In praise of roadside political statements

Paul Costigan 19 April 2016 4


While driving south along Limestone Avenue, travellers often encounter messages from the local church. These messages are frequently powerful political statements on current issues.

I thought I would share this latest one as it brings it home just how we should ignore messages about ‘whose team are you on’ and instead be more open and inclusive about dealing with our many complex social issues.

Here’s an earlier one.


Full marks to whoever is responsible for these signs.

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4 Responses to In praise of roadside political statements
rosscoact rosscoact 1:25 pm 15 Jul 15

Zed said :

I hope there have been signs relating to religious institutions and the ongoing Royal Commission Into Child Abuse.

I think we’re all in favour of equal opportunity signage across the whole spectrum but let’s face it, never happens.

I’d like to have supermarkets with signs that say “We’re more expensive than the opposition, go there”. It would be great If banks had signs that say “Our financial planners will always do what’s best for them”. Or petrol stations that had banners proclaiming “Our fuel supplied courtesy of exploited workers in third word countries”. Even better, a sign across the top of a newspaper that says “Made up propaganda inside”. The list goes on.

We can dream, but in the meantime I’m delighted that there are signs out there like the one above that brings a smile and a chuckle on the way to work.

Zed Zed 12:35 pm 15 Jul 15

I hope there have been signs relating to religious institutions and the ongoing Royal Commission Into Child Abuse.

scorpio63 scorpio63 8:54 pm 14 Jul 15

I am in praise of these wonderful ‘Holy’ signs too Paul.

This is how our Lord Jesus Christ God, The Holy Spirit and our Blessed Virgin Mary call out to people to prolong their lives in order for people to ‘finally’ prior to death, turn to Jesus in trust! If I don’t post on this thread, there may not be another golden Christian opportunity to ever do so again, I need to change my old logo now that I have ‘received’ Jesus into my heart as opposed to just my mind.

Thank you RA either way,

Kindest wishes

dungfungus dungfungus 9:38 pm 13 Jul 15

What’s so great about the message on the second sign?
Climate changes all the time; nothing new there.
The Minister has obviously never studied geography.

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