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Indicate, indicate indicate…..

By Innovation 13 February 2012 44

Honestly, drivers it’s not that hard. That stick on your steering wheel is to tell everyone (including those people that you can’t see) where you intend to go. Don’t assume that your direction is obvious or, like some people I know, only indicate if you can see another car that you think might be affected by your actions.

As an ocassionally disabled pedestrian I sometimes need to allow a lot of time to get across the road. It is very frustrating when I have been waiting a long time for a car to go past only to watch them indicate at the last minute (or not at all) and turn just before they get to me. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for extremely disabled and slow moving people, the elderly or those with children.

Don’t the Greens have a policy along the lines of giving priority to pedestrians and a legal weighting if a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle. As a pedestrian I wouldn’t want to argue right of way with a four wheel drive and it would be small comfort from my hospital bed if I had the force of law behind me, but something needs to be done to give pedestrians more power.

Someone has to have a gripe on Monday morning so I thought that I would have a go…

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Indicate, indicate indicate…..
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Georges 9:08 pm 18 Feb 12

astrojax. wheely wheely hope you got personalised plates on your trike hon

Postalgeek 3:43 pm 14 Feb 12

astrojax said :

kambahkrawler said :

I don’t think people should just stereotype bad drivers. Include the idiots too.

Rubbish drivers – do not know how to indicate or negotiate roundabouts:

Anyone driving a blue-plated vehicle
Drivers with any kind of hat on other than a baseball cap
People who drive with their mouth fully agape

Selfish drivers – know full well how to indicate and negotiate roundabouts but would rather not do it properly:

Taxi drivers
Drivers of clapped out utes
Any driver wearing a baseball cap
Red P platers
Suited middle aged male drivers of BMW’s, Mercs or Lexus
Fat people

you forgot 4wd drivers; drivers of cars; drivers of vans; truck drivers, and; motorcyclists. and short people. they got no reason…

And drivers who wear socks and sandals. Bit hard to spot the socks and sandals, but you know straight away that that’s what they’re wearing having seen the driving.

And any driver who wears a wide-brimmed hat in a car. It’s a sure sign of severe situational awareness impairment. Often they also wear socks and sandals.

And glasses. Just screams “Visual impairment”.

And gingers. Fiery people are dangerous people.

Mr Waffle 2:52 pm 14 Feb 12

I remember reading complaints about the “indicating right when driving straight” on this site years ago, I thought it couldn’t possibly be true until I saw it one time heading home from the airport. I just can’t comprehend how someone could think it was the right thing to do…

Also mentioned on this site a long time ago, people in Canberra seem to be under the impression that the “Indicator” is called the “Confirmiator”… you get so many people putting it on when they’re already in the process of changing lanes or turning, as if it was to confirm their action, rather than indicate it… never trust anyone on the roads, because they might be one of those people.

JC 2:26 pm 14 Feb 12

kambahkrawler said :

I found it not practicable once. I had just been for a boxing lesson, still had the gloves on, and for some strange reason my hands were tied to the bottom of my chair. Couldn’t reach the indicator.

Otherwise it’s pretty practicable.

Unless you’re lazy or don’t give a toss about anyone else.

Oh wait, I forgot we’re in Canberra….

Many of the small roundabouts make it not practicable to indicate on exit (except for turning left as you are already indicating on approach anyway), simply because the time after passing the last exit before your turn is far to little for the indicator to be of any use, hence it is not practicable. If it were possible to indicate each and every time they wouldn’t have that ‘exception’ in the rules would they?

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