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Images of Canberra – The view from Mt Painter

By johnboy - 16 November 2008 46

Pommy Bastard has sent this one in with the following note:

    View from the top of Mount Painter in advance of the alleged “storm” coming through Saturday.

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46 Responses to
Images of Canberra – The view from Mt Painter
dexi 11:48 am 04 Dec 08

I will leave the suppositories to our European friends. In Australia when you have a shit stuck you tell everyone and fart a lot. Spread the stench I say.

Overheard 11:38 am 04 Dec 08

I posted one (count them, one) here before too, coincidentally from Mt Painter, it was an out and out point and shoot attempt with absolutely nil touching up afterwards. (These are mad skillz I possess not.)

You can bet I won’t be repeating the dose if it’s to risk getting flamed by some uber visual arts critic. My mistake, I thought this was the RiotACT.

To add to the scatological references, dexi, I’d suggest a lot of fruit or a heavy dose of Metamucil might improve your world view and general feelings of happiness towards your fellow burghers. Failing that, a quack can perscribe a very large suppository and I would recommend following the instructions if you’re unclear on where to shove it.

Mr Evil 11:26 am 04 Dec 08

The way I see it, even if PB’s photos aren’t perfect in every way it is still nice of him to take the time to post them here. To me they show off what is so nice about living in the ACT – the fact that we have some lovely spots away from the city centre and suburbia.

This isn’t a professional photgraphy website (in case you haven’t noticed) but if people are burnt everytime they try and post an image we’ll end up with a completely photo free site!

Danman used to post images here too, but I notice he’s disappeared too, so I wonder if his photos weren’t good enough either for the photography purity squad? 🙂

H1NG0 11:15 am 04 Dec 08

How does the world appear through your eyes Dexi? Purveyor of fine arts are we?

Gobbo 11:14 am 04 Dec 08

dexi was in the photo outside Shooters and took offence at being referred to as “dressing like”.

dexi 11:12 am 04 Dec 08

I was just was labeling crap photos as crap. I’m sorry you find it abusive. It’s just my opinion. PB should use his superpowers for good rather than continually seeking to degrade and distort our landscape.

Mr Evil 11:03 am 04 Dec 08

Jeez, dexi, what’s up your arse?

Pommy bastard 11:02 am 04 Dec 08

No need John.

Dexi seems to forget that each time s/he comments on the photos it brings them back to the top of the “recent comments list”, hence drawing attention to them again.

mutley said :

Great shot, but if you do a larger versio can you straighten the horizon? My OCD has made me tilt my screen.

I’ll try, but shifting the Brindabellas may be a bit much even for my superpowers.

johnboy 10:59 am 04 Dec 08

Dexi if you can’t lay off the needless abuse I’ll have to moderate you.

dexi 10:54 am 04 Dec 08

Where you on drugs when you took this photo? Was your eye sight blurred when you set your fancy tripod? So what, its some clouds and a view that most of us see out the window. Another bastardised view of a landscape that makes my eyes bleed.

mutley 5:05 pm 17 Nov 08

Great shot, but if you do a larger versio can you straighten the horizon? My OCD has made me tilt my screen.

Mr Evil 10:43 am 17 Nov 08

Fantastic image.

Pommy bastard 7:28 am 17 Nov 08

My thanks to both, I’ll do a link to the full sized version sometime soon.

Vic Bitterman 7:42 pm 16 Nov 08

That’s a really lovely photo PommyBastard!

Gobbo 10:17 am 16 Nov 08

Nice shot. I’d get up there more often if I didn’t have to climb it. 🙂

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