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Impolite Canberrans in the press

dusty 28 February 2006 61

Found this article in Sydney Morning Herald’s Heckler column. Makes for interesting reading, what do you think?

Canberra – where being polite is a capital offence

[Also sent in by Thumper]

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61 Responses to Impolite Canberrans in the press
Maelinar Maelinar 3:53 pm 02 Mar 06

“Canberra – Home of the Hedgehog”

bulldog bulldog 1:45 pm 02 Mar 06

Oh – Mr Evil, I think you’re taking Adelaide’s claim to fame with the unsolved murder thing…

bulldog bulldog 1:43 pm 02 Mar 06

“Canberra – We don’t like the government either”

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:02 pm 02 Mar 06

Here’s one for the lycra brigade:

“Canberra – The Nation’s Jock Itch Capital”

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:16 am 02 Mar 06

Canberra – Men in tights

simto simto 10:38 am 02 Mar 06

Hey, porn has two suburbs (someone forgot Mitchell)

wonsworld wonsworld 10:16 am 02 Mar 06

Canberra – It could have been Dalgety!

Kerces Kerces 9:00 am 02 Mar 06

I think Capital Tourism or whatever they’re called these days should be picking these slogans up for their next ad campaign that will get shown on our screens.

Thumper Thumper 8:38 am 02 Mar 06

Canberra- we’re only here because Sydney and melbourne missed out.

Seriously, the writer has a good point, lycra clad bicycle wannabees are a classic. They are just so vain and so laughable.

Seriously, do you need to have all the best lycra gear to ride a bike? After all, its just a fucking bike!

And they just look so bad….

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:35 am 02 Mar 06

“Canberra – more unsolved murders than anywhere else in Australia”

schmerica schmerica 6:17 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – Round-about heaven”

schmerica schmerica 6:16 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – Where porn has it’s own suburb”

bonfire bonfire 4:45 pm 01 Mar 06

Canberra – we hide the good stuff in obscure out of the way places

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:37 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – better than Queanbeyan”

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:27 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – Light No Fires”.

Ari Ari 4:20 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – We know what’s good for you”

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 4:08 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – not quite as crap as you have been led to believe.”

Maelinar Maelinar 3:58 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – bring your pet camel”

Maelinar Maelinar 3:57 pm 01 Mar 06

“Canberra – your tax dollar starts here”

Ari Ari 3:49 pm 01 Mar 06

Bill Bryson wandered up and down Northbourne looking for a feed and thought the place had no soul. He reluctantly ended up eating at the Rex and was inspired to come up with his slogan.

The funny thing is he would have wandered straight past places like Dickson with no idea they were there.

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