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Images of Canberra – They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’

johnboy 20 November 2008 42

I saw this one in Forde the other day and just had to share.

On the bright side, at least the half with the rego sticker on it is probably kosher.

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42 Responses to
Images of Canberra – They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’
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joeyjojojuniorshabadoo 9:59 am 22 Feb 11

Cool story bro…

andre88 8:47 am 22 Feb 11

It is a girl that owns it. Her name is Amy I’m pretty sure. I do believe this is her car, she is an interesting person…….

Hdopler 1:21 pm 25 Nov 08

That is just silly.

Hercsie 4:29 pm 21 Nov 08

“Miss Layin Low” was on the back window when I saw it in Plamerston

Jim Jones 8:56 am 21 Nov 08

Hercsie said :

If it is the vehicle I think it is – a female owns it.


farnarkler 8:53 am 21 Nov 08

The owner’s been watching too many hip-hop music videos or it’s just off the boat from East LA.

G-Fresh 10:44 pm 20 Nov 08


Granny 9:40 pm 20 Nov 08

Now there’s a twist! I didn’t see that one coming.

Hercsie 9:32 pm 20 Nov 08

If it is the vehicle I think it is – a female owns it.

Vic Bitterman 9:05 pm 20 Nov 08

What a ***** ****box. Crush it, immediately!

shiny flu 8:34 pm 20 Nov 08

I really like it…

… not.

grunge_hippy 7:05 pm 20 Nov 08

fully sik bro. gettin it ready for the ‘nats man. swoit.

Pommy bastard 5:07 pm 20 Nov 08

They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’

Where’s the person in the hat?

I’m sure it will be a very nice car once its finished.

tylersmayhem 5:02 pm 20 Nov 08

I saw this one in Forde the other day

More importantly, what the hell were you doing out in Forde anyway JB? I think that’s the vehicle of the only person who lives out there isn’t it?

ant 4:27 pm 20 Nov 08

realityskin said :

how about bigger images ? or at least clickable to a bigger one so we don’t have to squint

Because the OP was skulking out of sight with his camera, in case the tragic who owns this muddle was big and sick of people laughing at his car.

the trouble with doing stuff to cars like this, is the people doing the doing are often not very style-minded, so they end up making an ugly mess.

I quite like the B & S utes, the more outrageous the better. they are making some like mini trucks, with the big truck exhaust sticking up, rows of lights etc, I think they’re quite funny. but the body-kit on this thing just looks wrong. It might improve when they bog it up and paint it, but I suspect peopel will always laugh at it.

The mechanics I used to go to did up cars, chopped bits off and changed them. They did Zooks and Jeeps, and I remember them making a SWB Vitara into a little ute – they cut off the body behind the front seats, closed up the cabin, and made a little ute tray out the back just big enough to clear the back wheels and hold a lashed-down spare wheel. They did the usual jack-up for the suspension too and I think they put a bigger engine in.

GB 2:47 pm 20 Nov 08

justbands said :

God given?

– “existing or applying as part of the natural order of the universe rather than arranged by humanity”.

Looking like a tosser is definitely part of the natural order, as are arguments about which particular looks are tosser-worthy.

Although I suspect this ‘God’ (as distinct from ‘god’) would be also pretty easy-going about body kits and airbags — more important things afoot.

I actually think its rather good that there are plenty of people prepared to look like tossers on account of something they are passionate about. And plenty of people prepared to pull us up when we act like tossers a well. Some of them are even on riotact…

ljk 2:44 pm 20 Nov 08

just wish you could have gotten a better close up of the bird in the background…..

p1 2:34 pm 20 Nov 08

GB said :

…its worth doing to excess.

That is a cool body kit.

justbands 2:27 pm 20 Nov 08

God given?

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