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johnboy 4 December 2007 105

We here at RiotACT don’t read Jessica Wright’s stuff in the Canberra Times as regularly as she seems to read ours.

And after I promised Jack Waterford I wouldn’t make her burst into tears in the newsroom any more I thought we’d have written the last about her.

Even her mother hunting down the author of a piece mocking her writing (which we removed at the author’s request such was mumsy’s fury) didn’t tempt us to write more.

So we were a little surprised to learn, a few days after the event, that she’d devoted a column to slagging RiotACT and its readers. You can see the article here [PDF].

Some might think it odd for Jessica to devote a whole column to slagging a website without informing her readers of the website’s address. Others might wonder what on earth a “blogsite” is.

It was in response to last week’s story by Pandy which, with some trepidation, I had left with his headline on (I had been passing over the site and dropped in to clear the queue).

I could have gone either way with it, but the context made it clear that there was a jocular element to the headline which was going for shock value. On balance, coming from an established contributor, I let it pass. I have to say that given the past strong defences of the Gay and Lesbian communities on this site a contra view possibly deserved some air.

To some extent I let the language through not because I agreed with it, but because I didn’t. We’re great believers around here of letting bad ideas destroy themselves.

But let’s look more at the text of Jess’s story which I’d like to examine in detail.

“Poofta marriages back on the table”
I’ll allow a few moments for the incredulity of such a bigoted statement to sink in

Is her problem with one word? Or with the statement??

“Gay marriages back on the table” seems to hardly be incredulously bigoted does it? So really Jessica meant to write “word”, and ended up writing “statement”. Some readers have expressed a hope that a future in journalism might beckon for them too on the basis of these standards, but it’s not what you know, it’s who you know kids.

Moving on…

Bear in mind, this is a site that purports to moderate both readers’ comments and article matter and reaches a considerable audience.

Actually we moderate as a last resort and with some sorrow, but it’s nice to have Jessica confirm the considerable nature of our audience (tip for new players, a phrase like “considerable audience” is journalist for “I’m too lazy to do any research”)

It beggars belief to think that anyone in sound state of mind could possibly entertain the necessity of such words

Jessica’s belief is obviously easily beggared. I certainly wouldn’t argue that the words were necessary, in fact it’s hard to find anywhere where we claim that only the necessary will be found on this website.

But there you have it. Predictably bloggers’ comments veer from the inappropriate to the sleazy in tone, no doubt spurned on by the title entry

For someone incensed at the use of a single word she’s certainly plenty lax in her own language. I’m not sure how one can be “spurned on”, perhaps she meant “spurred”?

Anyway the comments had a varied number of views as you’d expect for an issue where there is far from a consensus in the wider community.

Jess is extremely selective in her quoting as she finds only the ones that suit her argument before accusing we moderators of neglect in failing to expunge all thought she does not find acceptable. Now there are words to describe selective quoting from an unattributed source aren’t there??

Should she ever compile a book of her wit and wisdom we shall, in future, be sure to consult it for a listing of which ideas of the little people must be eliminated.

Moving on…

… it is all too easy to be a bigot and remain safe behind a computer screen. Once it was pointed white canvas masks

I don’t know about you but my Klan outfit is made from linen and not canvas. (Note to witless opinion writers: this is a joke, I have never been a member of the Klan and do not own such a costume). But now we’re on the same moral plateau as a lynch mob? My belief also, is becoming beggared. I’m also disturbed that real life murder is now being made equivalent to a tiff about one word on a website.

Would such dialogue be condoned if, say, racial slurs were used in the headline… ?

Probably not. But it would, once again, depend on a number of factors.

“Yet gay bashing, by the consent of one public forum, is deemed acceptable”

I had no idea RiotACT wielded such awesome power. I assume Jess means metaphorical gay bashing given that real physical gay bashing is still a real menace to society. But why stop with the inflammatory language there?

Oddly enough a number of Gay and Lesbian readers participated in the comments on that story, seemingly unabashed. But Jess left them out as they’d have ruined the direction of her piece.

That same-sex unions remain an ongoing argument is damning enough of our society’s level of tolerance, but to openly encourage and take part in this sort of prejudice is appalling

What, you mean by splashing it over a page of the Sunday Paper while removing all the balance?? Yes, you may have guessed that I am appalled.

Leaving that aside Jessica again seems to think that anyone who disagrees with her should be silenced. A wildly totalitarian view, she should run for parliament on that.

[For the record I think the legal aspects of marriage should be totally removed from the churches, the law should recognise civil unions of any adults for the purposes of spouse’s rights and if people want to have some sort of party they can call it whatever the hell they want to. But just because it’s my opinion doesn’t make everyone who thinks anything different unworthy of being heard.]

Jess then launches a stirring defence of same sex civil unions, issues already well covered on this forum, before once more ascribing RiotACT with astonishing powers.

In this instance, by this website’s example, the issue has been cheapened on the whole, and not a bit of it has to do with homosexuality

This website with its 24,000 visitors a month cheapened the debate about same sex unions on the whole???

We find that to be about as believable as anything else of Jessica Wright’s we’ve ever read.

If Jess had bothered to check she might have discovered that allowing the language used was a line ball decision by one editor.

But hey, much more fun to slag away the whole community with poorly thought out and badly written drivel.

Now, having made it this far dear reader, an exercise for you.

I think we can only take three quotes out of here to go in the taglines at the top of the page, please nominate your best selective quotes and discuss their merits.

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105 Responses to In reply to Jessica Wright
Pandy Pandy 10:23 pm 04 Dec 07

el: Kidney stones LOL!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:16 pm 04 Dec 07

Oh, and I think the title of the ‘offensive’ (yeah fcking right you PC whingers) article should have been changed as well – I believe the traditional spelling is ‘poofter’, not ‘poofta’.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:13 pm 04 Dec 07

Pandy: *Diamond* necklace????

Sands Sands 9:43 pm 04 Dec 07

Oh come on people. This is all too ridiculous. She is NOT a journalist so we shouldn’t critique her as one – that’s just too funny (You just have to look at all the completely random SHIFT F7’s in her writing) It’s not interesting nor is it thoughtful writing – and it’s nonsensical! Begs other ‘non-thinkers’ to go “YEAH, right on!”. But not actually have a clue what they’re talking about or the intelligence to read the thread to interpret the content themselves. Time for mummy to get her a new job…

Elvis Las Canberras Elvis Las Canberras 9:42 pm 04 Dec 07

Not sure if eh steve has seen her in a while, my grandma was kind of hot many years ago – one thing that hasn’t changed is that she still wont shake the turtle nickname!

eh_steve eh_steve 9:38 pm 04 Dec 07

“She’s not as hot as she looks in the pic either”

Yes she is.

Pandy Pandy 9:25 pm 04 Dec 07

DMD if I ever had a twat I would sell tickets.

Elvis Las Canberras Elvis Las Canberras 9:15 pm 04 Dec 07

Yeh the restaurant only had a few cars in the car park when the Stegbar 500 was on

Elvis Las Canberras Elvis Las Canberras 9:12 pm 04 Dec 07

I thought Johnboy was a twat but actually he’s (or she) has come up a thousand percent…nice work in breaking down this drivel by Jess… sorry should I say “the Turtle”.

Looks like the CT has really lost the plot allowing her to write…sorry get her mum to write this article.

Again nice work Johnboy!!!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 9:12 pm 04 Dec 07

Do we write for the Canberra times Sepi? I for one am pleased a twat like Pandy got to write the title, gave me opportunity to dive straight in.

ant ant 9:09 pm 04 Dec 07

I was surprised to see the article in the CT on Sunday, and even more surprised to read that all the discussion was sleazy and abusive. When quite a lot of people expressed sentiments of which she surely approved. Very tabloid-style “journalism”, and poorly written.

But tell me, is this the Ms Wright who presided over Canberra’s top restaurant going broke and closing down? (Now thankfully open again, I even did a review of it).

I-filed I-filed 8:58 pm 04 Dec 07

Besides needing to learn how to recognise what’s tongue-in-cheek or a joke, and distinguish a witty post from the inevitable dullard troll posts that can’t be avoided in an open forum on the web, Jessica needs grammar lessons, lessons in how to write, and a lesson in how to avoid the passive voice. What a little turd she is.

bd84 bd84 8:45 pm 04 Dec 07

Who’s Jessica Wright?!
She’s not as hot as she looks in the pic either.

sepi sepi 8:19 pm 04 Dec 07

Clearly there is censorship on this site, as not all articles are published. I think this one should have had it’s title edited. Otherwise why have a moderator at all. The word wouldn’t have bugged me so much in a comment, but in the title it is just wrong.

And as for commenters on this site criticising someone’s language skills. Most of you need to get your own house in order first.

Pandy Pandy 8:11 pm 04 Dec 07

Not even worth a pearl or diamond necklace.

(Snigger. Chew on that Jess)

You You 8:09 pm 04 Dec 07

You’ve gotta admit, Jess is rather hot though.

She wins by default.

Pandy Pandy 7:59 pm 04 Dec 07

Yes VN. If you look at the content of my message I was not argueing one way or another, just navel gazing at what Pinky Rudd would do. Also I was having a go that lesbians are left out for copy headline purposes. And of course some lesbians like to ride motorbikes and call themselves dykes.

I have many gay friends and am accussed at times of being gay (maybe I just don’t know it? heh heh). Yes the title was a stir (yep Kramer) to get the debate going and I was completly surprised it went pass the keeper. But hey, that is also a reflection on the keeper.

As for my personal belief, I don’t give a rats arse. Just look and listen to J. Kirby whom I admire as a role model.

And as the GLADD Media Reference Guide 7th Edition says:
Problematic: “gay marriage”
Use “marriage” or “marriage for gay and lesbian couples” whenever possible.

How many times have we offended that like rule then?

BTW: Jessica Wrong is not Baltic so she does not appeal to me (just for you sallyann60)

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:46 pm 04 Dec 07

Hahaha. Well, this little article of the alleged journalist sure failed big time.

Wonder if she knows how to Google the word “Owned”?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:40 pm 04 Dec 07

Weren’t the majority of comments either:

in favour of gay marriage, or

non-plussed about the whole issue anyway?

johnboy johnboy 7:37 pm 04 Dec 07

sepi – actually I don’t take much joy in making her cry.

If she hadn’t had this pop at us I would have hapilly left her alone.

Like you said it wasn’t the sort of thing we run on a regular basis.

There’s a big difference between what we’re willing to do once and what we’ll run on a regular basis.

tybreaker tybreaker 7:32 pm 04 Dec 07

I’m just saying something in case Jessica quotes me in the paper.

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