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In the interest of annoying our customers…

By deye - 27 October 2008 71

[First filed: October 26, 2008 @ 13:51]

we will repeat this annoying and inane message every 10 seconds as we think you are all idiots.

Does the Canberra Centre really have to play the “In the interest of safety of all customers, please do not walk on the travelators. Stand between the yellow lines and hold the handrails at all times” message every 10 seconds ? It was bad enough when they had half a dozen signs (only a slight exaggeration)  at each entrance to the travelators stating that you shouldn’t go on them with plastic soled shoes. Are we really that much of a nanny state ? are they just scared of being sued, or do they view their customer base with contempt ?

Personally all the message does is piss me off and ensure I walk faster.  If I fall that’s my tough luck.

I feel sorry for the staff that have to work in the shops close enough to hear that message, they must be driven nuts by  it.


UPDATED: AG Canberra posted a comment on this story I thought deserved a wider reading:

    As the husband of a person who did go A over T on the travellators there I can say the Canberra Centre Management are hopeless. My wife managed to rip her pants and take a couple of large chunks of skin from her foot that required stitches.

    The rock ape security guard asked if we’d like free parking to compensate – “no thanks I’d like to speak to the manager”, I said. He arrived and said – “well yeah – people fall down these things all the time….”

    After getting the wife sewn up at casualty and on the road to recovery we sent in the receipt for the cost of replacement pants. I then got a letter from the QIC lawyers stating that we had to absolve QIC of all liability relating to this incident if they were to pay out the $100. Get f’[;ed I said. The manager said he’d be happy to pay – all we had to do was send in the receipt….nothing about liability. I pointed out to the Brissy lawyer that if the Manager didn’t have the authority to authorise a payment of a hundred bucks then tell him to keep his gob shut!

    Eventaully the hunderd bucks arrived, my wife has a couple of scars to tell a story about and we always avoid those travellators…

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71 Responses to
In the interest of annoying our customers…
Thumper 6:36 pm 26 Oct 08

Mind the gap…

deye 6:18 pm 26 Oct 08

If you go to the Canberra Centre go to the intersection directly in front of Supabarn and face it, turn 90º right, walk until you get to just inside the doors, turn left 90º and there are the travelators. By now you should be hearing the message, unless they have come to their senses by the time you visit next.

LlamaFrog 6:02 pm 26 Oct 08

have never heard the message, I so hate people not walking on escalators or travelators. It is not a ride.

Granny 5:59 pm 26 Oct 08

The ‘travelator nazi’ approach really isn’t working for me. If anything it encourages me to do all the wrong things, and sets off my inner black sheep …. When are they going to figure out that Australians just don’t like to be told what to do?

deye 5:47 pm 26 Oct 08

Accidents happen, doesn’t mean you have to repeat audio messages and plaster signs everywhere. Accidents are a fact of life.

Besides which, how much impact do you think those messages and signs have on kids. I know when I was little a big red “stop” and “do not touch” sign was no impediment to me pushing the button and stopping the escalator much to my mother’s embarrassment.

rosie_bubz 3:17 pm 26 Oct 08

oh yes i know the danger of escalators – going down the main escalator at the busiest time in pacific fair mall in queansland, my jeans got caught in the side of the escalator (back in the day when flares were in) and my jeans ripped right up to the top of my thighs! Sooooo embarrasing, but luckily i had just bought a new pair of pants so i put them on. 🙂

i think it is way overkill the way they hadall those signs and a few months ago they even had a security guard next to travelators telling people not to run or walk.. pffff,

The cat did it 3:07 pm 26 Oct 08

Accidents can happen- a few weeks ago in the Canberra Centre, the down escalator near Cardeaux was stopped, with guards etc directing people away. There was a small shoe jammed in the grid at the bottom, where the escalator disappears into the floor. Round the side, a woman had a child sat on a seat, examining a foot- child had a matching shoe on the other foot. No apparent damage visible.

deye 2:35 pm 26 Oct 08

As far as I can tell an escalator has steps, the travelator is a flat surface.

Duke 2:28 pm 26 Oct 08

Ah sorry it just clicked, ignore above post 🙂 Does the announcement say ‘don’t ride your skateboard down travelator’ ?

Duke 2:26 pm 26 Oct 08

At what point did an escalator become a travelator???

deye 2:19 pm 26 Oct 08

It’s funny that no other shopping centre I have been in that has the same type of travelator has ever had a repeating audio message being played.

gooterz 2:14 pm 26 Oct 08

Arent they designed as such to allow you to walk up them? why else would we have the flat walking type?
PS who actually is going to hold the handrails.. The less contact with joe P hands the better.

Why can’t there be laws against stupidity too?

johnboy 2:12 pm 26 Oct 08

they need them so people can get shopping trolleys from level to level.

Pretty sure I saw Bob McMullan wheeling a flat screen TV in a shopping trolley down one yesterday.

Dante 2:08 pm 26 Oct 08

Do not walk on the travelator?

You’ve got to be joking… I’ve heard that announcement dozens of times but never actually listened to what it was saying. They’ve had signs up saying don’t get on them if you’re wearing plastic soled shoes, but not walking on them?

If they’re that unsafe they should be replaced.

Woody Mann-Caruso 1:57 pm 26 Oct 08

Spoke to a security guard about this while ago. Seems there was an incident on the travelator, somebody got hurt, Workcover (?) came down on them like a ton of bricks. Not sure whether the signs, guards and constant PA warnings are something required by the regulator or overkill from the centre if there’s a law suit.

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