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Incredible boganesque norms witnessed

By Thumper 13 November 2006 16

I really do have to relay this gem.

On Sunday morning, at about 10.30, whilst buying a paper at Holder shops, I witnessed the most boganesque piece of culture that I have ever witnessed.

For sure, I must admit that I have drunk stubbies on my front lawn whilst removing engines from HG Kingswood, I have sat, in the good old days of water, in a deck chair, stubbie in hand whilst watering the lawn, and I once nearly had a mullet, (thank you oh great God of Army recruiting for showing me the light and not allowing me into temptation)

But I digress. As I wandered out of Holder shops, a tad hung over, but no more than usual, Mr Bogan, resplendent in traditional cultural bogan costume, black jeans, flannell shirt and thongs, purchases two long neck VBs, opens them, and then walks to his EA or EB falcon, with 12 slotter mags, hands one to the missus, before driving away.

An amazing sighting in the wild of the true bogan. Sadly, I was unable to get a glimpse of the female of the species but I suspect I would have been in for a treat if I had.

This sighting must rank up there with the time I caught a rare glimpse of the Guatemalan Cow of Paradice in full mating plummage.

What’s Your opinion?

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Incredible boganesque norms witnessed
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VYBerlinaV8 10:02 am 15 Nov 06

I will submit my cv as the designed bogan filter. I think $180k per year is reasonable.

blingblingbears 9:09 am 14 Nov 06

hmm well Ant I did do the grocery shopping last night and was surprised to find the supermarket quite devoid of the abovementioned types. It was a fast and pleasant shopping experience for a change! and all done in just over 15 minutes for a full trolley full! Although it was a bit annoying that even though they were attempting to restock the shelves and had big boxes everywhere that many items were still unavailable, for example oj

Absent Diane 8:54 am 14 Nov 06

ant – i don’t believe in considerate people… and to be honest i don’t think the bogans are the only inconsiderate people.. so although your idea would be nice.. there would be approximately 3 person in there.

justbands 8:46 am 14 Nov 06

We get the locals behind work starting the day with their bourbon & cola cans….real classy.

ant 8:42 pm 13 Nov 06

I was thinking, tonight, while dodging the stupid, the ignorant and the Queanbeyanish in the supermarket, I wonder if it would be possible to have 1 night a week in a supermarket devoid of these people? No tubby women with 5 screaming running kids, no smelly VERY thin people with tatoos and intent stares, no people having personal conversations/fights in shrill cockatoo voices. Just normal considerate people. Considerate well-behaved people are still the norm, aren’t they? They could do it on Monday nights, and in return, the nice quiet considerate people could promise to stay out of the supermarkets on Saturday afternoons.

VYBerlinaV8 7:53 pm 13 Nov 06

Stop ya bloody whinging – at least the mags were right (you know, 12 slotters on a Ford, 5 spoke Dragways on a Holden)…

Wino 7:20 pm 13 Nov 06

on thier way to Bonnie Doon no doubt

RandomGit 12:55 pm 13 Nov 06

Oh, My favourite bogan moment was:

“Rianne (reeahn/Wrheehan/pneReehiiuanne????), get your fucking ass moving before I smack yer ass”

Quality parenting that.

RandomGit 12:44 pm 13 Nov 06

Now I’m going to be lurking around Melba shops Sunday morning giving eyebrows to all the 30 something ladies walking into IGA.

But not in a oz_uni kind of way.

LurkerGal 11:57 am 13 Nov 06

Often happens at Melba shops on a Sunday morning. 10am I’m buying a paper and milk, and they buy a longneck and open it before they get to the car. Makes me feel all classy and shit.

emd 11:40 am 13 Nov 06

I saw many examples of bogan at Friday’s cricket. I really wonder why so many silly young girls go all-out to show off their womanly assets when the only males on offer are drunken, sunburned, loutishly behaving bogan boys. Oh hang, it’s because those girls are just silly… Peroxide kills brain cells!

Mr Evil 11:22 am 13 Nov 06

Brown paper bags are out: lovely green plastic VB bags are in.

Jey 10:20 am 13 Nov 06

What? No brown paper bag?

Absent Diane 10:12 am 13 Nov 06

I love the creek – and yes it is very special. I infact lived on mcinnes st for quite a number of years as well… although our house was probably one of the only ones on the street that actually looked any good.

Thumper 10:08 am 13 Nov 06

mate, it was pure gold…

Mr Evil 9:55 am 13 Nov 06

Thumper, that’s going straight to the Pool Room!

Whilst enjoying the “Pluses of Buses” yesterday, I noticed a bloke sitting in a bus shelter on McInnes St, Weston drinking from a VB long neck, while holding another long neck in one of those lovely plastic VB carry bags. Well a bloke’s gotta do something to pass the time while waiting for the next bus!

There’s something kind of special about Weston Crick!

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