Impolite Canberrans in the press

dusty 28 February 2006 61

Found this article in Sydney Morning Herald’s Heckler column. Makes for interesting reading, what do you think?

Canberra – where being polite is a capital offence

[Also sent in by Thumper]

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61 Responses to Impolite Canberrans in the press
Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:41 pm 01 Mar 06

Another number plate suggestion:

“Canberra – Even John Howard won’t live here!”

johnboy johnboy 3:26 pm 01 Mar 06

sorry, meant to say nice things about Canberra.

we do need big signs at all the entrances to the city saying “if you don’t have a car you will hate this city” and maps to point them at where the good bars hide.

Ari Ari 3:22 pm 01 Mar 06

He loved the country – and he even said a few nice things about Canberra (after sniggering a lot about its foibles).

johnboy johnboy 3:18 pm 01 Mar 06

Bill also said quite a few nice things about Australia too.

Ari Ari 3:05 pm 01 Mar 06

In his book on Asutralia Bill Bryson came up with his own slogan for the ACT.

“Canberra – Why wait for death?”

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:02 pm 01 Mar 06

thats what im saying despite my frustrations I don’t know why I keep coming back.. I have left several times for several years in a row…. keep on coming back…(to be honest most my frustrations are to do with the people in the public service)

bonfire bonfire 2:48 pm 01 Mar 06

his comments about cyclists are spot on. a selfish and spoiled subsection that suckle from the teat of society and return nothing. they ignore inconvenient things like road rules and bang on about green issues.

canberra drivers are also incompetent and never use indicators, tailgate and use roundabouts like slaloms. this is also behaviour you see everywhere not just canberra.

we do have traffic jams, but they are nowhere near as bad as sydney or melb.

canberra pub servants do sustain a class system mentality, but curiously most of the more arrogant ones came originally from sydney.

bulldog bulldog 2:13 pm 01 Mar 06

AD – (just in case you aren’t trolling for a bite and take the above rambling seriously), if you don’t like it here piss off – nobody is forcing you to stay.

I like simto’s idea for the plates. How about;

“Canberra – You can’t beat us so join us”.
“Canberra – Envy of the Nation”
“Canberra – Pick on someone your own size”
“Canberra – where everything hasn’t been trashed yet”

We should have a comp to see who can come up with the funniest and most apt plate slogan. The winner can drink for free at the next RA get-together.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:39 am 01 Mar 06

I actually think he is spot on…canberra is a very rude city… I think it goes hand in hand with the public service… it breeds rudeness and arrogance all wrapped up and served on a plate incompetance.

I often honestly do wonder why I keep coming back to this rude and bitchy city.

simto simto 8:46 am 01 Mar 06

I think we have a brand new number plate: “Canberra – We’re not putting up with any more of your crap”.

Look, there is a side to Canberra that is, dare we say it, just a little arrogant. But that’s just becuase we do know better than anyone else.

midnitecalla midnitecalla 9:24 pm 28 Feb 06

I commute to and from the ACt once a fortnight as part of my work, and I agree that the sydney siders are rude and arrogant in a differing field that the ACT drivers take, but the cyclists all are cut from the same cloth! All “serious cyclists” take the view that they are non polluting, But ever stand near one in a coffee shop after a five mile hard ride? they reek of bo,that is air pollution as it’s most primitive! also they ride two abreast and as far im led to believe, that is still illegal
on a public road has been since early last century

but try to tell these “citizens” that they just act with baffle ment that a motorist would know so much more than they.

sure they may have cars at home but to act like a pseudo lance armstrong whilst out at thier hobby and thinking others are glad / grateful/ awe inspired invites trouble dosent it?

i for one do NOT appriciate those idiots that put my family at risk by jetting out between parked cars then hog the lane and expecting me to be able to stop them becoming a hood ornament in a flash. All the while giving me the hairy eye ball of shame. i see this too often . Also what happened to ringing the bell when near the drivers side to stop motorists abruptly open ing doors on them? i have had three doors bent ( the cyclists paid for the repairs as i proved no warning bell was sounded so take heed peadllers)and i DO watch for them by the way,

and to run down the city where i grew up in and rode the cycle paths safley and properly is too much. those who cant imagine how bloody lucky we have a unsung world class city to call home.

barking toad barking toad 8:55 pm 28 Feb 06

Well I can guarantee it ain’t the Langy I know. A bike wouldn’t even be considered when the daily routine involves getting to and from a 4 hour lunch. And a suggestion that the lycra be donned would likely get a response along the lines “get fucked poof!”.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:34 pm 28 Feb 06

oops…forgot the 2).

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:34 pm 28 Feb 06

What a knob jockey!

Ooh one cyclist and all of Canberra is shite.

Then again, whenever anything happens in Parliament, they blame “Canberra” as a whole. They seem to forget that 1) the PM lives in NSW and most Federal MPs DON’T live in Canberra.


schmerica schmerica 7:29 pm 28 Feb 06

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have many problems with people like walking on the street etc. Someone mentioned that everyone is in their own little bubble… uh yeah ? Its not a whole ‘lets hold hands and be one nice big happy family’ world I’m afraid. Now, with saying that you do get the occasional asshole who clearly thinks that it is their right to push you out of the way to get to where they need to be faster. But if thats ever happened to me, I get a ‘sorry!’ at least.

I didnt grow up in Canberra, I’ve been here about 7 years. But when I return back to Wollongong, I appreciate what we have here. I find that most Canberra residents are fairly polite, and the only people I personally hear whining about Canberra drivers are my parents and grandparents… If someone is driving too slow – you go around them. I don’t know, once again, maybe it’s just me ?

Special G Special G 6:28 pm 28 Feb 06

I have lived in a few places, including overseas and I find that the bigger the city the more arrogant and rude the people.

I have also found that there are bad drivers everywhere. Canberra you probably just get to see them more because you actually go faster than bumper to bumper traffic.

Anyone who doesn’t like the place can bugger off somewhere else. I love it and I’m staying. I’m even nice to people and say hi when I pass them on my bike or walking my dog.

Which state does have a good number plate slogan?

I hate Sydney and Melbourne – not too bad to visit for a weekend but that’s about it. Too many rude arrogant knob jockeys, bad traffic and roads, shit drivers, polution and long commuting times, hence I in Canberra.

There are people who love it here and stay and those who hate it, and whinge. Someone get that guy a tissue and a shoulder to cry on the whingy little bitch.

bulldog bulldog 4:42 pm 28 Feb 06

Yeah – as everyone has concurred the Lycra tools of the “tour de pube” do suck. Oh, and yes, Canberra drivers do suck. Oh – we can also be rude as well – although i’m tipping it’s a lot less rude here than it was last time I was in Fairfield, Lakemba, Bankstown, Strathfield, Randwick, Double Bay, Paddington, Darlinghurst… in fact most of the places I’ve been to in Sydeny are either dangerous shit-holes or pretentious shit holes. If he hates it here he is welcome to fuck off back rather than further besmirching our already tarnished reputation.

IMHO I’ll say no thanks Peter, I’m happy enough here being a crap driver and being rude to ignorant little bitches like yourself. I don’t do Bicycles or Lycra, so you’ll have to be creative next time you want to find something to whine about.

I’d love that sh!t on my on my plates though – I did have a bit of a laugh about that.

johnboy johnboy 3:53 pm 28 Feb 06

Fiona and Mael, ride a pushy for a bit and you’ll find you’re hopping from path to road and back, it’s inevitable.

however taking up a whole lane is just asking for an accident and trying to insist on right-of-way against cars is just insane.

bloodnut1 bloodnut1 3:46 pm 28 Feb 06

Would you put your real name on an article like this?

when there is only one peter lang listed in the phonebook?

xman xman 3:02 pm 28 Feb 06

Check out Dobinson’s in Bunda St around 8:00am on a Saturday morning. The lycra set in full mating plummage. More posing than the National Portrait Gallery, more preening than the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary. It’s a hoot!

Sadly, being a born and bred Canberran, I found everything this wanker said to be pretty much spot on :-S

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