Impolite Canberrans in the press

dusty 28 February 2006 61

Found this article in Sydney Morning Herald’s Heckler column. Makes for interesting reading, what do you think?

Canberra – where being polite is a capital offence

[Also sent in by Thumper]

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61 Responses to Impolite Canberrans in the press
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erewego erewego 2:51 pm 28 Feb 06

it was I shoved the heckling tosser in the ditch! haha!! I cant dispute the lycra tho – cyclists in lycra are dangerous mostly to themselves

annie annie 2:03 pm 28 Feb 06

PS: We were the only ones on the road at the time.

annie annie 2:02 pm 28 Feb 06

I thought it was a great piece. Canberra drivers ARE among THE worst drivers I have ever seen, and I live around here!

One example: I remember me and my husband driving along on a country road near Victoria one time, and being dumbstruck when a car with ACT plates screamed up behind us, tailgated the car briefly, then overtook when we didn’t get the message to go over the speed limit for his convenience.

But for the record, by the way, I consider Central Coast drivers to be even worse. You take your life into your hands every time you enter a roundabout up there.

andy andy 1:07 pm 28 Feb 06

actually.. i had a friend who moved to melbourne and she came back for a weekend and said she was amazed how arrogant, and rude, and self-important everyone here was…
This was after about 3 months of living in melb, and she said the people are heaps nicer there…

however.. bad weather.. hook turns.. sprawling city…

Maelinar Maelinar 12:54 pm 28 Feb 06

Fiona, there’s a paticular pedestrian crossing I have in mind enroute to Dickson.

There is a blind curve where a vehicle cannot see a bike approaching, and I’ve seen bikes come flying through at times.

The letter of the law (prepared to be corrected here as I haven’t looked it up) is a cyclist must dismount and then cross the road (as a pedestrian). If they’re on their bike, fair game, play dodgeball with them.

Fiona Fiona 12:45 pm 28 Feb 06

I hate that cyclists go go interchangably from the road to the pedestrian crossings etc.

Is it the law to give way to cyclists on a pedestrian crossing here? I just don’t always see them flying out from the side like that… gah

I just wish they’d eitehr ride ont eh paths or the road. One or the other, not whichever suits best that split second.

T_Bone T_Bone 12:07 pm 28 Feb 06

Peter who??…gives a shit.

colsim colsim 11:30 am 28 Feb 06

“Every state has a stupid slogan on their numberplates. Canberra goes better, and has three. “The Nation’s Capital” which is at least a statement of fact, “Heart of the Nation” which is not, and “Feel the Power” because “Bend over, losers, and feel the power of Canberra” was too long to fit on the plates.”

How can you not give him points for that?
It’s funny, sheesh, delicate flowers much.

gingermick gingermick 11:04 am 28 Feb 06

Spot on, that fella!

Bodhichitta Bodhichitta 10:47 am 28 Feb 06

Actually. I agree with much of what he said.

I love Canberra. I love it for its parks, its roads, its ‘communion’ with nature. Its a beautiful city and has so much going for it…except its inhabitants.

People that live here are different to people in any other city Ive ever been to. They dont look past thier noses, live in thier own little bubbles and resist as much as possible any outside influence into thier own little worlds…

Thumper Thumper 10:22 am 28 Feb 06

I didn’t see him complaining about the lack of traffic, the short commuting times, the clear air, the availablity of parking (albeit, less than previous), the crisp morning, etc….

dusty dusty 10:02 am 28 Feb 06

Poor Peter Lang, must’ve been having a bad day.. road rage, bike lycra rage, pedestrian rage, annoying number plates and maybe stubbed his toe on the photocopier at work to top it all off. No wonder he felt that way, I would too, if I was a complete loser. Lead by example Mr Lang.

mr sawdust mr sawdust 9:40 am 28 Feb 06

me speliing to shiiite.

mr sawdust mr sawdust 9:39 am 28 Feb 06

Poor Sydneysider, having to move to Canberra due to better living and working conditions and then haviong to deal with the rest of us. Perhaps we best contact our friend here and find out his route to work so as he drives by we can bow down to our toes and avert our eyes lest we offend him. Better find the virgins to start throwing rose petal leaves at his feet while we are at it…

terubo terubo 9:37 am 28 Feb 06

Turgid sludge. I sure hope they don’t pay for prattle like that.

toriness toriness 9:34 am 28 Feb 06

i always think it’s a bit sad (and i mean pathetic-sad) when people bag out the place where they live, and is far more a reflection on them (to not take control of their own lives and move elsewhere) than the place they are living where there are 100,000s of others who are quite happy and continue to live here because they love it! every place has it’s good and bad qualities – that applies to EVERYWHERE without exception.

true statements though are that lycra is bad, and that drivers in canberra are quite terrible (with no excuse as our roads are excellent and traffic is not that bad!).

Maelinar Maelinar 9:32 am 28 Feb 06

Hrmms, “To pick targets such as Canberra’s bad driving, stupid number plates and inconsiderate cyclists”. Instead of reading RA, how about visiting Canberra to make your own decisions about the place ?

That pretty much just a summary of last months discussions isn’t it ?

johnboy johnboy 8:56 am 28 Feb 06

he has a point about the evils of the lycra legion and the sad and pathetic tourism campaigns.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 8:46 am 28 Feb 06

the guy sounds like a cock sucker and should be treated as such!

To pick targets such as Canberra’s bad driving, stupid number plates and inconsiderate cyclists jeez it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, all the statements are true so either deal with it or move somewhere else.

But one thing that really pisses me off is the connect he decided to make between Parliament House and canberrans having influence over decisions. go and get fucked!!!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:36 am 28 Feb 06

It’s scary how true some of that is!

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