05


Dear JR

A spokesperson from the Federal Department of Health and Ageing advised on the 24th October that “an extension would be favourably considered if any delays occured because of circumstances outside of Goodwins control.”

I wonder whether Simon Corbell is being pressured by Goodwin to call in the development more to avoid the provisions of the Tree Protection Act 2005 (which comes into effect on 29th March) than anything to do with Federal government funding deadlines.

It would be a pity if the Minister caves into this pressure, effectively circumventing a law which his government introduced. Hmmmm……

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