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Images of Canberra – The view from Mt Painter

johnboy 16 November 2008 46

Pommy Bastard has sent this one in with the following note:

    View from the top of Mount Painter in advance of the alleged “storm” coming through Saturday.

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46 Responses to Images of Canberra – The view from Mt Painter
Beserk Keyboard Warrior Beserk Keyboard Warrior 3:50 pm 04 Dec 08

I like P.B’s pics. Elegant and unpretentious.

Dexi’s pathetic little vindictive spat stems from the comments P.B made on her “Judge gives knifepoint carjacker a chance” thread a week or so ago.

johnboy johnboy 2:28 pm 04 Dec 08

It goes for you and everyone else Evil.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:26 pm 04 Dec 08

Dexi, you’re a vindictive bastard – you don’t happen to work at the ATO do you? 🙂

dexi dexi 2:21 pm 04 Dec 08

OK… Can I just say I really don’t like the photo’s. Ill leave it there.

sepi sepi 2:20 pm 04 Dec 08

I thought Dexi’s last point was quite salient.

Whereas others telling her what to do with various orrifices seems to go unmoderated.

johnboy johnboy 2:16 pm 04 Dec 08


This is going to be the end of you carrying over a grudge from one thread to the next.

Either you can stop it, or I can stop you.

But it’s going to stop OK?

dexi dexi 2:15 pm 04 Dec 08

Here is another subtle difference in abusive language that the bastard fails to grasp. As I am a wanker, I get to use the term “wanker”. It allows me to make all kind of “wamkery” comments without offending. If I wasn’t a wanker, then my use would be a form of abuse. This would apply to cheap slut, whore, trollop or single mums. His use of these words are derogatory towards women. They where intended to offend a large proportion of the opposite sex. I wouldn’t find offense with the bastard using words like, bigot, sexist pig, old fart, or piss poor photographer, even if I too was one of them, because I know he would be talking from a similar point of view. If I used these terms I would be insulting.

Gobbo Gobbo 1:52 pm 04 Dec 08

dexi said :

and I thought I was the wanker………..

I’m sure you are. Don’t worry. 🙂

dexi dexi 1:48 pm 04 Dec 08

and I thought I was the wanker………..

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 1:44 pm 04 Dec 08

Only in your eyes dear Dexi, apart from you there’s nary a bad word been said about them. On the contrary, most have been exceedingly gracious in their praise, it’s all rather humbling.

dexi dexi 1:28 pm 04 Dec 08

You shouldn’t be. Your photo’s are crap.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 1:27 pm 04 Dec 08

Thanks must go to Dexi for his/her promotion of my images here, and thanks also to all who have risen in defence of my photo.

I never expected such an abundance of interest, I’m very flattered.

dexi dexi 1:22 pm 04 Dec 08

I hope the view wasn’t skewed, blurred or poorly composed. Although I fear it was all of these things. Guess I’m just human. I have no pride in my posts. Abuse is abuse, and has no place in my life. I apologise for my self indulgence.

Gobbo Gobbo 12:56 pm 04 Dec 08

No. They certainly gave me an impression of you. One which will last forever. 🙂

Though I don’t know it is the sort of view that you might like a stranger to have of you. But it was all yours to give.

I will now place you in the box with the others that I also think similarly about.

You should be proud.

dexi dexi 12:52 pm 04 Dec 08

Sadly they have. Cloth ears. Blurred photo.

Gobbo Gobbo 12:47 pm 04 Dec 08

So you had a big wank dexi. Good for you.

Hope you came like a train. All those words shouldn’t go to waste.

dexi dexi 12:32 pm 04 Dec 08

Just pausing in the after glow that comes with the satisfaction of self indulgence.

ant ant 12:30 pm 04 Dec 08

crabb said :

Gonna do a midnight runner, Dexi?


crabb crabb 12:27 pm 04 Dec 08

Gonna do a midnight runner, Dexi?

Overheard Overheard 12:18 pm 04 Dec 08

dexi said :

I’m just being a wanker. There I said it. I’ll wipe the mess away and zip up now.

That suppository riposte was pretty funny though!

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