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Images of Canberra – Thunder over Mount Ainslie

By johnboy - 16 April 2009 24

CoffeeGeek has sent in this HDR picture of stormclouds over our city with the following note:

    I have this one I took roughly 4 weeks ago on a Friday afternoon. I can’t remember the date. The hill in the distance to the right is Mount Ainslie, and the road crossing the view is the Gungahlin bypass. We are looking parallel to Ginninderra Dr towards Lyneham, opposite Bruce stadium.

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24 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Thunder over Mount Ainslie
s-s-a 10:58 pm 16 Apr 09

I agree with #3. Too much Photoshop makes it a dramatic piece of art, not a photo IMO. Would be interested to see one of the component images SOOC?

xyro 9:12 pm 16 Apr 09

nice shot!

Pommy bastard 7:38 pm 16 Apr 09

CoffeeGeek said :

PB, I use Dynamic Photo HDR. It’s easy to use and v powerful.

Thanks mate, I’ll check it out.

Danman 6:38 pm 16 Apr 09

Not a big fan of HDR aka digital art but it does have quite an armageddonesque look like a cloud time lapse video I shot the other day.

CoffeeGeek 6:21 pm 16 Apr 09

Thanks guys and gals!

Berraboy, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. You take several shots ranging from very underexposed, to very overexposed. The photo above is made up of 5 individual shots from -2EV to +2EV. The software mentioned earlier takes the best of each shot and mixes it into one. ie. The highlights from the underexposed shots, and the shadows from the overexposed ones.

That’s a quick explanation. To learn more, see

BerraBoy68 6:05 pm 16 Apr 09

While I like PBs more natural shots, I like this one too. Kind of looks like a tactical Nuke going off.

BTW: I understanding photoshopping but what’s HDR?

And what Swaggie said +1

Swaggie 5:38 pm 16 Apr 09

Gotta have this one on the 2010 Riotact calendar..

CoffeeGeek 5:29 pm 16 Apr 09

PB, I use Dynamic Photo HDR. It’s easy to use and v powerful.

CoffeeGeek 5:12 pm 16 Apr 09

Thunder can only be captured in HDR.


Ari 4:37 pm 16 Apr 09

I can’t see any thunder.

Ko. 4:29 pm 16 Apr 09

How do you take a picture of thunder anyway?

CoffeeGeek 4:21 pm 16 Apr 09

Thanks for the feedback. I agree Henry, it is highly manipulated, maybe a little overcooked, but I was going for the Armageddon look :). HDR has the capacity to make or break a shot(or 5 shots, to be accurate!).

Learning about HDRs at the moment. I’ve done a set on Canberra City with a new DSLR (these clouds were shot on a compact!) based around urban sprawl and decay that aren’t quite as heavy… well some are 😉

stereo henry 4:13 pm 16 Apr 09

it is a good shot, but me thinks, perhaps, just a little too much photoshop 😉

Pommy bastard 4:00 pm 16 Apr 09

Awesome! Well done mate great HDR rendition. (Do you do HDR in photoshop, or another program?)

justbands 3:41 pm 16 Apr 09

Thanks CoffeeGeek…fantastic shot!

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